• Satirelol200
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  • WolfGirlsClan

    The EA/PopCap rant

    December 11, 2017 by WolfGirlsClan

    So, where to start eh? I am going to be more then serious in this blog post, and I have a habit of looking sarcastic, about a lot of things.

    But F*** EA.

    I hope I made that clear to whoever commented "I love EA" on the latest PopCap video about the £100 upgrade. I love this game to peices. And I am not joking about that. EA's greedy wallet however, is ruining the franchise. And I think all of you can agree on that. Im going to spend my pretty study time today to write this and I think pepole will understand my message.

    The signs where obvious all the way back when George Fan was headhunted by PopCap and then PopCap by EA. And we all know what happens when big corporations buy up famous Indie titles. I think we learned our lesson already when …

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  • Stonecutters

    Better late than never...



    Class: Smarty

    Rarity: Super-Rare

    Tribe: Leafy Plant 

    Cost: 5

    Stats: 2/5

    Ability: When a Zombie is bounced, destroy it.

    Leafy Evolution: Bounce a Zombie 

    "Great in the Summer."

    Appearance: Well, it's Blover. Basic like that


    Clockwork Citron

    Class: Smarty

    Rarity: Event

    Tribe: Fruit Plant

    Cost: 3

    Stats: 0/4

    Ability: When played: This gets +1 Strenght for each Fruit and for each Science Zombie.

    Smarty Evolution: This gets Splash Damage 2

    "He's not the Hero. They're two completely different entities. THEY'RE. NOT. THE. SAME! 

    Appearance: Citron from PvZ2 (Not the GW2 version).


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  • WolfGirlsClan

    A "Small" project

    December 9, 2017 by WolfGirlsClan

    Hello everyone, I havn't been that active on this wiki, and im sorry for that, but I would like to share a thing I have been doing for the past *48* hours.

    I have a link to my Tumblr where you can see... more (actully I havn't done so much of these two yet) of them. Go to my userpage and click the My Website link.

    I cannot post it in the blog cuz the link has profanity in it XD

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  • Tecku

    Hello, guys. I've decided to jot down a quick episode of the PvZ Hereos Show. Join me and S.K.U.L.L. (The Super Kool Undead Legion of Lackeys) in: Wrath of the Wreath Wraith

    (Open Scene outside the Mystic Catacombs, on December 24, 5:00 P.M. Camera cuts inside as we see Immorticia, Neptuna, and Impfinity are relaxing around a den. Super Brainz enters.)

    Super Brainz: Greetings, my fellow brain eaters! A merry Feastivus to you all!

    Others: Hey. (Sup')

    'Super Brainz:And how is the Doctor doing this fine evening?

    Super Brainz reaches for the door to Zomboss' "Mystics and Magics Monitoring Lab."

    Immorticia: I vouldn't go in there if I vere you. The Doctor's in one of his holiday mood swings.

    Cut to inside the Lab.

    Dr. Zomboss: Feastivus! The best time …

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  • IloveLuigi

    Now 1338, but still

    December 8, 2017 by IloveLuigi

    I had 1337 edits before this post. I am now LEET.

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  • Shpore

    icy currant

    December 8, 2017 by Shpore

    it will be here soon, apparently. it seems like an electric currant that chills

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  • Vergel Nikolai

    Be sure to check the first episode here.

    The episode continues to where it left of. The plants are already on the hijacked rocket ship, except Spudow, who was chased down by a squad of space cadets, and Ensign Uproot, who is far behind. Spudow is trying to grab on the descending ramp.

    • Solar Flare: Hurry. Grab on, big guy.
    • Grass Knuckles: Back up a little then charge onward to jump.

    Spudow walks back in a short distance. The space cadets back off and stopped chasing. Spudow then charges forward as fast as he could and is about to jump...

