• Coollittlepeashooter

    Oreo was right, it's beyond annoying right now. But how do people who refuse to use it get the forum moderator rank then? It's like 90% of the Forum's activity really.

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  • SuperGaming101

    Just as the title of the blog suggests, I'm taking up photoshopping requests, so ask me if you want me to photoshop anything! Whenever it's putting MLG 8-bit sunglasses on 8-bit Zombie for a profile picture or faceswapping Imp and Gargantuar for laughs, it'll put my (probably not that good) Adobe Photoshop skills to the test.

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  • Play Dash

    Making PvZ2 Logos!

    June 28, 2017 by Play Dash

    Yes, I am.

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  • TheO0032

    Actually not leaving

    June 28, 2017 by TheO0032

    Guess what?

    I actually wasn't leaving.

    That PewDiePie Easter egg meant something.

    I was doing the same thing as when he claimed to be deleting his Channel:

    Actually not doing it.

    Thanks to the people who commented and actually cared

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  • Stupe


    June 27, 2017 by Stupe

    That's it for this wiki.

    Have a good one.

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  • Drybones9219

    This is just pointless now. I am not LEAVING anymore...

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  • TheO0032


    June 27, 2017 by TheO0032

    I'm leaving the wiki.


    It's about time to do that. I wonder what you'll think... as my activity will instantly die...

    Goodbye, everybody. I wasn't that special anyway...

    TheO0032 was a horrible name choice anyway...

    And nobody knew what I was talking about, nobody understood me.

    So I'm done; I'm leaving.

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  • Teacup Terry

    Partial inactivity

    June 27, 2017 by Teacup Terry

    I'm going to be more inactive than usual for a while as I'm on vacation and will be moving around. I'll still be getting quite a few forum edits per day as I can, but overall I will be less active. Thanks for understanding!

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  • CITRONtanker

    Hello Peas, ponies and everything in between! I have made this blog to announce my vacation. I will be going to Montreal for about a week. I will still be on this wiki everyday, but this does mean reduced activity. Any admin reading this can change my activity as needed. Until next time... Au revoir, mes amis!

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  • Saddyseed

    meh..... give me a thing related by pvz games or maybe this wiki.... and i will make a dank drawing on paint.

    1: Steenky the cheese (Newspaper Zombie)

    2: IRL User (Teacup Terry).......spoiler: I DRAW MYSELF.

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  • ThisUserLikesOreo

    A long time ago, people actually focused on important things. Deep within there were two cancer cells: fun & games and roleplaying. They were harmless at first, but then started growing bigger, as there was lack of care and certain people did actions which increased the growth of those cells. The cells started to infect a certain group of people, discussion moderators.

    Recently, those cancer cells infected another part of the wiki, blogs. It bringed in cancerous stuff such as "I need attention!" and other pointless blogs.

    I regret to be a part of the cancer growth. I really freaking wish I didn't create my hill game, which is now filled with random gibberish. The lack of originality in all of those "games" really hurt the wiki itself. The re…

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  • Fairy27

    Because I have not updated stuff hard in terms of headcanon-related stuff from mine, you can say this being a little surprise. Eh, not really. here, and you know the drill when you see the title. I guess I should explain...

    Normal Fictions were on the list beforehand, being in my userpage and will likely finish when their blogs are posted. Surprise Fictions are the opposite of that. Does not apply to Epic Quest fictions of mine, they'll differ.

    With that said, unto progression.

    The most part of this occured in October 2016, but the final end part of it is the near future right now, AKA when the July Update arrives in PvZH.

    Once upon the modern hero age, there was a lone carrot that was launched and space. Wait, what's wrong with th…

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  • CITRONtanker

    This is a standard "Opinion On You", with a twist. Instead of me giving opinions, one of my most famous In a Locked Room characters, Galaximus will. You do not need to know the roleplay. All you need to know is that she is a savage supervillain who tells it like it is. And she hates heroes! So comment away! The Inkling awaits...

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  • Stupe


    June 26, 2017 by Stupe

    If you comment you will be given a silly comment.

    Make a comeback and I will make a silly comment to that too!

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  • Zambiealex

    Zombology Teacher: "If you don't pay attention in class, you'll never improve your brains..."

    But Zombies don't have Brains...

    Kitchen Sink Zombie: "He's got everything but the - no wait, he's got that too."

    He is holding a SINK, How can you get everything. It is like me holding on to my seat and I can wipe out the face of the earth...

