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  • TheHandsomePlant

    Here goes the take 2 on all the Set 2 card properties. Hope this is easier to understand.

    Cards in color green are cards with confirmed properties, as proved by various YouTube channels such as Ginta Gaming or KTT.

    Cards in color red are cards with unconfirmed properties, with me just trying to understand their coding and trying to match with it.

    Cards in color gray are unfinished cards with no properties for now.

    Mushroom Grotto | Kabloom | 2 Sun | Set 2 - Uncommon | Trick
    When a plant is made here, make a 1/1 Puff-shroom with Team-Up in another random lane.

    Coffee Grounds | Mega-Grow | 2 Sun | Set 2 - Uncommon | Bean Trick
    Plants here do a Bonus Attack after combat.

    Raptor Ground | Brainy | 3 Brains | Set 2 - Rare | Trick
    When a Zombie is played in this lane…

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  • A Graalian


    March 26, 2017 by A Graalian

    First off I want to say hi to everyone that I've missed in so long! :D Secondly, many new users probably do not recognize me. If you are reading this, I used to be an administrator on this wiki. See what happened was that there were many spambots on this wiki, but we were able to block incoming ones. Also, many users were complaining about how "I deserve to be a staff member because..." They did not meet the requirements and seemed very underaged. Many of us staff members couldn't handle this, so we decided to leave. They acted so immaturely, and their language was not tolerable. Besides, everyone has personal issues to attend. I have to attend to church matter and my school. I couldn't stay active anymore. But, I know that I have vanishe…

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  • Kirby Rainbow

    Day 1: It's nice to finally be a part of this wiki, I can't wait to get out there and start helping out! In fact I've already made a change before I even came here, so I wonder if I should do this at the beginning of the day or at the end. Aw well, it's day 1, I got time to figure this out. Enough said, I have vague goals to achieve!

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  • Light Bomber

    Good News ^w^

    March 25, 2017 by Light Bomber

    So, a lot has happened when i wasn't here, and well, one thing in specific great happened. Y'all probably didn't know but i always had a crush on Issa (Marcia Aeris) even wayy back ago in 2014. I was always too shy to tell her (or anyone else) about it. I always saw her as a role model, which is why i even tried getting enough edits to be moderator in the first place...

    She was always giving me motivation even if she never noiticed. I even said back when she became 13, something about being "backstabber everyone loves", which i secretely hide the meaning of "i like you" in there. Even if i never showed any feeling towards her back in the day, other than just chatting in the lawn and such, i always cared deeply for her, and was sad with myse…

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  • Fairy27

    Caution! Spoilers are in this fiction!

    Previous Fiction: The Egyptian Quest is Hers!

    Next Fiction/s: Pirate Seas Skirmish! (Expansion Expert Saga, not out yet) | Another Attempt at Gem Jam (Overall next; Modern Lives Section, not out yet)

    What do you think our future will be? My headcanon will partially show it here. here for the third Expansion Expert Saga. It's about the Far Future! But why the Spoiler alert? Because of an upcoming "thing". See trivia below.

    Gold Bloom is curious about the future. The group goes to Far Future, but they stop by at the strange-looking flower that is thought to be a tree. It does not move neither, until an attack from the zombies occured to convert all plants into seed packets. Another battle against the Zombo…

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  • Natapat

    Plant Test Zone

    March 25, 2017 by Natapat

    Location: Modern Day

    Plants: Choice

    • summoned  infinitiely.

    Happens when player spend 1000 sun.

    • comes once.
    • Peons consists of: , , and

    Happens when player spend 15000 sun.

    • come once.
    • Peons consists of: , ,
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  • TheHandsomePlant

    Here they are, the previously unfinished JM levels are now finished! Note that it says 6.1 because they are not coming in 6.0. The new PS levels will come in 6.0, the JM ones in 6.1, and most likely WW in 6.2 and new DA levels in 6.3. Either way, let's see what's new in those levels.

    Stage: Jurassic Marsh

    (Crazy Dave and Penny appear)

    Crazy Dave: Hey! The past is still just when we left it!

    Penny: True, with differences. More Jurassic zombies have appeared, with amplified abilities.

    Penny: Our plants may need to be upgraded to provide sufficient protection.

