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  • ThisUserLikesOreo

    My activity is going to be halved from what it has been for the past few weeks, and the reason are:

    • School is about to end and somehow they managed to give us a crap ton of work to do there. Like seriously, we never had more stuff to do for the whole year. I also need to take my papers to the new school I'm going to go to next year.
    • I'm starting to hate everything here now again... I felt similarly back in last years August-September, just before leaving. The worst thing now is that some users are really p***ing me off. I also feel like I'm doing like 80% of the work, and that's very exhausting.

    That's pretty much it. School will end on June 2nd, so that's when this probably will end.

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  • Specialedition12

    lol k

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  • SuperGaming101

    6,666 EDITS!

    May 22, 2017 by SuperGaming101

    OMG! 6,666 EDITS!




    SG101, the Sp00k lord, is out.

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    My PvZH Card

    May 21, 2017 by TSRITW

    Name: TSRITW

    Class: Smarty

    Tribes: Quadrilateral Plant




    Traits: Armored 10, Frenzy, Deadly, Strikethrough, Anti-Hero 20, Bullseye, Afterlife, Splash Damage 20, Amphibious, Team-Up


    After combat here, this does a Bonus Attack.

    All Zombies tricks cost 10 more.

    When your Hero would get hurt, this gets hurt instead.

    When this does damage, heal your hero for that much.

    Start of turn: Freeze all Zombies. Bounce one of them.

    When played: Destroy all Zombies. This can't be hurt this turn.

    When destroyed:Do 10 damage to the Zombie here and the Zombie Hero.

    Set - Rarity: Premium - Legendary

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  • Fairy27

    Making this blog on mobile! That's a first in my wiki history! here, and this is my second Wiki Activity Update blog!

    "Wait, you're in summer vacation! What gives?!"

    Sure, but here's the catch around this week (can't confirm when I'll go back with my normal activity but should be starting today and its whole week). I'm not on the provinces I live in. I'm at a hotel with wifi which is strong, but using mobile, it's not my cup of tea. I'm staring at autocorrect and other issues.

    In addition, for the province or area I am on, I'm staying there, likely a week, with my family and relatives, due to the fact there's a festival my father cannot be absent. The hotel stay only lasts for a day, and we're moving to other areas in the same province. I do…

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  • Marcia Aeris

    That user blog title's correct. Comment here and I will give my honest opinion on you. Be careful though because I won't be saying just good things, although I'll try to tone down the harshness.

    The only rule here is that you cannot ask feedback for another user unless they approve. This is for the sake of common courtesy.

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  • Nick Archer


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  • Pumpkin Skelhead


    May 20, 2017 by Pumpkin Skelhead


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  • GamerNerd i

    Hopefully this one won't be as... er, graphic as the previous one. I still can't unsee it.

     I also hope that everyone's recovered. Not just N, but also the plants that were locked in the box. Plants need sunlight and nutrients, and it's doubtful that they got either in that box. Okay, maybe they don't need the nutrients as much, but sunlight for sure. Here we go...

    Actually, here are some links:

    If you're new to my writings, start here. If you don't need the exposition, start here. If you just want to see all the stuff, then it's in my user page.

    So we start in a new place. It's a strange amalgamation of technology and magic. The grey brick walls are lined with holographic screens. There are markings reminiscent of a circuit board all along the …

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  • TheHandsomePlant

    Here are the new Wild West levels coming most likely in the 6.2 update. (6.1 update will feature new Jurassic Marsh levels only)

    Stage: Wild West
    Dialogue: TBD
    Prize: A gift box
    Music: Standard WW theme
    Level type: Normal (although coded in-game as Locked and Loaded, but the Plants are still choosen manually.)
    Challenges: None
    Rail placements:

    • Column 1 (all rows)
    • Column 3 (all rows)
    • Column 8 (all rows)

    Dynamic zombies: None
    Zombies overall:
    Amount of subwaves: 12
    Amount of waves: 3 (one flag per each 4 subwaves)
    Cowboy Rally Zombie appears on: All flags
    Lawnmowers present? - Yes

    |zombie2 = |zombie3 = |note3 = 100% Plant Food |zombie4 = |note4 = First flag |zombie5 = |zombie6 = |zombie7 = |zombie8 = + + + |note8 = Second flag; 100% Plant …

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  • WolfGirlsClan

    Dear PopCap

    May 19, 2017 by WolfGirlsClan

    Hello. I just want to tell all of you that Im starting to get mad at you. I love your games, but how much do you do to satesfy us? The awnser to that is very slim. You have done a lot to your games. But I feel like you are getting bossed around development.

