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Bobsled Bonanza is a mini-game which can be unlocked after beating Adventure Mode in Plants vs. Zombies, Plants vs. Zombies: Journey to the West, and Plants vs. Zombies: Great Wall Edition. Bobsled Bonanza is a Pool level, which starts with four permanently placed ice trails on four ground lanes (up to the fourth column), and almost all of the zombies that appear throughout the level are Zombie Bobsled Teams and Zombonis. If the player melts the ice, they will face several Zombonis before any Zombie Bobsled Teams.



See Bobsled Bonanza/Strategies.

Suggested Plants



  • Bobsled Bonanza has the second longest wait time between planting and the first zombie of the level coming with a 45-second wait time. Pogo Party is the longest.
    • This does not apply in the Nintendo DS version.
    • If you count the hidden minigame Air Raid it has the 3rd longest wait time.
  • The Tree of Wisdom says it is "really, really, really difficult" to beat both this mini-game and Pogo Party without the Squash.
  • Unlike any other game modes, the ice trails do not disappear. In the Nintendo DS version though, ice trails normally disappear after Zombie Bobsled Teams appear (unless a Zomboni is in the same lane).
  • For some reason, on some older iPhone versions of this mini-game, the ice at the start covers an extra square.
  • Bobsled Bonanza and Zombie Nimble Zombie Quick are the only mini-games to have four flags for all versions.
  • Bobsled Bonanza is the only time in which the Zombie Bobsled Team appears on the seed selection screen and the only mini-game where they appear.
  • There is a level with the same name that appears in Disney's game, Where's My Perry?.
  • On the seed selection screen, the Zombie Bobsled Team does not have an idle animation, because it does not appear on the seed selection screen anywhere else.

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