    (Crazy Dave and Penny leave)

    Prize: A gift box
    Music: Standard JM theme
    Level type: Normal
    Challenges: None
    Dynamic zombies: None
    Zombies/Dinos overall: /
    Amount of subwaves: 9

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  • ThatYoshi8

    PvZ DS Soundfont

    March 25, 2017 by ThatYoshi8

    It's been a long time since I last came here but hello. I am here temporarily to announce this newly made Plants vs. Zombies DS soundfont. This wouldn't be possible if it weren't for the help of VGMTrans, a program that rips sequences and soundfonts into .MID/.SF2/.DLS from various video games. This didn't take too long; because with the help of OpenMPT, I was able to track the names of the instruments (most of them at least) used, how I did it is basically I really just opened "mainmusic.mo3" from the main.pak of PvZ1 in the program, and looked at the instruments. I would have ripped the samples but that would take long, so I just decided to rip PvZDS' instruments. Anyway, enough technical stuff, click here to download. 

    oh and never expec…

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  • WhitePeashooter
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  • Poop1118

    What's a blog post?

    March 24, 2017 by Poop1118

    What's a blog post?

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  • Strawburst18

    Thanks to me copying from AWikiBoy, I have made useless club penguin emotions.

    becomes huge. Read more >
  • Fengshenyanyi host

    When I try to edit the Guacodile snake mini game page, I accidentally did a fluff edit due to the lag of the system (which happens oftentimes )fooling me making me think that I need to submit again, causing a useless edit. I got banned for a week due to that, so next time, if a accidentally did one, ask me first and let me see what is wrong, I will be very honest if I did one on purpose, thanks!

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  • Iliketrains455

    Remember when this was relevant? Yes, this means I am returning. This is a rebooted version of the original WIWWTP but much more relevant. Here we go!

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  • GamerNerd i

    Ready, Set... Nah, I won't spoil it for you. But you probably have an idea what's coming. Oh yeah, I've been forgetting to leave links here too. Here's my first encounter, this one's where I first see their powers, and here's the first Act, as I will from now on call it, of this mission. There is a lot of action in this one, including a display of the full extent of the Recreators' powers... And the price that comes with using them.

     Now, on with the show! Or at least my mediocre description of it.

     This one starts unconventionally. The camera slams through a door in the greenhouse. Inside is the same guest room as before, except this time the two Recreators are asleep on the bed. (Yes, there was one bed, not two... Didn't I tell you before?…

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  • Bluetoad103

    PVZ 2 TIPS

    DON'T attempt to kill a jester with peashooters, it won't end well.

    It's a good idea to bring puff-shrooms when your fighting all-stars, they need something to ram into.

    Always overthink what premium plant you'll buy if you are going to buy one.

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  • GamesterD

    I was bored. This top 10 will be the best plant and zombie cards. However, there will be strict rules to prevent an army of normally OP stuff. Also keep in mind this is just my opinion.

    • No Rarities above Super-Rare arre allowed. So Mirror-Nut, Grapes of Wrath, Sharktronic Sub, Mayflower, ect will not be counted as they are meant to be powerful.
    • Only two plants/zombies per class in the list. I want all the classes to get their fair share.
    • The plants and zombies will be in their own seperated lists.
    • Er...that's all. Start with the plants!

    Sow Magic Beans is cheap and powerful trick that can turn the tides of anything. 1 sun 4/4 bean card that draws a card?!!? AND I GET 4 OF THEM? WHY ISN'T THIS HIGHER!??! Luck. It's RNG. But if your luck is good a…

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  • Brainulator9

    Yesterday marked the half-decade anniversary of being on this wiki. Better late than never, I guess.

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  • Lily8763cp

    Is this a record for most blogs I've made in a week?

    Pretty much, this blog is made for what I believe the timeline for the PvZ Series is. Note, this is my opinion. It's not the same as everyone else's. Also, unless the date has to be specified, only the year and month will be mentioned.

    One more thing. If stories are included, it's only stories I've made. Sorry Gamester, Plant Protector etc. It doesn't mean it isn't canon (to me), but it can confuse things.

    • May 2008 - Crazy Dave, still called David, and Dr. Zomboss, who is alive and called by his first name Edgar, start their separate research.
    • July 9th, 2008 - The first plant of "Modern Time"s awakens. It is a Peashooter. Other plants from the Day part of Plants vs. Zombies awake shortly aft…

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  • Birdpool

    I've been working on this RPG for about 5 weeks now, and I have made a working Primal Peashooter. His projectile even rotates! No knockback or stun, though, this isn't a tower defense, so Primal Pea is just an upgrade. The first screenshot has a normal Peashooter becasue he still uses the basic Peashooter attack animation.

