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This article is about an upcoming Plants vs. Zombies game. The content may change, and spoilers may be revealed. Read at your own risk!
Coffee ZombieH

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Coffee Zombie

Coffee ZombieH
StrengthPvZH Strength HeartPvZH Health Brain Cost
4 3 6
Set Premium
Rarity Super-Rare
Class PvZH Hearty Icon
Tribe Gourmet Mustache Zombie
Abilities When played: All Zombies get +1 StrengthPvZH/+1 HeartPvZH and PvZH Frenzy Icon Frenzy.
He's been trying to cut back.

Coffee Zombie is a premium super-rare zombie card in Plants vs. Zombies Heroes, and a member of the PvZH Hearty IconHearty class. It costs 6Brain to play, and has 4StrengthPvZH/3HeartPvZH. Its ability will give all zombies on the field, including itself +1StrengthPvZH/+1HeartPvZH and the PvZH Frenzy Icon Frenzy trait when it is played. This effect persists even after all Coffee Zombies are removed from the field.


  • Class: Hearty
  • Tribe: Gourmet Mustache Zombie
  • Abilities: When played: All Zombies get +1StrengthPvZH/+1HeartPvZH and PvZH Frenzy Icon Frenzy.
  • Set - Rarity: Premium - Super-Rare

Card description

He's been trying to cut back.



By itself, this is a 5/4 zombie with Frenzy, which is less than a Smashing Gargantuar. However, just like many other cards like Team Mascot, Gadget Scientist, or Toxic Waste Imp, this zombie works best when the lanes are filled with zombies. Also, unlike the former three, Coffee Zombie can benefit all zombies, regardless of what their tribe is. Zombies with high Strength can destroy a plant or two with ease and land a hit on the Plant Hero, provided they don't get destroyed by the plant. Boosting them further with Monster Mash is also a good idea. Do not use Frenzy tricks if you're about to use Coffee Zombie.




  • Coffee Zombie's appearance is seemingly inspired by a stereotypical hipster or at least shares some traits with it; both have glasses, a plaid-like design on their shirt, and wearing headphones.
  • The Coffee Zombie's ability to give all zombies on the field the Frenzy trait is a reference to how a high intake of caffeine can result in hyperactivity.
  • Coffee Zombie wears glasses that resemble the glasses Computer Scientist and Arcade Zombie wear.
  • It is the only zombie related to coffee. All other coffee-related characters in the series have been plants (more specifically, mostly Coffee Bean and its evolutions in Plants vs. Zombies: All Stars).
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