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Bobsled Bonanza

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Bobsled Bonanza
Game Plants vs. Zombies
Location Pool
Level type Mini-games
Number of flag(s) Four
Graves None
Difficulty Hard
Plants Player's choice
Zombies Zombie
Flag Zombie
Ducky Tube Zombie
Zombie Bobsled Team
First time reward(s) A Trophy
Not first time reward(s) A Money Bag
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Bobsled PC

Bobsled Bonanza is a difficult mini-game which can be unlocked after beating Adventure Mode. For some people, this is considered the hardest mini-game. It is a pool level which starts with ice on all four ground lanes (up to the fourth column), and almost all of the zombies that appear throughout the level are Zombie Bobsled Teams and Zombonis. If the player melts the ice, they will face several Zombonis before any Zombie Bobsled Teams. Potato Mines are good plants to use here, as a single one can take out a bobsled and all four of its occupants. Squash and Imitater Squash are also good plants because they can easily take out a Zomboni. Jalapeno is a great choice to melt the ice and kill any zombies too.



See Bobsled Bonanza/Strategies.

Suggested Plants



  • Bobsled Bonanza has a much longer time between the time the player is allowed to start planting and the time the zombies come than other levels. It lasts for 45 seconds.
  • But in the DS version, the zombies come in regularly, so the DS version is the hardest and at a great disadvantage.
  • The Tree of Wisdom says it's "really, really, really difficult" to beat both it and Pogo Party without the Squash. However, it is possible to beat the level without Squashes, because Potato Mines and Chompers can take their place. Also, Squash can only squash a whole bobsled if another zombie activated it at the right moment; by itself, it can only squash at most two bobsled zombies (and usually only one).
  • Unlike any other game modes, the ice trails don't disappear. In the DS version though, ice trails normally disappear after Zombie Bobsled Teams appear (unless a Zomboni is in the same lane).
  • For some reason, on some older iPhone versions of this mini-game, the ice at the start covers an extra square.
  • Gatling Peas also make a good use, but because of their high cost and slow recharge (plus that of the prerequisite Repeater), it isn't mainly a good idea.
    • A Repeater with a Torchwood cost 375 sun for the first one, and 200 more for each one. Also, all the plants will have a fast recharge. Gatling Peas with a Torchwood would cost 625 for the first one and 450 for every one after.
  • This, Zombie Nimble Zombie Quick and It's Raining Seeds are the only mini-games to have four flags for all versions.
  • In the Spanish version, this mini-game is called "Carreras de Bobsleigh" ("Bobsleigh Racing").
  • This is the only time in which the Zombie Bobsled Team appears on the seed selection screen and the only mini-game where they appear.
  • There is a level with the same name that appears in Disney's Where's My Perry?.
  • On the seed selection screen, the Zombie Bobsled Team doesn't move.

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