    PvZ2 was left to rot, which is very sad, I loved PvZ2 but you keep throwing out plants that costs money and world expansions that no one cares about. I once said that that game was great. Now it isnt.

    It takes a load of time just to reach the Gargantuar and not giving us a nerf to litterly all BWB, MD, JM and NMT is just compleate bullsh*t. And throwing out these level expansions isnt gonna help a thing.

    I dont want to know what the lightning sh*t at the end of the map is. Just add a Feuda…

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  • QlnwtheOctoGuy

    ?This page is just for fun reading, do not say something bad here. I'll also complete this soon. ---

    Plants vs. Zombies Hearthstone is a collectible mobile card game announced on March 10, 2016, through Electronic Arts' official YouTube channel and soft released in certain countries on the same day. On October 18, 2016, the game was released worldwide (except China) on iOS and Android.

    It's the lawn of a new battle! Plants vs. Zombies: Hearthstone mobile lets you collect and choose from hundreds of characters across the PvZ Universe in this epic collectible card game that takes you beyond the backyard.

    For the first time ever on mobile, play as either plants or zombies and unlock their lawn-inspiring super powers. Collect hundreds of character…

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  • SuperGaming101

    Heyo guys! I'm here to say that I think MLG Doge is really angry at me, for I AM the one that reported him to everyone. Want to know why? He vandalized all of my wikis I'm following. These are:

    • IaLR Wiki
    • Plants vs. Zombies Heroes Wiki
    • SG101 Wiki

    I fear that he will somehow come back again and will torment me again.

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  • ThatMinecrafterDJ

    It seemed to be Identical to mine:

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  • GamesterD

    Here's the first Idea Blog. This was on the Blog Voting and I thought why not do it anyways. Also, there are some spoilers. Not just from here. From one other place.

    Luck is not on the plant's side this time of the year. The Leprechaun Imp has stole all the Coins of Dave that powers all the luck the plants have. Stop him at Zen Peak before all chances of taking over Zomburbia will be crushed in gold.

    Leprechaun Imp will shoot some gold coins at long range similar to Deadbeard though he'll do this for weaker damage and very rapid. He'll also jump into a pot of gold which'll raise him up. A green light similar to the Uplink Bot's attack radius will appear in the sky which the Leprechaun Imp will crash down on. He'll rarely attempt to slap you …

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  • ThePvzMaster123

    Do you love the new cards on set 2???and do you want the update to come As Fast As Possible???

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  • WintahMhelon18

    Can't believe I realized it late again, May 7 was my 2nd Wikiversary! Staying strong with you guys! Even though I sometimes just talk to you guys through chat, forums, etc., just wanna thank you all for all the good times. Another milestone to be treasured! :)

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  • Reapeageddon

    I am currently in an airport and I am about to go to New York. I am going to see the Niagra Falls soon enough! :D

    If any of you live in New York and happen to know what I look like irl, then good luck finding me. My parents will probably kill you though. I'll be there until school starts... I'm gonna miss summer vacation :(

    Anyways, I'll still be active there in the land of the free and easily offended. See ya!

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  • Citron Bomb Official


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  • Tecku

    During my free time, I often think about about PvZH. These are some of the ideas I've come up with. I'm gonna update them constantly, so stay tuned.

    Brawl-mond: Nut Plant

    4 Sun, 2 Attack, 4 Health

    When a plant takes a hit and survives, it randomly gains +1 Health or +1 Attack.


    2 Sun, 0 Attack, 6 Health

    Team-Up. Plants behind this are shielded.

    Rumbleweed: Leafy Root Plant

    4 Sun, 2 Attack, 6 Health

    Team-Up. When this takes damage, it moves to another random lane. Use it to defend as mutliple lanes in one turn by absorbing extra zombie attacks as it moves. Description: "He's learned to roll with the punches." Couples well with Brawl-mond and Pea Fowl.

    Pumpkin Patch: Squash Environment

    3 Sun

    Plants here have Armored 2.

