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Buckethead Zombie2
For the version in Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare, see Buckethead Zombie (Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare).
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Buckethead Zombie

Buckethead Zombie2
His bucket hat makes him extremely resistant to damage.
Toughness: High
Weakness: Magnet-shroom
First seen: Level 1-8
Sun Cost: 125 sun
Brain Cost: 100 brains
Buckethead Zombie always wore a bucket. Part of it was to assert his uniqueness in an uncaring world. Mostly he just forgot it was there in the first place.

Buckethead Zombie

His bucket makes him super tough
Toughness: High
Weakness: Magnet Plant
First encountered in: Cadaver Cavern Level 1
Cost of neighbor attack: 1000 Coins
Training cost: 250 Coins
Training time: 5 minutes


Buckethead Zombie

His bucket hat makes him extremely resistant to damage.
Toughness: Hardened
Speed: Basic
First seen: Player's House - Day 4
There was a time when Buckethead Zombie was hailed as a zombie genius for his innovative bucket-on-head strategy. It's been a few years, though, and zombies wonder if he's got any surprises left. His secret? He doesn't.

Buckethead Mummy2
His sandy bucket greatly protects him from damage.
Toughness: Hardened
Speed: Basic
First seen: Ancient Egypt - Day 2
Buckethead Mummy Zombie graduated Magna Zom Louder from Zombie Academy where he learned to utilize his diaphragm during groaning lessons.

Buckethead Pirate2
His sturdy wooden bucket provides excellent protection from damage.
Toughness: Hardened
Speed: Basic
First seen: Pirate Seas - Day 3
Buckethead Pirate Zombie is looking for his bucket. Have you seen it? It's where? Up where? Speak up, he can't hear you.

Buckethead Cowboy2
His chili pot hat makes him greatly resistant to damage.
Toughness: Hardened
Speed: Basic
First seen: Wild West - Day 5
A five-time winner of the temporal chili cook-off. Those Egyptian zombies don't know their chili, but Cowboys love their beans. The more you eat, the more you brains.

Buckethead Kung-Fu Zombie2
Toughness: Hardened
Speed: Basic

Buckethead Monk Zombie2
Toughness: Hardened
Speed: Basic
First seen: Kung-Fu World - Day 15

Future Buckethead Zombie2
His techno-bucket greatly increases his protection from damage.
Toughness: Hardened
Speed: Basic
First seen: Piñata Party
Other zombies call him old-fashioned for being nostalgic for the year 2008. It was a simpler time when brains were brains, zombies were zombies, and those punk plants kept to themselves.

Almanac Card Buckethead Zombie
Buckethead Zombie's Almanac Entry
FarmerBob12Added by FarmerBob12
Animated Buckethead Zombie

The Buckethead Zombie (Buckethead MummyBuckethead Pirate, Buckethead Cowboy .Buckethead Kung-Fu Zombie and Buckethead Monk Zombie in Plants vs. Zombies 2: It's About Time) is a basic zombie with a bucket on its head, greatly increasing its toughness. The bucket does not weaken plant effects, however, it does increase the number of hits required to eliminate the zombie. One of their weaknesses is the Magnet-shroom, as it removes the bucket, rendering him vulnerable and much easier to defeat.


Plants vs. Zombies

This zombie is encountered in Level 1-8. It is the fifth zombie to be found in Adventure Mode, and the last to be found in day levels. Like normal zombie and Conehead Zombie, Buckethead Zombies has Ducky Tube variants and it can come by Surprise Attacks.

Plants vs. Zombies Adventures

Buckethead Zombie first appears in Cadaver Cavern level 1. Unlike zombie and Conehead Zombie, it is still appearing in every map after it debuts. Its appearances are higher than zombie's and Conehead Zombie's

Plants vs. Zombies 2: It's About Time

Normal Buckethead Zombies only appear in one level, Player's House - Day 4. However, it has some variants in different areas: Buckethead Mummy in Ancient Egypt, Buckethead Pirate in Pirate SeasBuckethead Cowboy in Wild West, and Future Buckethead Zombie in Far Future. Its health and speed are the same as in Plants vs. Zombies.

Suburban Almanac Entry

Buckethead Zombie

His bucket hat makes him extremely resistant to damage.

Toughness: high

Weakness: magnet-shroom

Buckethead Zombie always wore a bucket. Part of it was to assert his uniqueness in an uncaring world. Mostly he just forgot it was there in the first place.

Facebook Description

He's always worn a bucket. First, it was to be unique. Later, he just forgot it was there.


The Buckethead Zombie absorbs 65 normal damage shots, and its appearance changes upon an absorption of 19, 37, and 55 (when the bucket is destroyed) and 60 normal damage shots before dying at 65 normal damage shots.


Plants vs. Zombies

Plants vs. Zombies Adventures

Plants vs. Zombies 2: It's About Time


For most beginners, the Buckethead Zombie is highly annoying as it often appears in huge waves or in waves with other kinds of zombies. In the early levels, it is good to have two Peashooters against it. A Snow Pea with three Spikeweeds is sufficient due to the slowing effect which makes the zombie spend more time walking on Spikeweeds.

