Cards are the main collectibles available in Plants vs. Zombies Heroes. They are the main methods used by plant and zombie heroes to combat the opposing side.


Cards are divided into three major categories: fighter cards, trick cards and environment cards. A fighter card spawns a friendly fighter on the field when it is played, which in most cases attack enemy fighters or the opposing hero, and is destroyed and removed once its health reaches 0. A trick card can do a variety of things when it is played, ranging from making additional friendly fighters, modifying their attributes or destroying enemy fighters, to gaining or adding cards from or into the player's deck. After the ability ends, the trick card is automatically removed for the match. Finally, an environment card is played similar to a trick card that affects a selected ground lane and all compatible fighters on it while it is present, and is overridden and removed once another environment card is played on the same lane.

Each card also has a set of attributes, such as cost (SunPvZH/BrainPvZH), strength (StrengthPvZH), health (HeartPvZH), class and tribe - one of which is a superpower, a special kind of card that is only gained at the start of the game and every time the hero successfully blocks an attack.

At the start of the game, each player is given four cards in their hand, and is also given the chance to replace each card once with another random one taken from the player's deck. Each player is also given a random superpower card from the player's list of available cards, which cannot be replaced. The player also draws a card from their deck starting from the second turn, and there are certain abilities that can give the player additional cards, either from or outside the deck. Each player can only have ten cards in their hand at once before the game stops giving them cards.

Decks are required to have forty cards, and four of a single type of card can be put in at most. Therefore, it is very important to consider what cards are needed. Superpowers do not count to the deck's total number of cards.

A card can be played providing that the card's cost does not exceed the player's currency stockpile balance, and that there are valid targets (for trick cards) or lanes (for fighter cards) for the card. Once the card is played, the player's currency stockpile balance is decreased by an amount equal to the card's cost. Plants can play fighter, trick, and environment cards all at the same time since they only have one play turn before the "Fight!" phase occurs. Zombies have two separate phases, the first exclusive to fighters and the second for tricks and environments, before the "Fight!" phase occurs.


Each side has unique tribes that can allow cards to create synergies. Each class has a main tribe, as well as a number of cards that can form synergy with the main tribe of the class. An example of a plant synergy is Buff-Shroom boosting Shroom for Two, both part of the mushroom tribe, the main tribe of the PvZH Kabloom IconKabloom class, and an example of a zombie synergy is Zombot Drone Engineer boosting Space Cadet, both part of the science tribe, the main tribe of the PvZH Brainy IconBrainy class.

Note that there are also examples of fighters within main tribes outside of the class, for instance Fume-Shroom being a mushroom plant in the PvZH Solar IconSolar class or Disco-Tron 3000 being a science zombie in the PvZH Crazy IconCrazy class.

Turn order

The zombies' fighter turn comes first, followed by the plants' combined turn, followed in turn by the zombies' trick turn, after which the "Fight!" phase occurs during which fighters engage in combat against the opposing side. Destroyed/used cards are removed and the turn order starts over from the beginning.

In the "Fight!" phase, zombie fighters attack first, then plant fighters attack afterwards even if the plant fighter has its health down to 0 after being attacked. Because of this, the game immediately ends if a PvZH Strikethrough IconStrikethrough zombie defeats the plant hero, even if there is a plant in the same lane with PvZH Strikethrough IconStrikethrough that is about to finish off the zombie hero.

Attribute Description
Class Determines the hero(es) that can play the card. In deck construction, a hero can only include cards from the 2 classes it leads with no exception. However, off-class cards can be obtained through card effects such as Eureka or the Conjure effect.
Normal Determines the effects that the card can be subjected to. Every card is in at least one tribe, and some are in two or more tribes at the same time. Several abilities only affect fighters in certain tribes: For example, all plants in the pea tribe gain bonus attack points when they are played behind a Torchwood. However, some tribes do not interact with any abilities, and are purely cosmetic.
Superpower A superpower is a special tribe of card that can only be obtained at the start of the game, or when you block an attack.
Environment An environment card is a type of card that creates a special rule on the lane it is played on, and lasts permanently unless another environment card is played on that lane. Note that cards in this tribe do not count as a trick, thus not activating abilities that are related to tricks.
Sun/Brain cost
Determines the cost of the card.
Strength (StrengthPvZH) Fighter exclusive. Determines the amount of damage the fighter does to the opposing hero or fighter(s).
Health (HeartPvZH) Fighter exclusive. Determines the amount of damage the fighter withstands. A fighter is destroyed and removed once its health reaches 0.
Traits/Effects Determines the traits a fighter has, or the effect a card gives. See the Traits and Effects section.
Abilities Determines the abilities of playing the card, if any are present.
Rarity Determines the chance of that card being spawned through card drops or booster packs. Hero-specific superpowers are also indicated by the Premium - Legendary rarity.