    Pea Fowl: Pea Animal Plant


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  • Drybones9219

    Okay Okay, The Plants are just a Dream... in the truth, they are JUST A PRODUCT OF Crazy Dave's imagination so the real plants are on vacation for like what? LONG BREAK

    The Plants are just a nightmare to The Zombies... so they do look hostile to them, they come in different species, we'll going only by Garden warfare characters: 

    • PEASHOOTER - a Nightmare Plant that shoots Peas at Zombies.
    • Sunflower - a Nightmare Plant that gives out more suns and they are making more Plants, also attacks zombies.
    • Chomper - a Nightmare Plant that chomps zombies, not to mention that he gulps the Zombie in his body.
    • Cactus - a  Nightmare plant that attacks the Zombies with Spiky spikes.

    and, Rose, Kernel Corn and Citron are all considered nightmare...

    but... HOWEVE…

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  • Marcia Aeris

    Basically I'll be somewhat inactive on those dates.

    For the 24th, I'll be in someone I don't really care much about's debut (basically a coming of age party of an 18 year old) and we're forced to be there until 12 midnight because my luck sucks and my brother ended up being her escort. I don't get why these debut parties must happen and why must the celebrant take 18 shots of alcohol, but I never want one. Ever. I can try to edit on the morning, though.

    For the 25th-28th, I'll be in Baguio City, but guess what? We're back in the same hotel that's actually pretty good since the Wi-Fi signal reaches all the way to the bedroom and I can bring my Chromebook, so I can actually do a lot once we rest for the day.

    So uh... thanks for reading my notic…

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  • Chorus Kids
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  • Comicboss4000

    Special Delivery Level

    Plants: Fume-Shroom, Puff-shroom, Sap-fling, Potato Mine

    Difficulty: Very Hard

    Flags: Three

    Tombstones: Five (all on Column 4)

    135 |zombie2 = 22 |zombie3 = None |ambush3 = |note3 = 200%/7 Plant Food; Necromancy! |zombie4 = 3 3 1335 3 |note4 = First Flag; 3 Plant Food-on-destruction tombstones and 9 normal tombstones spawn |zombie5 = 111155 |note5 = 100% Plant Food |zombie6 = 15 |note6 = 1 Plant Food on destruction tombstone and 5 normal tombstones spawn |zombie7 = 135 |note7 = 100% Plant Food |zombie8 = 234 |note8 = Second Flag; is available |zombie9 = 15 |ambush9 = |note9 = Five normal tombstones spawn; Necromancy!; 100% Plant Food |zombie10 = 12345123451234512345 |note10 = 2 Plant Food-on-destruction tombstones spawn |…

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  • Comicboss4000

    Dark Alchemy Level

    Potions: Twelve

    Starting Gravestones: Ten (Placed in Random Positions)

    Flags: Four

    Difficulty: Very Hard

    1 |zombie2 = 444 |note2 = 300%/7 Plant Food |zombie3 = 2343 |note3 = First Flag; 100% Plant Food |zombie4 = None |ambush4 = |note4 = Necromancy! |zombie5 = 315 |note5 = 100% Plant Food |zombie6 = 511345 |note6 = Second Flag |zombie7 = 52 |ambush7 = |note7 = Necromancy! |zombie8 = 4 |zombie9 = 135135 |note9 = Third Flag |zombie10 = 15 |ambush10 = |note10 = Necromancy! |zombie11 = 124 |zombie12 = 2 3 1234512345 |note12 = Final Flag}}

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  • CWJ-D

    Sudden 4-day hiatus.

    May 15, 2017 by CWJ-D

    I'm going on a field trip to Singapore, so I'll be unable to check anything for 4 days.

    Just leaving this here because people may be asking, "Where'd CWJ-D go?"

    Overseas. Thanks for reading.

    Edit: Actually, I can check stuff on first day's morning and fourth day's night. So don't be scared of a nonexistent phantom CWJ-D clone during those periods, OK?

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  • CITRONtanker

    Alright. I bite

    May 15, 2017 by CITRONtanker

    For a while now, people have been calling me princess. Maybe it's time for me to man up and accept that. So here are some rules that apply. 


