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Champions are rare enemies that appear in Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2. They consist of plant or zombie heroes with customization items equipped, one for each class. They also have increased health, making it hard to take them down easily. When a champion is vanquished, they will drop coins, bags and diamonds, that the players can pick up and add to their current balance of coins.

Notable Champions

Some champions are notable as from named when the player hunts from single-player quests are the following:




Try to think of these champions as stronger versions of normal characters. Due to rewarding you with coins, it should inspire players to defeat them with all their work. The easiest way to defeat them is using the Chomper since it will still swallow these zombies like any other zombie. Remember, they have more health than you, but do less damage than you.

Other Champions



Champion Bosses:



  • There are no Zombie Boss Champions


  • Super Brainz is the only champion to not have any customization items equipped.
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