Although every fighter is unique, many of them share common traits, which the player needs to know to use them the best way. Present here is a list of traits that many fighters have, along with an explanation and a few examples of them:


I think I've seen that cloud before.
The content in this section is archived. What it describes is not available anymore.
When this is destroyed, you can play it a second time

Game Description

Exclusive to zombies.

Any fighter with this trait returns to the owner's hand as a "ghost" version of itself when it is destroyed. The ghost version has identical stats to the original fighter, but without the Afterlife trait.

On update 1.16.10, this trait was removed.

Haunting ZombieH Octo ZombieH
Haunting Zombie Octo Zombie


Play on Water or Land

Game Description

Any fighter with this trait is not restricted to just the ground or heights lanes in terms of placement, but can also be played on aquatic lanes.




Snorkel ZombieH
Snorkel Zombie

PvZH Anti-Hero IconAnti-Hero

+(number of Strength points) Strength when no (Zombies/Plants) are here

Game Description

Any fighter with this trait gains a set amount of strength when no enemy fighters are in their lane. Playing anything in front of an enemy fighter with the trait de-activates the PvZH Anti-Hero IconAnti-Hero trait.


Poison MushroomH
Poison Mushroom



PvZH Armored IconArmored

Reduce damage to this by (number)

Game Description

Any fighter with this trait takes reduced damage when it is attacked, with the number specifying the amount of damage that is subtracted. If the damage done is less than the resistance number, the fighter does not take any damage. However, this effect does not protect the fighter from any tricks or abilities that reduce its stats by a set amount.





PvZH Truestrike IconBullseye

Doesn't charge the opponent's Block Meter

Game Description

Any fighter with this trait does not fill up the opposing hero's Super-Block Meter upon a successful attack.




Pool SharkH
Pool Shark

PvZH Deadly IconDeadly

Destroy any Plant this hurts

Game Description

Exclusive to zombies.

Any fighter with this trait always destroys any fighter it does damage to. Heroes and Shielded fighters are not affected by it, and PvZH Armored IconArmored enemy fighters can survive the attack as long the fighter's damage does not exceed their damage resistance.

Barrel Roller ZombieH Super StenchH
Barrel Roller Zombie Super Stench

DoubleStrikeAltDouble Strike

After combat here: This does a Bonus Attack

Game Description

Any fighter with this trait does a bonus attack after combat in its lane, but only if that fighter is not destroyed during combat.

Cosmic PeaH
Cosmic Pea

PvZH Frenzy IconFrenzy

When this destroys a Plant, it attacks again

Game Description

Exclusive to zombies.

Any fighter that has this trait does a bonus attack if it destroys an enemy fighter and survives without being destroyed itself. Zombies will only do a bonus attack if they destroy a plant with their attack, and not through their abilities. For example, although Supernova Gargantuar can destroy several plants with his ability, he will not do any bonus attacks for destroying those plants. And finally, if a zombie with this trait destroys a Soul Patch due to it redirecting damage from the plant hero, it will not do a bonus attack.

Energy Drink ZombieH Maniacal LaughH
Energy Drink Zombie Maniacal Laugh


Hides in a Gravestone until it's time for Tricks

Game Description

Exclusive to zombies.

Any fighter with this trait is not revealed until the user's trick stage begins, they are instead concealed by a gravestone. The opposing hero cannot see how much brains are spent on that fighter until the next "Zombie Tricks" phase. While it is concealed, the fighter is immune to all methods of damage and card abilities (from both the plant and zombie side), with Cool Bean, Grave Buster, Spyris, Grave Mistake and Blockbuster being the only exceptions.

Pied PiperH
Pied Piper


When a (Zombie/Plant) is played, this (Plant/Zombie) moves there

Game Description

Any fighter with this trait moves to where an opposing fighter is played or made most recently, unless that lane is already occupied by either a non Team-Up plant or a zombie.


Corn DogH
Corn Dog


Dog WalkerH
Dog Walker

Weird unused PvZH icon Overshoot

Before combat here, do (amount of damage) to the Plant Hero

Game Description

Exclusive to zombies.

Any fighter with this ability does a certain amount of damage to the opposing hero before combat. This trait still activates even if the zombie is frozen.

Loose CannonH
Loose Cannon

Splash Damage

When this attacks, it also deals (amount of damage) damage to Zombies next door

Game Description

Exclusive to plants.