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  • AntluntiumHarry


    March 22, 2017 by AntluntiumHarry
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  • SuperGaming101

    Hi guys! SG101 here, and I wanted to tell you about a user called . The weird thing is, I DID NOT CREATE THIS ACCOUNT! The reason why I was inactive on this wiki while he was active is because I was at school, and my school blocks the PvZ wiki, so there was nothing I could do about it! The scary thing is, though, is that he tried to frame me kinda. The staff could have easily thought it was me, trying to make a sock to spam and vandalize the wiki, when it wasn't! And the weird part is that he chose ME out of everyone to frame! Like, I'm probably one of the least known staff members! I'm not even going through any depression or mental health problems! So why he chose me confuses me. Anyways, thank you, Staff, for not blocking me thinking I …

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  • Coasters Confirmed!

    Hello! This is Coasters Confirmed (I need a nickname or something, this is quite the mouthful) coming at you with an idea blog. I am planning to work on a fanmade PvZ Heroes idea, and I need some help. I want to change up card tribes and balance them which I can't really do myself because I have barely any cards and suck at the game. So that means feel free to comment below as always. Let's get started already!

    This is the one I am having trouble with the most. I am taking a lot of balancing blogs and posts into consideration, but I will still need a lot of help with it. I will edit this for every balance suggestion given to me. So far there is:


    This part I know pretty well, but I'd still like suggestions for it. I like to overcomplica…

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  • Crazyzombie168

    Are you are fan of imps? Would you like join a group of imp lovers, have an imp town and do impy things? Look no further! Ump legion is the place for you. Here in ump legion, we praise umps (imps) as well as le ump god. We have many roles on ump legion for you to have and help our ump town! So if you wana join, here ya go!




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  • SuperGaming102


    March 21, 2017 by SuperGaming102

    I miss the old pewdiepie

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  • Pumpkin Skelhead

    Noone's gonna see this blog but k

    30. Chomper

    Well that was an obvious one, it's probably the least favorite by most

    29. Abracadaver

    It's not a line dancer

    28. Strongberry

    Berry decks are REALLY RARE in multiplayer, at least he has decent stats and that glitch

    27. That Mega-Grow guy that recieves +1/+1 for every new plant

    It does not work like unlife, that you can spam earlier, AND THIS GUY'S SUPERRARE, UNLIFE IS UNCOMMON, also no synergy

    26. Disco-Tron

    Only works with Unlife or Dance decks, i personally don't like him

    25. Twin Sunflower

    It's more used for defense lmao but it has an use sometimes

    24 and 23. Snapdragon and Line Dancer

    Only used 1 turn lol, Line Dancer is a Pineclone killer tho

    22. Brainana

    Dat stats

    From ownard are the super-rares i like


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  • ThisUserLikesOreo

    Welcome the sixth edition of the unofficial Plants vs. Zombies Wiki News! It was quite a boring month since the last one.

    The 5.9.1 version has been released, adding new ten levels to Far Future and a new Piñata Hunt mode. Also, the 2017 Luck O' The Zombies event starts and a new plant Caulipower has been added. Three days later, higher levels for the plant upgrade system was added.

    It’s luckiness and liveliness in this latest update, with two events: Luck o’ the Zombie, March 13–23, and the Springening, April 4 – 18. Get ready for:

    • Exciting new levels with extra-hungry zombies
    • More ways to earn piñatas and grow your plants
    • Caulipower, the mesmerizing all-new premium plant
    • Zombies dressed in all sorts of silly costumes
    • Additional Epic Quests for …

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  • Strawburst18


    March 21, 2017 by Strawburst18

    Ok every time I go on my second page of blogs, I can't click anything. Anyone know why?

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  • AntluntiumHarry


    March 21, 2017 by AntluntiumHarry
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  • Repeater13

    Ask Me Anything 1

    March 21, 2017 by Repeater13

    I'll be doing an AMA (ask me anything) just to get to know some of you a bit more (and that you guys can know me a bit more)

    Try not to make the questions too personal. Ask away!

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  • Fairy27

    For the first time, I'm actually doing this kind of blog. here and I need to bring up a news regarding my activity in the wiki.

