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Gameplay of Pirate Seas Day 20
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Cannons Away is a series of Brain Busters in the Pirate Seas where the player must use five already-placed Coconut Cannons to shoot down Seagull Zombies. Shooting them earns points and hitting three of more Seagull Zombies with one cannonball results in a combo and more points. At the end, the points turn into coins. To beat the level and progress through Pirate Seas, the player must beat Penny's target score.

Target scores

  • Cannons Away Tutorial (Day 3): 5,000
  • Cannons Away I (Day 11): 30,000
  • Cannons Away II (Day 20): 40,000
  • Cannons Away III (pre-1.7) 60,000



  • At the beginning of the level, it says "Ready... set... FIRE!", instead of "Ready... set... PLANT!".
  • If the player loses, the screen says "Penny is not impressed with your score!", probably because Penny sets the target score in the beginning. This still appears after the 1.7 update despite the fact that these dialogues were removed in that update.
  • The player gets coins according to the number of points the player scored. If the player loses, he or she will not get coins.
  • If the player reaches a high enough combo, the message given along with the combo may be the following:
    • "M-M-M-MONSTER TACO!", a reference to Unreal Tournament's Monster Kill sound
    • "TOASTY!", a reference to the Mortal Kombat's Toasty! easter egg, and
    • "Twiddydinkies!", a reference to the store Crazy Dave owned in the first game.
†: Strategy page
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