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Bloom and Doom Seed Co. is the fictional company that manufactures the plants that are used by the player in Plants vs. Zombies and Plants vs. Zombies Adventures. Although there is never any major reference to this in-game, the tops of the seed packets have "Bloom and Doom Seed Co." written on them. It is possible Bloom and Doom Seed Co. may be part of a larger company as the end of Zombies on Your Lawn says that the music video was produced by "Bloom and Doom" records.

Notice the top of the seed packet

B and D

Its T-shirt design


  • Imitater's seed packet only says "Bloom & Doom".
  • The forest background on the seed packet, made up of pine trees, can also be seen outside the window of the Zen Garden.
  • It is apparent that Bloom and Doom Seed Co. also specializes in non-plants (e.g. Spikerock, mushrooms) that do not grow from seeds.
  • Bloom and Doom is based on the phrase "gloom and doom".
  • Just like ZomBotany, "Bloom and Doom" was one of the original names of the game before it was published.
  • It is possible that "Bloom" might be referring to the plants, and "Doom" might be referring to the zombies.

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