    Hello, my subjects. I would like everyone to adhere to the following rules as my reign goes on. Don't go into my throne room. Don't sit on my throne. If you sit on my throne, you will be removed. If you send me a pizza with no meat, I will send it back. If you want me, ring or use the doorbell. If you bring me a salad, I will crush you. My slaves must be smaller than me. If you ninja'd me, you must post "My bad" on your next post. If I drop a sick rhyme, you must bow down to me. If I ask you to do something fo…

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  • VeXJL


    May 15, 2017 by VeXJL

    I'm sorry, but I'm on the edge right now. So much that I'm considering quitting this wiki. I won't do it just yet, but it's still something that's nagging in the back of my mind, and I feel like I should share with you guys about this.

    Something about this wiki just made me lose interest of it EXTREMELY FAST. I am not kidding. As you have seen for the past couple of weeks, I've been growing considerably inactive on mainspace and chat, although I'm starting to go on chat right now. HOWEVER, I find that these areas are absurdly boring for some reason. Mainspace just feels much more like a chore rather than me helping out the community, and chat is usually dead. The only good s*** is at the Forums, which for some reason, became boring as f***. …

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  • GamesterD

    Made due to second blog voting. If you haven't started, read the first PvZH Saga here. GW2 sagas are here. PvZ2 belongs to here. PvZH and PvZ2 links are in my userpage. Sorry, too lazy to post them here.

    • The Forrest, Suburbia*

    Immorticia: *Walking in the woods with The Smash and Rustbolt*I must say, this forrest is in excellent condition. I may use it as a source to use my potions.

    Rustbolt: *Weed Spraying a ton of trees*What?

    The Smash: *Hiding a ton of smashed trees behind his back*Me not know what lady said.

    Immorticia: *Slaps her face*Great. You'll also be removing our cover from the plants.

    Rustbolt: *Hides his Weed Spray*Yay. We need to sneak into the plant base without being seen. Why did we bring The Smash though.

    Immorticia: We needed a…

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  • ThisUserLikesOreo

    This will be a list of dumb changes Wikia does/did/will do. I'll update this whenever a new stupid change is made, or whenever I remember one of them. If you know any of the changes like this, you can leave a comment below and I may add it.

    • Creation of discussions.
    • Removal of "See more..." button here. I'm probably the only one who hates this change.
    • The fact that you can no longer see deleted replies in forums. Like, why?
    • When they renamed "forum mod" to "discussion mod" and gave them chat mod rights for free. Smh.
    • The addition of the ugly wikia header. Ew.
    • You can no longer see everyone in chat without going to chat. The ultimate troll is when you click the + and instead of showing more people, it just makes you join the chat.
    • Trying to modernize …
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  • Newspaper Zombie

    Ah, who the hell cares? Anyway, I have realized I have unfinished business. No one will probably check this. 

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  • PeaVZ108

    Hey, there! How many Lucky Blovers have you got? I've got five, and I just obtained one not too long ago. Leave your answer in the comments!

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  • Pretty Lightningreed (PL)

    Today marks the end of Weekly Discussion #54 and the beginning of Weekly Discussion #55. And there are 54 weeks in 1 year. You know what that mean? Happy 1st aniversary, our traditional Weekly Discussion! Keep the good streak up!

    And hope for the idea to runs out.

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  • Mihasans

    Help me

    May 13, 2017 by Mihasans

    Please say me how to do things you do

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  • Coasters Confirmed!

    Hello! Coasters Confirmed here! Here are my ideas for PvZ Heroes cards. Hope you enjoy. This will be updated over time.

    Nut Casing

    Nut Trick

    2 Sun

    A plant gets +2 health. Draw a card.

    "Nut-thing can stop me now!"


    Nut Plant

    3 Sun; 0/10

    Team-up, Armored 1.

    No pogo sticks nor jetpacks nor poles can get past

    This mighty nut's extremely large mass.

    Pumpkin Protection

    Squash Trick

    3 Sun

    A plants gets +3 health and Team-up. If this plant has Team-up, it gets +4 health.

    He helps the plants get pumped up.


    Nut Plant

    3 Sun; 0/4

    Start of turn: This heals for 2 Health.

    Used to spend time looking into infinity.

    Knight of Nuttingham

    Nut Plant

    8 Sun; 3/6

    Armored 2. When destroyed: Destroy all zombies with 4 Strength or more.

    His swordsman skills are totally nuts!…

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  • Master3530

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    Type: Regular Level


    • Don't plant on Dave's mold colonies

    Mold colonies cover columnes 2-6.




