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Pages marked with a {{cite}} template will appear here. When citations are needed, a piece of information on a page is disputed because it is only a claim. For example, the price of a Peashooter might be disputed. Without concrete evidence, one may claim that a Peashooter costs 50 sun and mark it with a "cite" tag. In the talk page, that person may provide partial evidence, logic, or convincing arguments (e.g. Peashooters are starter plants and are relatively weak or Peashooters cannot cost more than Repeaters). Others may disapprove, providing counterexamples, indirect proof, contradictions, or reasoning (e.g. Peashooters cannot cost less than Cabbage-pults). One of three results will surface: concrete evidence is provided (e.g. According to the Almanac, Peashooters cost 100 sun), a compromise is reached (e.g. Peashooters cost 75 sun), or the majority wins (e.g. Peashooters cost 50 sun because 80% of the people who argued say it is).

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