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Zombie bucket1

The bucket is a metallic headwear worn by Buckethead Zombies to protect themselves from being damaged. It is one of the strongest types of headwear in the main series. Since it is metallic, it can be attracted by a Magnet-shroom.

Buckethead Zombie1

A Buckethead Zombie


Plants vs. Zombies and Plants vs. Zombies 2

The bucket absorbs 55 normal damage shots. The bucket degrades upon absorbing 19 and 37 normal damage shots. It falls off the zombie's head once it has absorbed 55 normal damage shots.

Plants vs. Zombies Adventures

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The bucket absorbs 16 normal damage shots. The bucket degrades at 8 damage and another time at 12 hits. The bucket falls off the Buckethead Zombie's head at 16 damage.


For more strategies, see Buckethead Zombie.

The bucket is a very strong piece of headwear, so the player should choose high-damaging plants against it, such as Winter Melon or Citron. Take note that it is a metallic headwear, so using the Magnet-shroom or the Magnet Plant can be a good idea as they can steal it, making the Buckethead Zombies easier to defeat.


Plants vs. Zombies Wiki has a gallery for Bucket.
Zombie bucket1
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Zombie bucket1


For more trivia, see Buckethead Zombie.
  • It has red paint on it which resembles a blood streak.
Buckethead concept

Buckethead Zombie's concept design

  • It is the first armor in the game which can be stolen by Magnet-shroom.
  • In Plants vs. Zombies 2, even though certain buckets are mostly made out of other non-magnetic materials such as wood or stone, they can still be attracted by Magnet-shroom (most likely because they may contain some kind of magnetic material in them).
  • The screen door that the Screen Door Zombie uses has the same health as the bucket.

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