    But then he slipped over a banana peel, causing him to slide to a pile of boxes. The space cadets laughed at this antic and continues to chase them, only to realize the floor is all banana peels. Grass Knuckles …

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  • Drek'TharSuperSword

    This was actually part of a test page but whatever. I'll leave it here. These are some interesting discoveries (or maybe not?) that I've found in "The Making of PopCap's Plants vs. Zombies" presentation hosted on Slideshare

    • It appears that the sprites for the final version of the plants, zombies and areas can be traced all the way back to version 0.92 released in Halloween 2007 (10 years ago, 1.5 years prior to the game's release). This is proven by looking at slide 61 and 65.
      • The lawn mower, however, was changed in version 0.93, as the screenshot for the Ice Level at slide 72 shows the final lawn mower sprite.
    • Some of the ideas for the scrapped Ice Level have made its way to PvZ2 (Zombie Yeti throwing snowballs, Hunter Zombie anyone?)
      • Also, i…
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  • GamerNerd i

    If you're new to my writings, start here. If you don't need the exposition, start here. If you just want to see all the stuff, then it's in my user page.

    I've always liked Dandelions & Daffodils. What's that you say? It's not actually called "Dandelions & Daffodils?" Dungeons & Dragons? Where'd you here that?

    “Is there any logic to the order of this time-hopping at all?”

    “Not really. I mean, we could totally go in chronological order, but this is the order in which he showed up, so I’m just following that.”

    “How does that make any sense? The order in which he showed up would be chronological order.”

    “It doesn’t. In this world, nothing does except gravity. And sometimes, not even that. Just trust me, okay?”

    The Recreators stare into a portal. There’…

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  • Unbroken10990

    Here's an incomplete listing of all seed packet IDs in PvZ1. Will get more details on the 50-60 range, and include a tutorial on how to edit the seeds in your level.

    Name ID Cost Effect Observations
    Peashooter 0 100 Plants a Peashooter


    Sunflower 1 50 Plants a Sunflower none
    Cherry Bomb 2 150 Plants a Cherry Bomb none
    Wall-Nut 3 50 Standard seed packet none
    Potato Mine 4 25 Standard seed packet none
    Snow Pea 5 175 Standard seed packet none
    Chomper 6 150 Standard seed packet none
    Repeater 7 200 Standard seed packet none
    Puff-Shroom 8 0 Standard seed packet


    Sun-Shroom 9 25 Standard seed packet none
    Fume-Shroom 10 75 Standard seed packet none
    Grave Buster 11 75 Standard seed packet none
    Hypno-Shroom 12 75 Standard seed packet none
    Scaredy-Shroom 13 2…

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  • PrimitivePotatoMine


    December 2, 2017 by PrimitivePotatoMine

    Hello, everyone!

    I'm back from my 412 days ban, for those who know why, it's the past now, for those who don't, well, hello there, I'm PrimitivePotatoMine and people call me PPM.

    I really miss this place, and it's been really lonely yknow with real life stuff going on without this place. I gained back my rights for now and I'll try to continue to be active from now on.

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  • Lily8763cp

    I'm going to work on the rest of the PvZ GW Saga soon, I swear.

    So balancing Plants vs. Zombies Heroes seems popular, so I guess I'll jump on the bandwagon. Order of plants/zombies will be based on the respective pages.

    Some "rules" -

    • No tribe changes. Those can happen at random.
    • No buffs or nerfs around Set 4 cards, as they are currently incomplete.

    /2 instead of 2/2.}}

    Currently Sting Bean is almost always the better option. Making it immune to Rolling Stone will make it so there's times people would use it over Sting Bean.

    instead of 1.}}

    Yes, this changes the potato a fair amount, but hey, it's what it does in PvZ2, this version should be closer to that. Plus, this allows a good card for removal in the Guardian class.

    instead of 2.}}

    Almost ever…

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  • Vergel Nikolai

    Be sure to check the first episode here.

    The episode starts at Professor Brainstorm's laboratory, where the Zombie Zuperheroes and Professor Brainstorm are preparing to go to the moon.