    Imp-Throwing Imp: But where is the Imp-Throwing-Imp-Throwing-Imp?? We have to go deeper...

    Uninstalls game.

    Laser Base Alpha: Zombies with LASERS. What could possibly go wrong?


    Molekale: "And you thought spinach made you strong. Please. I am spinach times infinity."

    OKAY, So by this things logic, I am a legend or a saint.

    Captain Cucumber: He's steered his crew through many a pickle.

    Haha Good one, Because …

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  • PeaVZ108

    Hi guys! So when I saw Fancyplanty's blog to detect whether one is Illuminati Confirmed or not, I was thinking: Is everyone Illuminati Confirmed? We'll find out with this blog!

    Go on, ask me if you are an Illuminati. Have fun reading!

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  • SuperGaming101

    inspired by an idea or something on chat lol k let's go

    NOTE: This is all for fun. None of this, such as me being one of the main villains, does't mean anything.

    episode name: Boarding the Dogeship

    (The episodes starts with SuperGaming101 and his Doge allies aboard the Dogeship.)

    SuperGaming101: k m8s we gotta find a way to rule the wiki lol

    Doge #1: haha so rule got powerful wow

    SuperGaming101: lol yea but we gotta find a way to rule the wiki m8 i need one of the general lenny doges

    Lenny Doge #1: Hello, sir. What is it that you called me for?

    SuperGaming101: we need to think of ways to rule the pvz wiki my fellow m8

    Lenny Doge #1: Hmm..Perhaps we use all of our powerful weapons we have contributed together these last few years and use them to forc…

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  • SuperGaming101

    oops rip ¯\_ツ_/¯

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  • Batty1776

    Changing my username

    June 26, 2017 by Batty1776

    Thank you for having a time to reading this. When I will not participating on this thread, that's because I want to change my username. Why? Because my old username isn't relevant with my likes.

    Awfodz Talk page - Contribs - Edit count 23:56, June 26, 2017 (UTC)

    P.S. I'll be back on the thread!

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  • Fancyplanty

    I will identify wether you are Illuminati or not by using my psychic prowess.


    EDIT: I am no longer taking requests. There r many other important stuff than this stewpeed game. This is fun, but other things are much more important. Thank you.



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  • TheO0032

    Stupid random story!

    June 26, 2017 by TheO0032

    Hi! It's me, with a stupid story...

    Once upon a time, there was a dark and stormy night.

    All PVZ wiki users, somehow, were in the same room.

    DR. Zomboss: And now I will make you all zombies! (Accidenally flips the switch to "plants")

    TheO0032: Nooooooooooooo! Just kill me now...

    (Dr. Zomboss fires the ray, making everybody a plant)

    TheO0032: (now a peashooter) Hey, you made a little mistake... (fires many peas at Dr. Zomboss, killing him)

    Teacup Terry: (now Solar Flare) The irony of this... (burns everyone's ropes to ashes somehow)

    PeaVZ108 (now a repeater): Who's the peashooter?

    TheO0032: Me, TheO.

    PeaVZ: Oh! Hi...

    TheO0032: This is awkward...

    PeaVZ108: Well, I'm better than you.

    TheO0032: Sadly...

    Teacup Terry: Cheer up.

    TheO0032: Look, this thing mess…

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  • CITRONtanker

    Your movie title!

    June 25, 2017 by CITRONtanker

    I made a blod earlier, but was I sastisfied with that alone? Nope. This time, I will take my knowledge on you, and make a movie tiltle based on that info! It can be an original idea, or a parody of an existing movie. Just comment and I will do the rest!

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  • Coollittlepeashooter

    Yeah. well. That past blog of mine went a bit too far. I am sorry for those who got offended or thought I was bashing them directly, that wasn't the point, the point was to spread awareness of the problems here. I guess that didn't work. Well, a lot of those points are true, I have to say, but I did go overboard with it.

    I don't have any plans for returning here, but I might consider it.

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  • Stupe


    June 25, 2017 by Stupe

    how to get the gud chep mainspaceee:

    step 1: go to a ez level 

    step 2: go to stragi

    step 3: add one like this one: 

    zombie freezer

    created by stuped

    u need:


    use your snoo to chock the zombie. it's an ez and fun way 2 win!

    step 4: post it

    step 5: feel special for 39487564738291 yocto seconds

    step 6: leave the wiki and drink some lemoaids

    step 7: do this a lot

    step 8: good job you did something no one will use! now leave the important stuff to pretty LIT reed and sick archer and other people that i care less about

    step 9: ok get out of the blog

    step 10: nibba why are you still reading this

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  • CITRONtanker

    Judging on my knowledge of you, I will give you an alternate username! Of course, mine is PRINCESStanker, as much as I hate it. Just comment and watch the magic happen!

