Block and Spike is the third Vasebreaker level of Ancient Egypt in Plants vs. Zombies 2. It is the third level in the Egyptian Challenge Pack, and the sixth Vasebreaker level overall. There are 30 vases and Pharaoh Zombie along with Buckethead Mummy appear here. When this level is finished for the first time, the player earns Butter Zombie, another new Power Up exclusive to Vasebreaker. The player also achieves the Tomb Breaker achievement.


  • The level is very hard due to the high number of Pharaoh Zombies and not being able to plant enough Wall-nuts or Spikerocks for the entire lane, due to only having four of each.


  • Try to take it one lane at a time, one vase at a time.
  • Save the Potato Mine for the last row, as you only get four Wall-nuts and four Spikerocks.
  • Use Plant Food on Repeater only when necessary.
  • If the level is still hard, you can break the green vases first. They will greatly help you.



  • The title of the level once more suggests how to beat it, as the player needs to block the zombies with Wall-nuts and spike the zombies with Spikerocks.


Egyptian Challenge Block and Spike

Egyptian Challenge Block and Spike

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