    • Professor Brainstorm: OK, folks. You just have to wait for 3.8964 minutes before I finish the Lunar Portal.
    • Super Brainz: So, what's with the delay, prof?
    • Professor Brainstorm: I was on my way to finish this right after Dr. Zomboss sent a distress call, but I still have to order Impfinity to look for my Time-Loop Destabilizer. Somehow, he hasn't returned yet. He could have used a clone to go get it but all of them have to leave.

    Meanwhile, in a warehouse pretty far away from Professor's lab...

    • Impfinity: Hey guys, have you seen anything?
    • Clone #1: No time thing in …

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  • Plant Protecter

    My 18th fanfiction. As always, feedback is appreciated and I accept requests.

    Before the fanfiction starts, I'd like to say three things:

    1. Due to feedback, the old writing style will be used.

    2. This fanfiction contains spoilers (the title itself is a spoiler).

    3. This fanfiction is dedicated to my late grandmother, who just passed less than a week ago.

    After learning about the legends of the Mustache Monuments, Neptuna invades Hollow Earth on her quest to become unstoppable.

    • [On the streets of Zomburbia, Neptuna and Octo Zombie are strolling around (with Octo Zombie pushing Neptuna's fishbowl). Near them, Impunk and Greaser Imp look at the two, and Impunk giggles mischievously. He puts an octopus plush on his head, holds a fork, and gets in a…

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    Introducing the Inkwell Set!

    • Cost: 4
    • Class: Mega-Grow
    • Tribe: Root Plant
    • Rarity: Rare
    • Stats: 3/3
    • Ability: Double Strike.
    • Description: "Buttered, smashed, and mashed. It's over for you."

    • Cost: 5
    • Class: Smarty/Solar
    • Tribe: Root Plant
    • Rarity: Rare
    • Stats: 3/3
    • Ability: Strikethrough, Splash Damage 3.
    • Description: "Hey little guy, it's O.K. if you have to cry!"

    • Cost: 6
    • Class: Guardian/Kabloom
    • Tribe: Root Plant
    • Rarity: Super-Rare
    • Stats: 5/5
    • Ability: After combat here: Do 5 damage to a Zombie. When destroyed: Do 5 damage to the Zombie Hero.
    • Description: "I'm lean, mean and full of beta-carotene."

    • Cost: 2
    • Class: Beastly
    • Tribe: Monster Zombie
    • Rarity: Rare
    • Stats: 3/3
    • Ability: Frenzy. Start of next turn: This turns into a Goopy La Grander.
    • Description: "With a face like mine is it a crim…

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  • Redfork2000

    Great day!

    December 2, 2017 by Redfork2000

    Hello everyone, I hope you're having a great day/night (depending on your timezone)! I certainly had a great day. Today I had my highschool graduation. So now I've officially finished highschool! It was a good event, but the best part was being with my classmates, my teachers and my family. Oh, and dinner, that was also great.

    Oh, and since we're starting December, have a great month everyone!

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  • OhLookItsAidan

    Death by Flower is a deck for Solar Flare in PvZ Heroes made by me, OhLookItsAidan. The deck circulates around the Briar Rose card, the first super rare card that I got when I was just a young little PvZH player. Here is the deck:

    Name - Death by Flower What the deck is called
    Creator - OhLookItsAidan The spicy boi who made this deck
    Deck Categories - Solar and Kabloom The types present in the deck
    Deck Type - Ramp Get a lot of sun for an easy beatdown
    Goldfish - 10-15 How many turns, on average, it takes to win
    Consistency - 2/5 How much you will hate your opening plants and tricks
    Complexity - 3/5 How hard it is to play the deck
    Accessibility - 4.5/5 How hard it is to get the cards in the deck
    Versatility - 3.5/5 How hard it is to counter this de…

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  • Teacup Terry

    Oh nice

    December 1, 2017 by Teacup Terry

    Well, guess I'm 18 now. Now I'm old enough to legally


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  • Satirelol200


    December 1, 2017 by Satirelol200
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  • Shpore

    -moves as fast as a gargantuar

    -crushes plants with power pole

    -steals sun and sometimes fires a laser from the sun stolen. does not stop to steal it.

