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Bloomerangs can hit up to three targets in its lane, twice!

Sun cost:

175 sun






After beating Day 3 of Ancient Egypt (international version)
Collect 10 stars in Ancient Egypt (Chinese version)

Bloomerang is a plant in Plants vs. Zombies 2: It's About Time. The Bloomerang’s shots hit up to three zombies, and hit them a second time on their return.

Plant Food Upgrade

When given Plant Food, Bloomerangs will hurl ten boomerangs above, below, and to either side of the Bloomerang.

Almanac Entry

Pvz2222 (5)

Bloomerang's Suburban Almanac Entry.

Sun cost: 175

DAMAGE: Normal

RANGE: Multi-Hit


Bloomerangs can hit up to three targets in their lane, twice!

Special: can hit up to 3 targets, with two hits each

As the first new member to your home defense team, Bloomerang enjoys long walkabouts with his friend, Koala Bear, and listening to his Bob Barley albums out back.


The Bloomerang is an easy-to-use and a versatile plant as it can reliably take care of multiple zombies at once. In regular levels, two columns along with a column of Bonk Choys or Snapdragons and a column of Wall-nuts or Tall-nuts can take care of the zombies almost perfectly. However, one has to be careful that it can only take care of three zombies at once and is not a substitute for a Fume-shroom. Therefore, it is not a reliable weapon against overly massive amounts of zombies. Its attacking power is also quite low despite hitting twice, as its firing speed is half that of a Peashooter's, and cannot kill a Conehead Zombie by itself, and its plant food upgrade has less power than that of a Peashooter, and thus adequate support is needed.

It can be a good strategy to use Bloomerang when there are many tombstones in Ancient Egypt's levels, so that the three first graves gets two hits at each boomerang thrown.




  • The boomerangs that the Bloomerang throws are actually its petals.
  • Bloomerang fires very slow at first, then fires at normal speed after firing the first boomerang.
  • When this plant attacks tombstones of Ancient Egypt the Tombstones glow red colour.
  • This is one of the six plants seen in the trailer of Plants vs. Zombies 2: It's About Time while fighting the zombies, the other five are Bonk Choy, Pea Pod, Peashooter, Wall-nut and Sunflower.
  • If all the zombies are near the Bloomerang, the boomerang only goes to where the last zombie is and comes back.
  • In Bloomerang's almanac entry, Bob Barley is a pun on Bob Marley, a Jamaican songwriter.
  • Though the Plant Food upgrade says the Bloomerang will throw ten boomerangs in four directions, all pictures of the Bloomerang (including the animated picture in the almanac) only show nine.
  • There are many references to Australia.
    • The projectile is based on the Boomerang, a weapon made in ancient Australia.
    • Its friend is a Koala Bear, an animal who lives in Australia.
    • The almanac entry contains the phrase "out back". Outback is another term for the remote areas of Australia.
    • This may be because it likes Australia, or it was raised or born there.

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