    My activity will be decreased temporarily. Why is that? My final exams will start the next day after the day this is posted, which is March 22, 2017. This final exam streak is from that day until 12:00 noon of March 24, 2017. Plus, the topics are harder than the first 3 quarters. However, this decrease starts now, 4:25 PM of March 21, 2017. My timezone is GMT +8.

    In regards to thread activity, it's possible that I'll only reply once per period of my free time. You heard me right, only free time, as most of my time will be occupied with studying.

    After the final exams, however, it means one thing: A 3-month summer! Yu…

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  • VeXJL


    March 21, 2017 by VeXJL

    Hello, this is VeXJL. It's been a year since I joined, so I'm making a celebration blog. It also has several polls. if you dare answer them.

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  • Lily8763cp

    This isn't much. I wanted to try a different story style, with more of a "first person" perspective. Maybe "MS" will like this one more.

    I had this idea for a while now, but I had no idea how to make it "fit", though a certain event happened yesterday, and I can fit it in. Though this will be long.


    One of the main zombie HQs got destroyed yesterday. I don't know how to describe the wreckage. The boss seems furious. I'll probably get in trouble. He already arranged a meeting with Scientist. He's going to mention me of course. Mention how I was asked to help, but I didn't. I couldn't! I tried, I sent troops out, but then...that man showed up...I...I don't even know who he is, but his hair was like Scientist's, he had goggles, and this …

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  • LarryMoments


    March 21, 2017 by LarryMoments

    I just gained this RIGHT NOW!

    Like my sista my sista said, its not as easy as you say, remember that phrase again?

    And yeah, you´ll see reference to videogames everywhere

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  • Strawburst18

    3,000 edits

    March 20, 2017 by Strawburst18


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  • Strawburst18

    New template

    March 20, 2017 by Strawburst18
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  • Strawburst18


    March 20, 2017 by Strawburst18

    Give me more attention.

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  • Natapat

    Day Plants Zombies Gimmicks Flags Reward Note

    Summoned: None Four A Money Bag Locked and Loaded
    2 Choice
    Summoned: None Two A Money Bag Objective: Produce at least 6000 sun, Spend no more than 3000 sun.
    3 Choice
    Endangered Plants:
    Summoned: Tombstone: Five (Three normal, one contains sun and another one contains plant food. Four A Money Bag Save our Seeds

    End End End End End End End

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  • Bearjedi

    Too Many Mushrooms

    March 20, 2017 by Bearjedi

    Just stop.

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  • Lily8763cp

    I don't know how many episodes will be left, but the main maps have been covered, "major" missions have been covered, and the new characters have been covered. The last few episodes might be near.

    • *Kernel Corn is in the lab part of the plant HQ. He is walking down the halls when he notices Future Cactus working on something, with a tablet on near her*
    • Kernel Corn: *walks over towards Future Cactus, who quickly turns off the tablet* What are you doing?
    • Future Cactus:Nothing of your concern.
    • Kernel Corn: *looks over her to notice a green substance* Then...what is that?
    • Future Cactus: *looks at it too* ...ok. I'll bite. Do you remember that Tactical Cuke the plants of the past tried to use about 15 years ago?
    • Kernel Corn:Yeah?
    • Future Cactus:Well, I …

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  • Strawburst18

    I'm sorry ;(

    March 19, 2017 by Strawburst18

    Give me attention.

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  • Strawburst18


    March 19, 2017 by Strawburst18

    I ship Warren Cook and PC Guy

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  • GamesterD

    I plan on doing two sagas per month. If you haven't started, read the first PvZH Saga here. GW2 sagas are here. PvZ2 belongs to here. PvZH and PvZ2 links are in my userpage. Sorry, too lazy to post them here.

    • Florethia Beach, Suburbia*

    Solar Flare: BALL!*Throws a volley ball over a net with Chompzilla at the end of it*

    Chompzilla: *The ball bumps on her falling into Solar Flare's side*Nice try.

    Solar Flare: *Holds the ball up*You have the size advantage. That's unfair.

    Chompzilla: *Points at Grass Knuckles who is next to Solar Flare*You have that thing.

    Grass Knuckles: Don't insult me lady.*Grabs the ball from Solar Flare's hand and punches it through the net passing through Chompzilla*That's a point for us!