    -it has 3 brick shields on its chest. each absorbs as much as a normal camel zombie and requires an instant kill to be destroyed

    -sometimes it will not even stop to crush a plant. instead the plant will be burned up

    -summons graves

    -sometimes, brickhead zombies fly into the lawn when it appears, landing 4 to 8 tiles onto the lawn

    -sometimes can fly over low hanging plants

    -can push barrels if they are nearby, and comes onto the lawn kicking a barrel

    -randomly launches imps

    -has 3 parrots; each can appear and strike up to 2 times, for a total of 6 times. they are healed after striking

    -sometimes throws …

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  • Satirelol200


    December 1, 2017 by Satirelol200
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  • JungleShark

    Since we've all had time to mess around with the newest set of cards, I thought it would be fun to review this set as a whole.

    So, here's my first set review.

    I can keep this short by simply saying the obvious: this set is AWSOME! But, I'm obligated to say more. So, let's go into detail. This set is awsome, but mostly for the zombies. Don't get me wrong, the plants have some great cards like Tricorn, Elderberry, Puff-Shroom, Fireweed, etc., however, the zombies simply have cards that are much better, and a bit broken.

    For example, the "broken bros" as I refer to them as now, Swabbie and Tankylosaurus Quick Draw Con-Man, Jurrasic Fossilhead, and Zom-blob. If you don't know what they do, Con Man is a Party Pirate Zombie that cost 1 BRAIN, has 1 …

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  • DeathZombi

    Happy Birthday to me!

    November 30, 2017 by DeathZombi

    Well damn, I am now 18. I am now an adult and its the first day of the rest of my freaking life. have known this wiki for 6 and a half years of my life. What a roller coaster and at times, not a fun one.

    Well lets see what the next year of my shi**y life will give me.

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  • PeaVZ108

    On Vacation

    November 30, 2017 by PeaVZ108

    Hi guys! PeaVZ here with an announcement, I'll be on vacation overseas for the next 10 days. Don't worry if you don't see me very often, I'll get back here and chat with you guys whenever I get the chance.

    Till then, I'll be overseas living out my vacation. New timezone for the next 10 days will be GMT +9.

    Pea-ce out in the meantime!

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  • Shpore

    -fires 7 peas at once in front of it, 2 behind it (can be planted on to make it fire up to 13 peas)

    -produces 550 sun -has the health of every defensive plant at once

    -can explode twice - the second time will be like a primal potato mine and the first will be like a normal potato mine. will need to rearm these explosions to reuse them. will not die when exploded

    -shoots boomerangs that hit up to 3 zombies twice

    -lobs cabbages

    -sometimes zombies that step on it will be frozen

    -if its attack hits a grave, it makes a grave buster on that grave

    -has a fist that punches ahead and behind rapidly

    -lobs kernels and sometimes butter

    -breathes fire and ice

    -zombies that are on its tile will be damaged more than a spikeweed and spikerock combined, and it infini…

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  • IloveLuigi

    Guess who's NOT leaving?

    November 28, 2017 by IloveLuigi

    Why is everyone leaving over a dang branch? This is just odd. Sure, it was nice to have, but there's always fun and games! Anyways, more importantly, I'm gonna stay.

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  • Reapeageddon
    Hmmm, not much to do. Here are inspirational vids!

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  • CITRONtanker

    A fond farewell

    November 28, 2017 by CITRONtanker

    Greetings. You might have noticed that I have not been around this wiki, or at the very least been demoted, lately. Well, I have a simple reason as to why- I have took time to reflect about what has been happening over the last few days, and it is with a very heavy heart to announce my leave from this wiki. 

    Your gut reaction might be to think that I am leaving because of the RP branch being shut down- but in actuality, that is not why I am leaving at all.

