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For the version in Plants vs. Zombies 2 (Chinese version), see Daily Challenge.

Challenge is a mode in Plants vs. Zombies: All Stars. This mode is similar with Daily Challenge, in which the player gets to fight Sun-shrooms, Marigolds, all zombies in a specific world with Zombot Tomorrow-tron, and the final boss in a specific world. Each battle can be fought 2 times a day and the player must wait for 10 minutes or pay 50 gems between each times. The player can also pay 50 gems to fight in a battle for the third time.


There are 4 missions in this mode and the player can choose one of them to fight.


This challenge contains 2 waves, in which the first one will contain a bunch of normal Marigolds that will drop coins each hit, and can join together to form into a 1 big Marigold. The second wave will contain the Marigold in its mini-boss form, which can activate its Plant Food skill every 4 turns. This challenge opens every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday.


This challenge contains only 1 wave, and in this wave the player will fight against a bunch of normal Sun-shrooms and a Sun-shroom in its mini-boss form, which can heal other enemies every 4 turns. These Sun-shrooms will drop sun once damaged. The challenge can be fought every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.

Garden War (Missile Barrage)

This challenge contains 6 waves, and in each wave the player will fight a bunch of zombies in a specific world, but this time they'll all come from the start of the lawn instead of tombstones. The challenge also contains a Zombot Tomorrow-tron which cannot be damaged, connected by 3 buttons placed on the fourth column from the left. Once all 3 buttons are stepped on by the zombies, the Zombot Tomorrow-tron will unleash its skill, which is to shoot its missiles to damage all plants. The zombies in the challenge will drop equipment pieces. This challenge can be fought at anytime.

Boss Battle

In Boss Battle, the player will replay a final boss level in a specific world, but this time with only the final wave. The zombies will drop some potion once defeated. This challenge can be fought at anytime.