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This article is about an upcoming Plants vs. Zombies game. The content may change, and spoilers may be revealed. Read at your own risk!
Cherry BombH

PvZ Heroes logo
Cherry Bomb
Cherry BombH
StrengthPvZH Strength HeartPvZH Health SunPvZH Cost
- - 6
Set Premium
Rarity Rare
Class PvZH Kabloom Icon
Tribe Berry Trick
Abilities Do 4 damage to each Zombie here and next door.
Explode? Detonate? ... Explodonate!
For other versions, see Cherry Bomb.

Cherry Bomb is a premium rare plant trick card in Plants vs. Zombies Heroes, and a member of the PvZH Kabloom IconKabloom tricks. It costs 6SunPvZH to play and deals 4 damage to all zombies in its lane and next door when played.


  • Class: Kabloom plant
  • Tribe: Berry Trick
  • Ability: Do 4 damage to each zombie here and next door.
  • Set - Rarity: Premium - Rare

Card description

Explode? Detonate? ... Explodonate!

Version history

Version 1.2.11

  • Rarity change: Basic - Uncommon → Premium - Rare



It is a very decent trick, as it can kill most early game zombies in a 3x3 scenario. However, for 6 sun you can get something better to deal with the opposing hero.


You cannot counter this as it is a trick, so, just try to keep your zombies healthy, and remember to place strong zombies away from each other, so that the adversary hero can only choose one of them to hurt.

It should not be much of a threat later in a game, as you have access to zombie fighters that can survive Cherry Bomb's damage.




  • Its description is a reference to Cherry Bomb's Suburban Almanac entry in Plants vs. Zombies.
    • Additionally, its appearance is heavily based on its appearance from that entry in the series.
    • In this game however, it explodes differently, sending its juices flying everywhere.
  • The word "Cha-Boof!" when it explodes references Cherry Bomb's explosion onomatopoeia from Plants vs. Zombies 2.
  • At the beach that is the location for missions like Attack of the Tentacles!, on the right of the field there are three surfboards. On one surfboard is a picture of a Cherry Bomb.
    • The two plants that are on the other surfboards are Peashooter and Wall-Nut.
    • To see it (and other surfboards), the player will need to expand their screen.
  • This, Squash and Iceberg Lettuce are the only plant tricks present in the Multiplayer menu.
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