    I am leaving because the drama here is really stressing me out, and is actually starting to affect me in real life- I have a really emotional personailty, and is something upsets me, it really gets me down and makes me feel miserable. And since I likely contirbuted to this drama to some ex…

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  • Bearjedi

    Screw it. I'm going to leave this wiki too. The RP branch was the only place I was active in, and now that it's getting removed the fact that I only have my rights to show off has been exposed!1 You guys screwed up by removing the RP branch, now the wiki is going into nuclear fallout and you're all gonna die! I've become so delusional from being only active in the RP branch that I forgot that this place is an information database and not a roleplaying site.

    The Roleplaying branch was the only thing keeping this wiki together. It was our god. We should worship it! Without our god, this wiki will crumble apart, despite the fact that most users don't roleplay at all.

    This wiki isn't fun anymore! Oops! I forgot to acknowledge the existence of Fun & …

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  • LarryMoments

    Okay, this all surged for a moment, but it's time to LEAVE this wikia completely, after the removal of the RP branch, its entirely hopeless, everyone has been leaving the wikia, valuable members, like SuperGaming or Moonsnail. Now, ME. Why? Because we are entirely hopeless roleyplayers with no site to roleplay! I have entirely like 3000 posts on ROLEPLAYS. Roleplays started me in this wikia, and has been for almost everyone for like 3 years. And then, someone comes to tell everyone that it takes 10 posts of 300 of the activity, so THEN IT WILL BE REMOVED.

    Still, now you want to make this wikia more boring and less attractive, come on, delete Fun and Games Branch. It "Also disturbs activity", right? Come on, do it, I believe the wikia "Will …

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  • PeaVZ108

    A blog of apology

    November 28, 2017 by PeaVZ108

    Hi, guys. PeaVZ here wanting to make an apology for my recent behaviour. Well, users were right about telling me that I have been overreacting about the removal of the RP branch. I was just angry and let loose of my anger on the community, to the point where I even received a warning about "igniting drama" on Terry's blog. Therefore, I am writing this blog to formally apologise to everyone for what I have done. I did not realise that my actions have actually hurt people, so I now feel terrible about it.

    I'm not going to leave the wiki, in fact I'm sticking around the fun and games branch and most other branches, and as they say, once bitten twice shy, I'll not repeat this huge mistake again.

    Signed, PeaVZ108.

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  • Teacup Terry


    i am have a confession to make because i am leave wiki


    pls pemrabanne mi accont BUT ASLO HIS ACCNOUT

    inb4 somebody actually believes me and i get permabanned

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  • DatDramaPlant

    Not leaving

    November 27, 2017 by DatDramaPlant

    Since everyone's talking about leaving this place for good, I might as well do the same contrary.

    (Is that proper grammar?)

    I'm still never leaving this place. I still adore PvZH, I occasionally play PvZ2 and since my dad got a new PC that I'm allowed to use, I can play more GW2 as well. Still not guaranteeing that my mainspace activity will increase, but maybe once in a while I'll do a few edits. Maybe I'll discover new strats in GW2 or something, I don't know.

    Sure, the whole removing RP branch thing was a big blow. I don't think it was necessary, but I can see why people absolutely hate the RPers. Just look at the thread and you get a freaking WAR ZONE. The people who want (wanted) to keep the RP branch... I may be on their side, but their r…

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  • Vergel Nikolai

    Be sure to check the first episode here.

    The episodes starts in the outskirts of Suburbia, on top of a hill, three imps and a cannon are seen. One of the imps wants to fire himself out of the cannon, but his friends warned him that it's dangerous.

    • Loose Cannon Imp: OK guys. My plan is simple. Aim this cannon to that bright purple light on the sky ad I will fly myself to outer space.
    • Imp #1: Are you serious? That ain't how it work!
    • Imp #2: Plus, it's dangerous! You might get injured, you idiot.
    • Loose Cannon Imp: Who's an idiot? You two. You two with no dreams and are always contended to be called "imps" all the time. Me, I'm tired being treated like typical infantry. I want to be the one who shoots now. The one who brings pain. The one to be cal…

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  • Plantsvszombieslover123456

    This level is an idea that I came up with myself of the very last boss level in Pvz2.