Any fighter with this trait does a certain amount of damage to fighters on adjacent lanes, in addition to the lane it is on when it attacks. Heroes, however, do not take Splash Damage if said lanes are empty. Splash Damage cannot be increased or decreased in any way, even if the fighter's strength has been increased or decreased. Splash Damage can be suppressed if the fighter has 0 strength, but comes back once its strength is reboosted to at least 1.

Lightning ReedH
Lightning Reed

PvZH Strikethrough IconStrikethrough

Hits the Zombie here and the Zombie Hero

Game Description

Hits all Plants here and the Plant Hero

Game Description

Any fighter with this trait does damage to all enemy fighters in its lane, as well as the opposing hero.




Hot Dog ImpH
Hot Dog Imp


You can fit two Plants here

Game Description

Exclusive to plants.

Any fighter with this trait can be played in a lane that is already occupied by an allied fighter, regardless of whether that fighter already occupying the lane has the Team-Up trait or not.



Unaffected by Plant/Zombie Tricks

Game Description

Any fighter with this trait is unable to be affected by the opposing hero's tricks. This does not grant immunity to tricks from the same side.




Parasol ZombieH
Parasol Zombie


Some cards either have, or afflict other fighters with certain effects. Present here is a list of effects that a fighter can receive, along with an explanation of each of them:

Bonus Attack

Any fighter that receives this effect attacks again as long it manages to survive during combat. Any plant with the DoubleStrikeAltDouble Strike trait, as well as any zombie fighter with the PvZH Frenzy IconFrenzy trait, gets this effect.






Put it back in its owner's hand

Game Description

Any fighter that receives this effect is returned to the owner's hand, with their stats reverted to their base stats and all given traits removed. For example, a zombie boosted by Maniacal Laugh will lose the PvZH Frenzy IconFrenzy trait when Bounced.


Rescue RadishH Jumping BeanH
Rescue Radish Jumping Bean


FirefighterH Pogo BouncerH
Firefighter Pogo Bouncer


Gain a random card of this type

Game Description

Add a random card(s) of a specified cost, tribe, rarity, or set from the entire game, excluding superpowers unless specifically stated.


Cosmic BeanH
Cosmic Bean


Cosmic Sport StarH
Cosmic Sports Star


Add a random card(s) from your deck to your hand, unless your hand is full.




Cell Phone ZombieH
Cell Phone Zombie

PvZH Frozen IconFreeze

That (Zombie/Plant) skips its next attack

Game Description

Any fighter that receives this effect is immobilized, forcing it to skip its next attack. Playing a card that makes the immobilized fighter do a bonus attack instantly cancels out the PvZH Frozen IconFreeze effect. Plant fighters with the DoubleStrikeAltDouble Strike will attack after being thawed unless they were destroyed in combat.


Iceberg LettuceH Snow PeaH Chilly PepperH
Iceberg Lettuce Snow Pea Chilly Pepper


Frozen TundraH Frosty MustacheH Ice PirateH
Frozen Tundra Frosty Mustache Ice Pirate


Restore health of a damaged fighter, the hero, or both. Certain restrictions may be present on some cards.


Venus FlytrapH
Venus Flytrap


Nurse GargantuarH
Nurse Gargantuar


Any fighter that receives this effect is unable to get hurt in any way in that turn with the exception of Force Field. However, they are not immune to instant-kill tricks like Lawnmower, or stat-degraders like Nibble.


Root WallH
Root Wall


Trash Can ZombieH
Trash Can Zombie


Add a specific card(s) into your deck.


Clique PeasH
Clique Peas


Leprechaun ImpH
Leprechaun Imp


Any fighter that receives this effect immediately transforms into a random fighter that meets a certain criterion, if any.




Interdimensional ZombieH
Interdimensional Zombie


While there are a plethora of ways an ability can activate, there are some that are officially named and categorized. Present here is a list of named abilities, along with an explanation of them and examples of fighters with them:


Use this ability when you draw a card

Game Description

This ability activates whenever its owner draws or Conjures a card.


Bananasaurus RexH TricarrotopsH
Bananasaurus Rex Tricarrotops


Mondo BrontoH StompadonH
Mondo Bronto Stompadon


Play this on a (name of tribe/Plant/Zombie) to use this ability

Game Description

This ability activates when the fighter with this ability is played on a fighter that meets the criterion. The fighter that meets the criterion immediately transforms into the fighter with the Evolution ability and gains a sparkling green aura. Fighters on aquatic lanes can also be selected, even if the fighter with the Evolution ability does not have the Amphibious trait itself. It’s important to not, however, that evolving a plant or zombie does not count as destroying it.