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  • SuperGaming101
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  • SuperGaming101

    Fan-Made set: G

    June 25, 2017 by SuperGaming101
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  • Hal lucination

    Today I finally start my Plants Vs Zombies Heroes Fanfiction! This will be the origin stuff for everyone (except Beta-Carrotina, Citron, and Rose, but that's another story altogether). Without further ado!

    Zomboss toiled in his labratory, relentlessly working at a machine. After four hours, he finished it. It was a new Zombot with a strange cannon on it's chest, and Zomboss was at the same time wiring up the cannon to some machinery. After wiring up the cannon properly, Zomboss tended to the machinery that he hooked the cannon up to, and then pressed a button on it. the large machine started creating a purple and green vortex that blasted straight through the roof and into the sky. The vortex rose into the sky, draining massive power from t…

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  • ShroomstagramUser

    I decided to make a fan set for PvZ Heroes.  The theme for this set is memes and animation, just because.  It will be set up exactly like Galactic Gardens: 3 uncommons, 2 rares, 3 super-rares, 2 legendaries.

    New trait: Fusion. These cards can be played on top of cards of a specific tribe or trait for combined abilities.

    UPDATE: Smarty is completed. Feel free to add ideas. I might edit this to accommodate set 3 mechanics.

    The Nutshack

    • Cost: 3
    • Tribes: Nut Environment
    • Ability: Plants here conjure From Paper to Screen cards when played.
    • Description: At some point in a nut's life, it owns a shack of its very own.

    Weed, Weedd, and Weedy

    • Cost: 4
    • Tribes: Leafy Flower Plant
    • Stats: 3/3
    • Traits: Team-Up; Fusion
    • Ability: When played: Zombie heroes lose 2 brains this turn…

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  • Plasmapea010

    Have you ever looked at a thread and say "Thats God Awful.". Well get ready to say that as today we will count down the "Top 10 Worst (Anime) Threads"!


    Ed,Edd and Zombie.


    Ed,Edd and Zombie.


    Ed,Edd and Zombie .


    Ed,Edd and Zombie .


    Ed,Edd and Zombie .


    Ed,Edd and Zombie.


    Ed,Edd and Zombie.


    Ed,Edd and Zombie.


    Ed,Edd and Zombie.

    Dishonorable Mention:

    Ed,Edd and Zombie


    Ed,Edd and Zombie.

    Hope you enjoyed the list!!!!!

    (P.S. This is a joke.I just hate that thread.)

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  • NgThang

    Custom Epic Quest

    June 25, 2017 by NgThang

    New Epic Quest: Last Stand Madness

    This is my first major blog post. Hope you enjoy it. Here we go.

    Quest description: Be the last standing in the battle through time!

    Step 1:

    Plan your defense to finish futuristic foes!

    World: Far Future

    Modified version of Far Future-Day 11

    Suns given: 2750

    Plants: Player's choice


    Crazy Dave: It's nice to be back to the future.

    Penny: Not now, user Dave.Hordes of mixed-up zombies are coming.

    Crazy Dave: Now I know zombies do ride horses.



    |note1 = Bot Swarm! |ambush1 = x7 |zombie2 = |zombie3 = 2 5 |zombie4 = 3 |zombie5 = 53 |note5 = Bot Swarm! |ambush5 = x8 |zombie6 = x4 x3 2 |zombie6 = 4 1 x3 |zombie7 = }}

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  • TheO0032

    Shipping stuff

    June 25, 2017 by TheO0032

    Hooray. This is about shipping. So ask me stuff about shipping.

    Wether romance or fed-ex, I will deliver. (See what I did there?)

    Si, basically, this is an AMA. About either form of shipping.

    Also, other people can answer and whatever.

    Just do whatever you want.

    I only want replies.

    But nothing that isn't 18+ or 14+ because I'm 13.

    And nothing that breaks the rules, or hate.