    {{Infobox level

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  • Drek'TharSuperSword

    I just found out this Youtube channel that has the exact same name as my current one, called The Chemist Zombie. I'm not sure whom this channel belongs to, but I'm pretty sure its someone from this wiki trying to impersonate me. The channel's link is (notice that they don't have a unique username unlike mine)

    This channel uses the GW2 chemist as the avatar (more specifically, the one used on chemist's infobox, as shown on the right), so I'm quite sure its someone from this wiki.

    The real channel (which is mine) is or so beware of fakes out there.

    I still use the old RG logo as the avatar, but I'm planning to chang…

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  • Bearjedi

    Now this is just scummy

    November 24, 2017 by Bearjedi

    Apparently, TheO was claiming to be my sockpuppet so I could also get in trouble. TheO, if you're reading this, that was an extremely dumb move and you're only making your side seem even worse than they already are.


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  • Vergel Nikolai

    Be sure to check the first episode here.

    The denizens of Suburbia gathered around the carrot ship with the 2 strangers from another world. The heroes are trying to get a way through the crowd.

    • Green Shadow: Excuse us. We need to see the... strangers.
    • Grass Knuckles: Hey, let us through. We're L.E.A.F. and we want to speak to those carrots.
    • Spudow: Kindly give a way for my friends, fellas.

    Once the heroes reached to the front view of the carrot ship, they saw some of the plants greeting the strangers.

    • Ensign Uproot: Greetings, earthling. What specie of flora are you?
    • Sweet Pea: Hello, sir alien. I am a Sweet Pea. I spit candies, which are like peas, sometimes a weapons sometimes a seed, but a lot sweeter. May you take one piece for experimentation…

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  • Bearjedi

    Message to the RPers

    November 24, 2017 by Bearjedi

    Since your little playground is probably getting removed, I'll give you some ideas on what to do next after the branch is archived. I hope you won't act too stubborn, since these ideas are quite easy to do.

    • A Discord server. Easier to create and manage than a wiki. Each channel could be for a different roleplay. Plus, you don't need to create new threads to continue the "story"
    • A wiki. Most of you RPers are IALR people, so you already have one. Just make a few changes and you could RP there. Or you could go the hard way and create your own wiki.
    • Move to Fun & Games. Roleplaying fits the definition of Fun & Games perfectly, but you'll still be an annoyance on the wiki.
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  • Satirelol200


    Happy Thanksgiving

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  • Moon Snail

    Screw it, I'm going too.

    November 24, 2017 by Moon Snail

    Okay, not fully leaving, but for the most part, I'm leaving. For a number of reasons:

    1. I'm starting to lose interest in PvZ. PvZ2 isn't being actively updated, I can't play either Garden Warfare games, and Heroes is terrible, and only going downhill. I still like to play the series (PvZ1 and PvZ2 at least), but I can't consider myself an active fan when EA's probably leaving the franchise to rot in the sun.
    2. I barely do anything around here. I can't think of any proper edits or make any good images, due to my lack of good image tools.
    3. Overall lack of interest in Wikia. Tell me, when was the last good update to Wikia? From the change of name to the terrible "Fandom", to the addition of discussions, and to the terrible layout changes, Wikia just …
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  • Satirelol200


    please end my existance

    also disabled commenting because my life is a joke lol

    haha depression joke funny amirite? xDXdDxDxd

    Edit: Fanfic blog is disqualified because I don't have much time reading on those. It's not that I hate them or anything, it's just that i don't feel like reading on those k

    Edit 2: ok i already failed fml

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  • SuperGaming101

    See ya! :)

    November 24, 2017 by SuperGaming101

    Yeah, I know this is copy and pasted from the RP removal thread, but I don't care. I don't care if I'm being dramatic either. The less time I have to spend here now, the more I win. If you don't have anything nice to say, chances are I'm not gonna respond to it, so don't even bother.