    - x2/ x2
    - /
    - x2/

    If portals can't be edited for this project, use versions after slash. Otherwise first versions are applied.

    Ambsuh: Raiding Party!

    Lawn: Modern Day

    Flags: 5

    Dynamic Zombies:

    2 2 |zombie2= |zombie3= 4 4 4 1 |note3= 4 |zombie4= 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 5 1 5 3 |note4= First flag
    3 |zombie5= 1 5 3 3 |note5= Raiding Party!
    100% Plant Food
    1 5 |ambush5= 1 2 3 4 5 |zombie6= 1 2 4 5 4 5 3 3 |note6= 3 |zombie7= 1 2 |zombie8= 1 1 5 5 2 3 4 4 2 3 |note8= Second flag
    spawns on C6R3
    1 5 |zombie9= 3 4 5 1 5 2 4 1 5 |note9= 100% Plant Food
    Raiding Party! |ambush9= |zombie10= 1 5 2 3 4 2 2 2 2 |note10= 1 5 2
    spawns on C6R1 and C6R5 |note11= 2 1 3 4 5 |zombie11= 2 3 1 4 5 2 |zombie12= 2 1 2 3 4 5 5 3 3

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  • Teacup Terry

    A poem???

    May 13, 2017 by Teacup Terry

    i guess this is a poem although a really bad one, whatever

    A rose that blooms only for those who put it in its pot
    And pricks the rest with shiny thorns, and bleeding do they run
    A pear that poisons those who ever leave it out to rot
    A trampoline that treats all those who on it have some fun

    Like a bee that stings the mower that ignores its flower's shine
    Leaving alone, though, those who plant and put it in the dirt
    Like a dog that if you're kind to it will treat you fine
    But mercilessly mauls you if its toy you ever hurt

    What is it that I'm saying here? What's like all this I've said?
    What thing could love at just one moment, dark as night after no count?
    Would you believe me if I said the music in your head?
    Whose hums could treat an audi…

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  • Coollittlepeashooter


    May 13, 2017 by Coollittlepeashooter

    I demoted myself. I'm tired of this place.

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  • Newspaper Zombie


    May 13, 2017 by Newspaper Zombie

    This will probably go unnoticed, like almost everything I do. I will not be active on Discord too. 

    And also, please remove me if you have me in your friends list. 

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  • Master3530


    Type: Save Our Seeds


    • Survive and protect the endangered plants
    • Produce at least 7000 sun

    5 endangered on 7th column

    Blacklisted Plants: + Standard Blacklists



    Gold Tiles: 5 on 9th column

    Jam: 8-bit


    1 - x2

    2 - x3


    Flags: 4

    Lawn: Modern Day

    1 2 |zombie2= 1 3 |zombie3= 2 |zombie4= 3 4 2 |note4= 100% Plant Food |zombie5= 1 2 3 4 5 |zombie6= 1 5 4 2 3 2 |note6= First flag
    1 5 |zombie7= 1 5 3 4 |zombie8= 4 1 5 2 3 3 |note8= 4 |zombie9= 2 3 1 5 4 5 |zombie10= 1 2 3 4 5 4 15 1 |note10= 200%/7 Plant Food |zombie11= 2 3 4 5 |note11= 2 3 |zombie12= 1 2 3 4 5 3 4 4 |note12= Second flag |zombie13= 1 5 1 |note13= spawns on C6R4 |zombie14= 2 3 1 2 3 4 5 |note14= 1 spawns on C5R2 |zombie15= 1 1 4 4 5 5 2 3 |zombie16= 1 2 3 4 5 |zombie17= 5 |note17= spawns on C5R1 and C5R3 |zombie18= 1 1 2 4 3 4 5 2 3 4 |note18= Third flag
    100% Plant Foo…

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  • Willzombie

    The New Bosses

    May 12, 2017 by Willzombie

    Hey guys!!! This is Willzombie and this is only questions really addressed to Pro's of Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2. What are the Upcoming Bosses of PvZ: GW2 and what do they look like? Leave in the comments what you know.

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  • Tomato420

    This is a page made for helping those on this wiki, appreciating the amazing art style and character designs of both games, but mostly to help people do stuff like this but with Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare characters.

    So, if you have any transparent images of any plant or zombie from either Garden Warfare 1 or 2, upload them in the gallery below. Or you could just upload it on the page of the character, that also works too.