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  • Da Interruptor Haha132

    Happy Eid-ul-Fitr to all Muslims here! I am sorry to all of you if I hurt your feelings :(

    Peace from Malaysia ;)

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  • Shaan05

    OK,here are my shippings:

    Lily8763cp X VEXjl( Teacup Terry said in another blog made by Specialedition12 that she wanted to date VEXjl so this is made to troll both her and Lily)

    lamarepeaterX DeathZombi(both are bronies)

    Teacup Terry X Redfork2000( The O0032 created this)

    JackNinja5DipperGravityFalls X AWikiBoy(What Jack gets for removing an Important rule)

    Nick Archer X Birdpool( gay. Dunno about Nick)

    Pinkgirl234 X Light Bomber

    Zambiealex X HfEvra(HfEvra was a female user. She played Chinese PvZ2.She is now inactive. This shipping was made by VeneraSurvivalGuid in 2016.)

    VeneraSurvivalGuid X Drybones9219

    Brainzzwhatevz X Fairy27(Made by Nickelodoen Archer in 2016)

    PeaVZ108 X CITRONtanker.

    The O0032 X BF10

    Hal Lucination X Moon Snail(both…

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  • A Graalian

    I'm going to kms

    June 24, 2017 by A Graalian

    see y'all in heaven ✌
    okay, maybe not. but i'm going off the deep end.
    see you later A Graalian (talk)

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  • Hal lucination

    I know I can't procrastinate any longer. I've created a series and I am going to stick with It!

    For those who don't know, this is a series where I make drawings and explain them.

    This picture depicts my fanfiction's version of Night Cap. as you can see, he has quite a few more weapons than he has in canon. First I'll explain the weapons. He still has his mushrooms from back in normal PvZ heroes, but now they're primitive compared to his newest arsenal. The first new weapon he has is his Katana, which is his most powerful weapon. It is a legendary blade only wieldable by Night Cap himself. It is extremely sharp, and can be used to focus his soul energy through it, extending the blade and making it even more powerful. It is a legendary sword c…

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  • Newspaper Zombie

    Because I'm moving to a new house and internet is scarce. I'll only do small edits to my userpage or other pages. Here's the view from my new house,if anyone cares.

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  • DatDramaPlant

    Yeah... so... title.

    Basically, exams. Yay! There's this super-duper important exam coming up, and I quite literally HAVE to score well. I'm already lucky I even get to use the computer this often. Exams will be at the end of the year in October, so during this three-to-four month period, I'm not going to be active very much. 

    (It also means I might get demoted due to the evaluation three-month timeframe ending right smack in the middle. Whoops. could start ranting on the evaluation thing, but that'll need a different blog, more stuff on evaluations to make me annoyed (sorry Cam, your one blog isn't quite going to make me rant on the system yet <s>no offense) and time.</s>)

    I really shouldn't joke about other people, especially about other pe…

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  • Da Interruptor Haha132

    There is an assembly in my school, mostly about the farewell to my History teacher and the Eid that will come this Sunday. We've got to watch some short eid dramas, where the son can't go back to his mum house for the eid because of his wife doesn't want to. Okay, some of my friends cried. Even me. But I am trying my best to hid it. We've got home early in 11.00 a.m. cause we're taking a bus. While mama riders are allowed to go home in 1.00 p.m. I sit next to my friend, who is a rubic cube pro. I read one of his Wimpy Kid book, and I got to hang with it. 

    I got new clothes for eid ;)

    I know my grammars are upside down, sorry :P

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  • TheHandsomePlant

    It begins! A lot of Set 3 card data has been added recently. Enjoy everything that's shown below! Note that it's still subject to change.

    Plant Evolution - You can play this on a Plant to use this ability.

    Zombie Evolution - You can play this on a Zombie to use this ability.

    Mushroom Evolution - You can play this on a Mushroom to use this ability.

    Pea Evolution - You can play this on a Pea to use this ability.

    Bean Evolution - You can play this on a Bean to use this ability.

    Team-Up Evolution - You can play this on a Plant with Team-Up to use this ability.

    Professional Evolution - You can play this on a Professional to use this ability.

    Untrickable - Completely unaffected by Plant/Zombie Tricks.

    Grape Responsibility | 1-drop | Berry Plant | Guardian | Set 3 …

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  • PeaVZ108

    Like Terry, I don't want to make this unoriginal. Ask me anything, and your answers will come in 10 words.

    Let's get the asking going!

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  • Stupe

    Why do you guys always talk about your sad backstory on a video game wiki? Don't you have real friends to talk to? That's just sad. Not even trying to be rude. Just is.

