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For other versions, see Citron (disambiguation).
A warning! This bounty-hunting orange from the future likes his battles both defensive and aggressive. Citron is known for putting walls of Wall-Nuts and then firing heavy artillery from behind them. Incoming!

Dr. Zomboss

PvZ Heroes logo
Classes PvZH Guardian IconPvZH Smarty Icon
Signature Superpower Peel Shield
Other Superpowers Transmogrify
Nut Signal
Root Wall
Wanted to be a poet, but couldn't find anything that rhymed with orange.

Citron is a plant hero in Plants vs. Zombies Heroes, and the leader of the PvZH Guardian IconGuardian and PvZH Smarty IconSmarty classes. His signature superpower is Peel Shield, which makes all plants unable to be hurt for the turn it is played, and gives Citron a card.


He is based on the plant class in Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 with the same name and appearance.


Hero description

Wanted to be a poet, but couldn't find anything that rhymed with orange.

Strategies strategy

Citron combines the two Amphibious Plant classes: Guardian and Smarty. His water wing wins the game in the water lanes while his defensive Guardian Plants hold the ground.


Citron may prove to be a very difficult hero to play as for most players, but becomes quite formidable as you learn how to play as him. Due to his access to both Guardian and Smarty plants, Citron proves most powerful in his ability to stall for time and avoid taking damage. His defensive Team-Up plants, such as nuts, can tank a good amount of damage. His PvZH Frozen IconFreezing and Bouncing cards can temporarily disable priority zombie targets so that they can be properly dealt with later on. He also has the ability to cover all lanes with access to a large number of Amphibious plants, some of which also have the Team-Up trait and can help defend more valuable Amphibious teammates. His superpowers also allow him to stall for time - Transmogrify is great for dealing with troublesome zombies, while Nut Signal, Root Wall, and Peel Shield are extremely effective at blocking zombie attacks.

With all these tools at his disposal, Citron should be able to stall until he can bring out the big guns, and protect them as well. The Great Zucchini functions impressively well with Splash Damage plants to clear the field. Those valuable plants should be protected with defensive Team-Up plants, or possibly Peel Shield if none are present.

Like Wall-Knight, however, Citron's main weakness is that he has no way to consistently boost his plants' strength, meaning that Hearty heroes can ruin his defenses very easily by using Rolling Stone and Weed Spray. His superpowers do not make up for it either, as they are all defensive. What makes things worse is that he does not have many instant-kill options for zombies with 3 strength or below, meaning that his opponent can also spam weaker zombies to overwhelm him. Citron's only option to fight weak zombies is to wall them with his high-health plants, or use freezing cards to destroy them more easily.


Citron is a foe to be reckoned with. He has access to more Amphibious plants than any other plant hero, requiring the player to pay attention to the aquatic lane(s) on the field. His signature power, Peel Shield, can be equal to, or even more obnoxious than Wall-Knight's Uncrackable, so you should bring instant-kill tricks in case your fighters cannot take out Citron's plants on their own.

Water Works

This deck allows easy coverage of the field, with Navy Bean boosting virtually all of Citron's plants. However, since most Amphibious plants do not have good stats, use tricks like The Chickening to wipe all plants with low health before Navy Bean can boost them, and Rocket Science to remove any high-strength plants like The Great Zucchini. The best hero to counter this deck would be Professor Brainstorm, since he can play both of the forementioned tricks. However, beware of Brainana, as it can prevent the use of tricks.

Make a Splash

This deck focuses on Splash Damage and the reactivation of abilities. However, once again, they do not have good stats, so using Professor Brainstorm is the way to go. This time though, beware of Rescue Radish, as it will allow plants with dangerous abilities to be played again. Brainana is also an issue here as well, so you may want to have a way to deal with it.

The Great Wall

This deck is about blocking off zombies from being able to hurt Citron or his plants easily. However, only Sportacus and Snapdragon are immune to Rocket Science, Rolling Stone, and Weed Spray; everything else gets destroyed to one of the aforementioned tricks. Hence, use Rustbolt as he has easy access to all these tricks. However, make sure Citron is defeated before the 10th turn, or he will unleash Wall-Nut Bowling on you. You should also beware of Sportacus' ability if you are to play tricks.

Strategy decks

Main article: Community-built decks/Citron
CitronH Water Works

PvZH Guardian Icon PvZH Smarty Icon
Swim toward a swift victory with this soaking wet Strategy Deck. Use Navy Bean to buff Amphibious Plants including The Great Zucchini, who'll make your opponents' chances disappear.
Admiral Navy BeanH x4 ShelleryH x4 Jugger-NutH x4 Lightning ReedH x2 MayflowerH x4
Pear CubH x4 GuacodileH x3 Navy BeanH x4 Jolly HollyH x4 Jumping BeanH x2
BrainanaH x3 The Great ZucchiniH x2

CitronH Make a Splash

PvZH Guardian Icon PvZH Smarty Icon
Use Gardening Gloves and Rescue Radish to reposition splash damage Plants like Snapdragon and Winter Melon so they can deliver maximum hurt. Meanwhile, Rescue Radish lets you get multiple uses out of Chilly Pepper, Brainana, and others.
ShelleryH x3 Gardening GlovesH x2 Grave BusterH x1 Jugger-NutH x4 Chilly PepperH x4
Rescue RadishH x4 Steel MagnoliaH x4 SnapdragonH x4 Doom-ShroomH x1 Jolly HollyH x4
BrainanaH x3 Winter MelonH x4 The Great ZucchiniH x2

CitronH The Great Wall

PvZH Guardian Icon PvZH Smarty Icon
Use your Nuts to keep the Zombie menace at bay! Meanwhile, Soul Patch combines with Peel Shield and Root Wall to make you immune to damage. The Great Zucchini cuts the Zombies down to size, and Wall-Nut Bowling finishes them off.
Wall-NutH x2 Grave BusterH x2 Jugger-NutH x4 Water ChestnutH x2 MayflowerH x4
SportacusH x4 Mirror-NutH x4 SnapdragonH x2 Doom-ShroomH x3 SmackadamiaH x4
Soul PatchH x4 The Great ZucchiniH x2 Wall-Nut BowlingH x3


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  • All of the zombie missions that have Citron as the main opposing plant hero have exclamation marks in their names.
  • Citron's battle music is a remixed version of Green Shadow's, with more brass opposed to woodwind. This is shared with Captain Combustible.
  • He has access to the most Amphibious and Team-Up plants among all plant heroes.
    • This is because he leads the Guardian and Smarty classes, which are the only two plant classes with Amphibious plants, as well as the majority of Team-Up plants.
  • With the introduction of Sportacus, he is now tied with Wall-Knight for the most nut cards.
  • Citron's description references the infamous issue of attempting to rhyme with orange, something that is frequently perceived as being impossible due to there being no words to rhyme with orange.
    • Ironically, there are actually two words that do rhyme with orange; those being blorenge, and sporange. However, they are rarely used in spoken or written English.
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