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Zombie Bobsled Team

The Bobsled in the Seed Selection.

Bobsled is a vehicle that the Zombie Bobsled Team uses. The only times it appears are on Ice Trails left by Zombonis or sometimes at the beginning of Bobsled Bonanza. Bobsleds have low health, but are very fast on ice. When it reaches land, it disappears.

If all four zombies are still inside it, a single Potato Mine or Chomper can kill all of them at once.
IMG 1650

Bobsled silohuette.


The bobsled absorbs 14 normal damage shots, and its appearance changes upon an absorption of 5 and 10 normal damage shots, before disintegrating at 14 normal damage shots.



See Zombie Bobsled Team for more trivia.

  • "Brains or Bust" is written on a side of the bobsled and a brain appears on the front of the bobsled.
    Black bobsled

    A burnt Bobsled

  • If an instant kill is used to kill the Zombie Bobsled Team when they are in/using their bobsled, the bobsled (and all zombies using it) will fade into a black silhouette, and then disappear.

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