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  • Stupe


    June 21, 2017 by Stupe

    I think I joined the wrong community.

    I should really leave before it's too late.

    But it's hard.

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  • Saddyseed

    Quest me.

    June 21, 2017 by Saddyseed

    Just make questions for this strange pink flower (i am not copying other people)

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  • Camwood777

    DISCLAIMER: This blog contains some personal sentiments not appropriate for children, such as venting frustration regarding fighting for the ability to even retain part of what you worked for for years, dead grandparents, and a disturbed mind's day-nightmares about suicide and being mocked. In addition, I won't lie. I will be angry in this blog. Mostly at life and my treatment as of late. If this is enough to upset you, and drive you to angrily scroll down into the comments and complain about me as a person, leave. In addition, do not, I repeat, do not say anything insensitive or cruel in the comments. Granted, you should never do that period, but especially not now.

    How do you think I will feel if I am constantly yelled at and told I am a terribl…

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  • Bearjedi

    1. What was the date when I was blocked for the first time?

    2. What was the date when I was globally disabled?

    3. What was the date I went on a vandalism spree?

    4. What was the date I trolled the wiki and made the background into We Are Number One memes?

    5. Why are you reading this?

    6. List all of my sockpuppets.

    7. List of all my forum replies. I dare you.

    8. List all of my mainspace edits.

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  • CITRONtanker

    This is my second PvZH story. Deticated to a pal of mine who loves peas. We all know him...

    Yes, I am still alive. After those mushrooms decomposed me, I managed to revive myself. After that, I made a vow to never enter that dojo again. I instead went to continue the war against the mutual enemy of my species- the peas. I know what you are saying- "Peas? Really?". But they are evil. Not to be messed with at all. They have taken many of my fellow Inklings. But I vowed they would not take me- at least, not alive. That said, i really had no clue where they lived. I figured they would live in a garden. So i started there. I heard all sorts of stories about the king of peas. He goes by the name of... Zappea. I really wanted to destroy him, but I…

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  • PeaVZ108

    Hi, guys! As per my How Well Do You Know Me Quiz, here are the long awaited answers!

    Q1. When did I join the wiki? (Answer:  November 1, 2016)

    Q2. When did I become rollback? (Answer: December 22, 2016)

    Q3. Describe my very first profile picture. (Answer: A PvZH Repeater with stats included.)

    Q4. Name one fun and games series that I did not appear in. (Answers: Ban The User Above Me, Ask the Zombies, Yum or Yuck, etc.)

    Q5. Did I change my username? (Answer: No)

    Q6. What gender am I? (Answer: Male)

    Q7. What country do I live in? (Answer: Singapore)

    Q8. Name all my characters from the PvZ Institute series. (Hint: I have eight (two of them fused as a character). Get five or more right to pass.) (Answer: Cherry Bombs #1, Cherry Bomb #2, Bonk Choy, Torchwood,…

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  • Redfork2000

    So, I saw this done be PeaVZ108 and by CITRONtanker, and I said to myself: "If peas and inklings do this, ponies can do it too!" So here it is, the quiz to show how well you know me. I'll post the answers by the end of this month or in the first days of July. Let's begin!

    1. When did I join this wiki?

    2. When is my birthday?

    3. Other than My Little Pony, mention another show I'm a great fan of.

    4. Have I had other profile pictures other than this one? If I have, describe one of them.

    5. What is my favorite videogame franchise?

    6. Other than Red Fork, mention 5 of my other pony OCs.

    7. On which episode did I join IaLR?

    8. Which were my four initial characters in IaLR?

    9. What is one of my signature phrases to say in the My hill thread?

    10. What other…

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  • GamesterD

    This tied for the voting. If you haven't started, read the first PvZH Saga here. GW2 sagas are here. PvZ2 belongs to here. PvZH and PvZ2 links are in my userpage. Sorry, too lazy to post them here.

    • Mini-Golf Rumble Hill, Suburbia*

    Wall-Knight: *Drawing a blue golf ball*Look guys, I made a cool drawing!*The drawing is burned to crisp by some blue flare*Hey!

    Captain Combustible: Oops. Didn't mean to incinerate your "great" drawing.

    Wall-Knight: Why are you so mean to me?

    Captain Combustible: Being stuck in a box for a while does something to one's personality as if I wasn't strict enough. Being forced to fuel the golf's campfire doesn't help as well.*Camera reveals that Captain Combustible is in a campfire with Wall-Knight on a couch near it*


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