    • No arguing. If it's even possible to find something to argue about.
    • Only add relevant images to the gallery.
    • If taking screenshots from the Booth or Stickerbook, remember to remove the background and make the image transparent before uploading.
    • Don't add Hover Goat 3000 or Torchwood yet, we're saving them for later.

    You can …

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  • Fairy27

    You can’t exactly say this is a break, but doing just Epic Quest fictions isn’t too worth the fun. here for a random and miscellaneous fiction, Urgent Mission: Red Alert!

    Rose has sent an urgent mission to Crazy Dave! Unfortunately, all the other plant heroes are busy. Instead, he calls the Mission Red Team, consisting of Red Stinger, Pepper M.D. and Briar Rose. What will they expect in their first-time mission sent by a hero?

    - Initiating transmission from Rose. (Mission) RED Alert –

    (The fiction starts at the backyard of Crazy Dave’s very own house. Crazy Dave himself is sitting on a chair relaxing, while eating a taco.)

    Crazy Dave: Rembah to ate frou onda son, nieborr! (Remember to eat your food under the sun, neighbor!) *talking to the su…

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  • PeaVZ108

    Second PvZH Account

    May 12, 2017 by PeaVZ108

    Hi, guys! I made a second Plants vs. Zombies Heroes account specially just for extra battles and one-on-one chats! Reason being that the phone that stores the first account is temporarily broken down, so I downloaded the game on another spare phone.

    Anyone who wants to battle with me (Currently at Rank 1) can use this new account! Screw the old one.

    Don't get this mistaken for an act of sockpuppetry! :P

    USERNAME: PeaVZGamer

    Rank soon to be MEGA-GROWN.

    None of my school friends know this by the way. 

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  • GamesterD

    Blog Voting 2.0

    May 12, 2017 by GamesterD

    Because of the success of the previous blog vote (That and I'm bored), here's another blog voting!

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  • GamerNerd i

    Musings I

    May 12, 2017 by GamerNerd i

    So I had some time to myself the other day. Didn't feel like doing anything, so I just... thought. They came to mind. If you are up to date, you know that I'm talking about those two very interesting kids, the Recreators. (I guess Rotom is one of thme too, but the focus is the two of them.

    I hardly have time to live my one life. It is hard for me to imagine performing the act of a dual that they must manage.

    What are the effects of living another, hidden life? The two seem to genuinely enjoy their job. But what does it do to their personal life?

    And if one of them is careless enough to mess up? What do other people see in the summoned item? A hazy mirage? Is it like Riordan says, seen only in a form that the "normal" human mind can accept as real?

    The other difficult thing t…

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  • Barftastic

    GUYS. I know where those Bungee Zombies come from!

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  • Coollittlepeashooter

    That lasts blog is so bad it could be considered a joke.

    Anyway, I'll be less active these days.  Mostly because:

    1) Tests

    I have a lot of tests coming so I have to prepare for them, I really don't think 1 hour of free time a day could be any good for the wiki, I'll probably be under pressure at that time anyway, so yeah. I will try to make a lot of edits on weekends if I can though.

    2) Drama

    Well duh, this is here. Drama isn't anything good here. Like every moment on the Discord chat for example is this "omg I'm going to kms nu ;-;". No offense to anyone with problems and depression, it's just getting annoying in my opinion. It just makes the place less fun.

    3) Bored

    I've been getting less interested in this place, like, for example in 2015 ever…

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  • Zambiealex

    Joy to this place, the wikis Proud! Bring Love Bring Peace and Bring Cake!

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  • Marcia Aeris

    Sorry guys, but no anniversary drawing or much this year. Stress really got to me so I wasn't able to do much.

    However, a surprise trip to the arcade happened, and I came accross these again... Honestly, I don't really like these bootlegs. But in a world like this, they won't stop popping out.

    Now, this time around it's not just bootleg t-shirts or bootleg toys people know a lot around here. I also feel estranged on how we still have bootleg toys on our mainspace galleries.

    This time, just like the title says, it's.... PLANTS VS. ZOMBIES BOOTLEG ARCADE MACHINES.

    I'm not even kidding, these things stick out to me whenever I go to Timezone to do stuff. I never played these once in my life, only took photos when none of my family members are look…

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