    Solar Flare: You were supposed to hit…

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  • Coollittlepeashooter

    I'm Sorry

    March 18, 2017 by Coollittlepeashooter

    I know the blog name makes it look like I just want attention, but I just want to say that I'm sorry about all I've done here.

    I've gotten a whole ton of warnings on chat and broke almost every rule to be honest, and I was never punished. I took advantage of that and acted like a god here, I'm sorry about that. I am a true moron for doing that, I also acted like I'm the best person here and that everyone loves me, that's sadly not true. I just never realized it on time, I know people just don't want to deal with an immature ***hole like me. Like I said, I took advantage of it.

    I also spammed edits one day to get the 100 edits in a day badge, again unpunished. Only now have I noticed that what an idiot I am. I don't take anyone seriously and…

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  • Fairy27

    Previous Fiction | Next Fiction (Not out yet)

    The link to GamesterD's version of this, but the Ancient Egypt part of it.

    I'm catching up to Epic Quests, guys XD. Don't worry about being behind, because summer's coming on my part, meaning that the schedule will also be on another day aside from Saturdays! here for the Ancient Egypt Expansion quest!

    The plan has escaped to Ancient Egypt. Dr. Zomboss has awoken the upgraded powers of a number of zombies and has made them more aggressive against the plants! Will they surpass those zombies in a dusty battle and rescue Blooming Heart from being converted into seed packets?

    Shrinking Violet: *sees a bag that was dropped by Zomboss* One of the Storage Bags...this has the 100 seed packets of Hot Date.…

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  • The Magic Star

    Hey guys, I'm making this level idea that's been in my head for a lot of months (no, I'm not kidding). Maybe you can check and see if it's a good idea? I'm new to level creation and stuff so please, feel free to give criticism.

    Survive and protect the endangered plants.

    Survive without lawnmowers.

    This is a conveyor-belt-type level.

    Takes place in Modern Day.

    Playing Jams: Punk and Metal


    Endangered: Frozen x5, 7th Column, one on each lane.



    Notes: For all Super-Fan Imps, their ambush is Bomb Drop. The zombies' ambush is Snowstorm, with the 7th Column as their target.

    |note1 = is available |zombie2 = 2 |zombie3 = 1 2 3 4 5 |note3 = One ice block pushed by each Troglobite |zombie4 = |note4 = is available |zombie5 = |am…

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  • Pumpkin Pro

    Missed Memoirs is an RPG I made, and here I will list the players of the game! A bit flat out copy and pasted but... I'd improve it.

    Occupation: Gamer

    Plant Companion: EM Peach

    Background: Mineski Gigabyte is one of the world's most popular pro gamers in E-sports. He also go by the name "M1n3sk1Skrubz64" in his favorite MMORPG, the Twin Factions World (references?). He is smart, couragous, and his favorite motto "LEEROY JENKINS!!!", but he suffers in a severe case of schitzophrenia, able to believe that he himself lives in a video game and someone much powerful is watching him all the time and takes control of every move, going to his titulr fourth wall break styles. He has a very dreadful backstory. His mother died after birth, and his fathe…

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  • Strawburst18

    Some Question

    March 17, 2017 by Strawburst18

    What has worse animation?


    Greeny Phantom

    I need this for something I'm making

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  • Strawburst18

    Explain one of Thomas Paine's arguements in Common Sence.

    please help

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  • Strawburst18

    I'm small

    March 17, 2017 by Strawburst18

    You see, you are very small

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  • Snapdragon717

    Here, I will be concepting custom Epic Quests. 

    Quest Description: Face some challenging challenges featuring the first 3 worlds for a great coin reward!

    Reward: 25,000 coins.

    Regular Level

    Area: Ancient Egypt.

    Step Description: Ancient Bulls? What is this sorcery? Put an end to these menacing menaces!

    Gimmicks: Sandstorms: Gravestones on Columns 1, 3, 5, 7, and 9.

    Plants: Choice.



    Dave: The Egyptian sun never fails to heat this day huh?

    Penny: Save your sun basking for later, User Dave.

    Penny: Zombies from our first time periods are coming together. Expect more zombies afoot.

    Dave: Zombies aren't just feet! They have heads too.

    Penny: Brainless heads. Just like yours, User Dave.

    3 |zombie2 = 2 4 1 5 |zombie3 = 2 3 4 1 5 |zombie4 = 2 4 4 1 2 3 4 5 |note4 =…

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