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Chili Bean2

Chili Bean

Chili Bean2
Chili Beans deliver a crippling bout of gastrointestinal distress.

Sun Cost:

50 sun






After beating Day 4 of Wild West

You may be looking for the Chili Bean Bomb seen in Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare.

Chili Bean is a plant in Plants vs. Zombies 2: It's About Time. Any zombie that eats a Chili Bean will be defeated and leave a trail of gas behind it that paralyzes zombies for 7.5 seconds.

Almanac Entry

DAMAGE: Massive

RANGE: Touch

RECHARGE: Sluggish

Chili Beans deliver a crippling bout of gastrointestinal distress.

Usage: on eaten

Special: eating zombie is destroyed and releases stunning gas

He's not blushing, he's trying to hold it in.

Plant Food Upgrade

The Chili Bean's upgrade is flatulence that randomly plants three new beans randomly in any rows.


When a Chili Bean is eaten by a zombie, it will faint and pass gas on many zombies on its lane. Use the Chili Bean wisely against zombies to make it get killed instantly, because the recharging time is a bit sluggish. Use Plant Food on it to clone itself for more zombies to eat and be affected. It is best to use this plant during Big Bad Butte whenever you will be facing multiple zombies on lanes. This will make you earn the achievement, Magical Fruit.

Note: It is a very bad idea to use a Chili Bean on Chicken Wrangler Zombies, because it will release its Zombie Chickens and the flock will attempt to enter the house. Therefore, it is unadvised to use Chili Beans when you see multiple Chicken Wrangler Zombies on Big Bad Butte.


Chili Bean2 See Chili Bean/Gallery. Chili Bean2


  • Its design may be based on the Coffee Bean of Plants vs. Zombies.
    • It seems to be based on real chili beans.
  • If not eaten, it will release its own gas every ten seconds. The gas does not affect zombies as it is just part of an idle animation. This can also happen in the Suburban Almanac and the Zen Garden.
    • When this happens the Chili Bean will lose its costume.
  • The Treasure Yeti doesn't eject flatulence or faint upon eating the Chili Bean. This is because it is a robot.
  • Also, if a Pharaoh Zombie still has its sarcophagus, it will still eat the Chili Bean, but it won't be affected by it.
  • When a Seagull Zombie eats a Chili Bean, the paralyzing gas comes from its head.
  • There is a glitch in any levels where the player can't plant on Dave's mold colonies; if the player uses Plant Food on a Chili Bean and one lands on the mold colonies, the challenge can still be completed.
    • This can also happen with the Potato Mine.
      • This is most likely because the player themselves did not place the Chili Bean or Potato Mine there directly, the game did.
  • Like Hypno-shroom, Sun Bean, and Garlic, Chili Bean's purpose is to be eaten.
  • Zombies hit by the gas cloud do not change color.
  • If a Plant Food zombie eats a Chili Bean, it appears to not change color. It actually does change, though it is hard to notice.
  • As of the 2.1 update, Chili Bean no longer makes Pianist Zombies faint and can no longer kill multiple zombies at once, but Zombie Bulls die instantly upon eating the Chili Bean.
  • Only three Chili Beans are given in Wild West - Day 8 while only one in the last day.
  • This is the only plant that could kill any zombie upon eaten with Gargantuar Prime having an exception by just incinerating it with its laser eyes.

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