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Boogie Your Brains Out2 Boogie Your Brains Out
Vanquish a Disco Zombie in Garden Ops Mode

Difficulty: Easy

Boogie Your Brains Out is an achievement in Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare. To get it, the player must vanquish a Disco Zombie in Garden Ops Mode.


Boogie Your Brains Out is not particularly hard, as you only need to get the final hit on a Disco Zombie. It is best to finish a Disco Zombie off with headshots from the Pea Gatling or Sunbeam abilities, as they will do large amounts of damage in a short time. Make sure you do not attack while Disco Zombie is spinning, as it cannot be damaged when doing so. It is not recommended to use the Chomper to vanquish Disco Zombie, as you will most likely take lots of damage.

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