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Citrus Cactus




Variant of:


Primary Weapon:

Orange Burst


Potato Mine
Garlic Drone
Tallnut Battlement
Potato Nugget Mine
Artichoke Drone
Iron Maiden

Citrus Cactus is a variant of the Cactus in Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare. This variant was added along with the Tactical Taco Party Pack and is unlocked upon opening the free Citrus Cactus Character Pack. 


Slinging orange wedges with a 3-round burst, this prickly fellow vanquishes his foes with precision shooting and Vitamin C.

Primary Weapon

The Orange Burst is Citrus Cactus's primary weapon, which has a 3-round burst primary weapon that shoots orange slices, doing 14-15 damage at medium range per shot. As a result of the 3-round burst, recoil is high, making shots on target difficult at long ranges.


Potato Mine

An instant kill acts like the Potato Mine in other games.

Garlic Drone

A drone with five health armed with Needle Shot and a Corn Strike.

Tallnut Battlement

It is a wall of two Tall-nuts and two Wall-nuts held together by vines. It can be used to stall zombies or provide cover.

Potato Nugget Mine

The same as Potato Mine, but is smaller, does less damage, is easier to camouflage and the player can place more of them at once, compared to Potato Mine.

Artichoke Drone

Has 20 health instead of five of the Garlic Drones and shoots single but rapid Corn Strikes.

Iron Maiden

It is an armored Wall-nut and is hard to destroy. Much stronger than the Tallnut Battlement; its only downside is its very small in width.

Weapon Upgrades

Enhanced Juicer

A streamlined juicing process resulting in quicker and more delicious reloads.

Perfect Wedger

Geometrically perfect wedges mean more orange in every clip!

Citrus Zester

Increased zest levels for more damage. Zombies hate zest, who knew?!




  • The Citrus Cactus is the second Cactus that does not shoot needles, the first being the Future Cactus.
  • Once the player unlocks the Citrus Cactus, he or she will get all the abilities without having to get them. The same happens with the Berry Shooter and the Plasma Pea.
  • This and the Berry Shooter are the only plants in the game that shoot fruit rather than peas or needles. The Berry Shooter shoots blueberries and it is related to berry fruits while this plant shoots oranges and it is related to the fruit orange.

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