    This wiki is completely toxic. I just can't believe it. How did this wiki get overrun by edgy 12 year olds acting like roleplaying isn't edgy enough for their tastes? "HMPH, I'M SO EDGGGYYY I CALL EVERYONE NOT PART OF THE EDGY CLUB A.K.A OUR POORLY DONE DISCORD UNDERAGED KIDS. ALSO, LET'S REMOVE THE WHOLE FORUMS ITSELF, NOBODY NEEDS THEM AND THEY TAKE UP WIKI ACTIVITY ANYWAY. I AM THE UITIMTAE EDGY LIFE FORM!!!!!! I REGRET CREATING THE ROLEPLAY BRANCH, IT REMIN…

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  • GamerNerd i

    If you're new to my writings, start here. If you don't need the exposition, start here. If you just want to see all the stuff, then it's in my user page.

    It’s not often that the Recreators’ families get together. The teens’ sudden friendship shook things up between the two families, who had normally agreed to disagree in the past.

    Aidan’s parents didn’t exactly like Nadia. They thought she was too hotheaded for their son. They thought she was arrogant, seeming to look down on everyone else. They thought her biting language and often sarcastic tone would get her and Aidan into trouble.

    Nadia’s parents were skeptical of Aidan. They thought he was too timid to defend their daughter if the need arose. They thought he wasn’t quite right in the hea…

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  • Bearjedi

    RP branch in a nutshell

    November 23, 2017 by Bearjedi
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  • Marcia Aeris

    This is for the Debate Club in school, now we're going to survey people we know about this topic. Out of curiosity... I want to see what your perspectives and opinions are, heck, I've even been allowed to ask this here (but I didn't say specifics because I'm shady).

    In what age is too young to love?

    Love is a... touchy subject matter, but of course eventually surveys are gonna kick in. There are many different ways to see this topic, so I'd like to see how it turns out in answering. I'm not forcing you to answer because of this, but if you'd like, even a simple yes or no can do.

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  • Vergel Nikolai

    Be sure to check the first episode here.

    Continuing from what was left out last time. Huge-Gigantacus is speaking to Dr. Zomboss in his Moon Base Z. Dr. Zomboss was surprised of what he just saw.

    • Huge-Gigantacus: Mwahahaha! Greeting, Dr. Zomboss and zombies on the moon. My name is Huge-Gigantacus. Destroyer of Galaxies. Primodial entity of chaos and destruction. This is my 8th incarnation. I have words to talk about you. Your conquest on the planet Earth. And regarding your plans on what to do with my meteor. I can help you with that, but you must help me in return.
    • Dr. Zomboss: OK. OK. Who the heck is this? What's with the giant space chair? And how dare you speak to me, the leader of the zombies, like I'm just some regular dull minion? Did …

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  • AWikiBoy521

    Since there's like some Sun/Moon players in this wiki, I was thinking of creating a tournament despite of how few of us. I mean, should I make it exist? Let me know if ever you have a working 3DS/3DS XL/2DS/New 3DS/New 3DS XL/New 2DS XL and a game of Pokemon Sun/Moon.

    For Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon? Maybe, just let me know if you have that too and I might consider that...

    Also, Supback, after a long while after tons of school and life priorities this 11/22 (or 22/11)

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  • Vergel Nikolai

    Be sure to check out some detailed info about this series over here

    The story starts at the Planet Carotene. A carrot farmer is on his farm tending his crops with some water and some fertilizer. He was about to go back to his farm house when he spot a bright purple light from the sky. He knows this was trouble. He immediately go to what seems to be an out house. He knocked the door. Another carrot answered as he peeked outside through the small opening on the door.

    • ??? #1: Anything I can do for you, sir farmer?
    • ??? #2: Lieutenant, he has returned. We better tell captain.

    The so called lieutenant opened the door, looking sideways before looking at the farmer. He then let the farmer in and the two of them entered a door under the floor, entering…

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