A Buckethead Zombie in the trailer.
Although the Snow Pea is also a good weapon of choice, it is not recommended to do so for the sake of Sun being wasted if it doesn't work. It is advised, however to use Threepeaters, Repeaters, or Gatling Peas in conjunction with a Torchwood. The Suburban Almanac advises the use of a Magnet-shroom, reducing the maximum absorption to 10 normal damage shots; however, it is not needed. You may want to use Instant Kills for them, such as the Squash. These zombies make up the majority of the offense in Survival: Endless. But one Snow Pea and one Peashooter is sufficient to kill a Buckethead Zombie, mainly due to the slowing effect. If they appear in the Night levels, you can use the Hypno-shroom on the Buckethead Zombie if your defenses are not yet set up. Using a Wall-nut and a Repeater works, but the Wall-nut will be eaten or severely damaged if you try that.

Vasebreaker Endless

Freze pea
A Buckethead Zombie approaching a Snow Pea

Whenever one appears, refrain from breaking more vases within the same lane. A Potato Mine can be used if given enough time, and a Squash or Wall-nut if not. Otherwise, a Snow Pea paired with either a Peashooter, Left-Facing Repeater, or Threepeater can work, although it is not as efficient.

A single Repeater with a Wall-nut is sufficient if the zombie is far back enough.

I, Zombie Endless

Avoid use around nearby Magnet-shrooms, a Squash in the same lane, or a Chomper that is not chewing. Otherwise, deploy when large (but not massive) amounts of damage need to be absorbed. A Snow Pea plus one or two other Plants defending a lane may result in the Buckethead Zombie's death, so be careful there. These are one of the most useful weapons in your arsenal (second to the Ladder Zombie), being cheap while being able to absorb a large amount of damage.


Plants vs. Zombies

Plants vs. Zombies Adventures

Plants vs. Zombies 2: It's About Time



Plants vs. Zombies

  • The Tree of Wisdom said that a Buckethead Zombie is 5x tougher than regular ones, but it is actually 6.5x tougher. It might be referring to the Bucket, but it would also be wrong, as the bucket absorbs 5.5x as much as a Zombie.
  • The Bucket is available as a Hat for your avatar in the Xbox Live Marketplace. It costs 160 Microsoft Points.
  • There are some blood stains on the bucket the Zombie is wearing. This may also be the reason why this game is rated E10+ for animated blood, despite the fact that there is no blood shown in the entire game besides on the bucket and the inside of a zombie's neck when it's head is removed.
    • This may be because the Buckethead Zombie had eaten other Brains before proceeding to Your House. However, it does not state that it has eaten brains earlier in the Suburban Almanac, but it also may be red paint or rust from the bucket.
      Buckethead concept
      Buckethead Zombie's concept design
      • As seen in the concept design for the Buckethead Zombie posted on the Plants vs. Zombies Facebook Page, the "blood" is actually a paint stain, as it was supposed to be a painter who used his paint bucket as a helmet. It is unknown if this is still canon, though.
  • It is odd that the bucket protects the Buckethead Zombie from projectiles and some plants like Spikeweed, as they mostly hit it in the other body parts except for Lobbed-shot Plants.
    • Furthermore, even for Lobbed-shot plants, the Bucket would not be very effective at stopping decapitation as opposed to head damage.
  • The Buckethead Zombie, the Conehead Zombie, the Trash Can Zombie, and the Screen Door Zombie are the only zombies that can degrade into a normal Zombie.
    • However, that is only appearance-wise; the Trash Can Zombie will be slower than the other three.
  • If Plants vs Zombies: Game of the Year was purchased before May 5th, 2011, the Soldier from Team Fortress 2 will be awarded with a Brain Bucket hat.
  • The Buckethead Zombie and the Screen Door Zombie are the only zombies that have metal but still move at a similar speed to other normal zombies.
  • During the final wave of a pool/fog level on the DS version, the Buckethead Zombie's bucket does not have a third stage of damage if it appears as an Ambush Zombie.
  • When the Bucket gets hit, it make a "clank" sound.
    • The Buckethead Zombie most likely doesn't get stunned by the "clank" sound of its bucket because it has no ears.
  • The Buckethead Zombie is the only zombie that can be used in all of the I, Zombie levels.
  • Despite that the Buckethead Zombie and the Screen Door Zombie have the same health, the Buckethead Zombie in Wall-nut Bowling and Wall-nut Bowling 2 takes only three hits while the Screen Door Zombie takes four hits (one for ricochet).
  • The Buckethead Zombie is the first zombie encoutered that has a metal object.

Plants vs. Zombies 2: It's About Time

  • It is unknown how the bucket of the Buckethead Pirate can stand fire.
  • The regular Buckethead Zombie says in the present almanac entry that he was "hailed as a zombie genius for his innovative bucket-on-head strategy" but the predecessors the Egyptian, Pirate, and Western Bucketheads have the bucket on their heads too.
    • This may be due to the fact of the zombies not being smart, and therefore not noticing the bucket.
  • The "clang" sound is lighter than in Plants vs. Zombies.
  • For some reason, the Ancient Egypt, Pirate Seas, Chinese and Future Buckethead zombies don't have a red stain on their buckets, but the Wild West version does.

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