Primordial Cheese ShoverH
Primordial Cheese Shover


Play a (Plant/Zombie) on this to use this ability

Game Description

This ability activates when any fighter is played on the fighter with this ability. The fighter with the Fusion ability glows green if it is a plant, or purple if it is a zombie, and goes underneath the fighter played on it. In this state, the Fusion fighter is basically non-existent, and disappears when the fighter played on it is Bounced or destroyed. Fighters without the Amphibious trait can be played on Fusion fighters, even if the Fusion fighter does not have the Amphibious trait itself. You cannot, however, play a Gravestone zombie on a Fusion fighter.




Buried TreasureH
Buried Treasure


Crafting interface

The crafting interface displayed at the bottom of the screen, under the card being viewed.

Crafting is a feature that can be accessed by tapping the desired card in the Collection or the Deck Building section. It allows the player to directly create new cards without having to purchase Packs.

Crafting a new card requires Sparks, a special kind of resource that cannot be purchased with money and can only be gained by recycling cards and completing certain Hero Quests. Currently, most collectible cards in the game can be crafted and recycled, with the exception of certain Event cards that are stated to become craftable in the near future. In addition, all Basic - Common cards cannot be recycled, and cards you already have 4 of will have their crafting option disabled.

The number of Sparks required for crafting, and rewarded with recycling, is determined by the card's rarity. Crafting a new card will always require more Sparks than the amount given by recycling a card of equal rarity, making the process generally extremely inefficient.

Rarity Crafting Recycling
Basic - Common 25 PvZH Spark Icon 0 PvZH Spark Icon1
Uncommon 50 PvZH Spark Icon 15 PvZH Spark Icon2
Rare 250 PvZH Spark Icon 50 PvZH Spark Icon
Super-Rare 1000 PvZH Spark Icon 250 PvZH Spark Icon
Legendary 4000 PvZH Spark Icon 1000 PvZH Spark Icon
Event 1000 PvZH Spark Icon3 250 PvZH Spark Icon4,5

1. Cannot be recycled
2. 10 PvZH Spark Icon prior to update 1.8.23
3. 2000
PvZH Spark Icon for the cards released on the previous update; only applies to cards that have been released
4. 75 PvZH Spark Icon prior to update 1.14.13
5. 500 PvZH Spark Icon for event cards that require 2,000 sparks in order to be crafted



  • As stated above, some traits are exclusive to either side:
    • There are no plant fighters that have the Gravestone', PvZH Deadly IconDeadly, PvZH Frenzy IconFrenzy', or Weird unused PvZH iconOvershoot traits.
    • There are no zombie fighters that have the Team-Up, Splash Damage, or DoubleStrikeAltDouble Strike traits.
      • Prior to update 1.2.11, there were no zombie fighters with the PvZH Strikethrough IconStrikethrough trait either.
  • Prior to update 1.2.11, cards were referred to as teammates.
  • Prior to update 1.2.11, PvZH Truestrike IconBullseye was named PvZH Truestrike IconTruestrike.
  • Prior to the Galactic Gardens update, Dog Walker was the only fighter with the Hunt trait.
    • However, Corn Dog is still the only plant fighter with the Hunt trait.
  • Prior to update 1.16.10, Frozen Tundra, Brain Freeze's signature superpower, was the only zombie card that gave the PvZH Frozen IconFreeze effect to plants.
    • Still, Frozen Tundra is the only premium card that gives the PvZH Frozen IconFreeze effect to plants.
  • Prior to the Colossal Fossils update, Bananasaurus Rex was the only fighter that had a Dino-Roar ability.
    • However, because the term "Dino-Roar" didn't exist back then, its ability said "When you draw a card: This gets +1StrengthPvZH/+1HeartPvZH." instead.
  • The spark symbol is similar to the Power Zap symbol except being blue instead of purple.
  • If a fighter has two or more traits, it uses a green star in place of the strength symbol.
    • A fighter can also have a green star in the health symbol if it has two of the three traits/effects: shielded, PvZH Armored IconArmored, or UntrickableAltBigUntrickable .

The number "x4" flashing red if the player tries to add another Navy Bean

  • Prior to update 1.6.27, if a fighter had a trait, it wasn't shown on their card.
  • If a card's cost is reduced via any card abilities or gimmicks in some missions, the cost number is colored green instead of black. On the other hand, if its cost is increased, the number is shown red instead.
  • Bringing 4 of the same card cause the "Add" button to appear gray for the remaining ones. Tapping "Add" causes the number "x4" to flash red, indicating that no more of that card can be added anymore.

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