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For the Adventure Mode version of this level, see Level 3-5.
Big Trouble Little Zombie
DifficultyMedium (Easy during Adventure Mode)
Little PC

Big Trouble Little Zombie is a Pool mini-game based on the Adventure Mode level 3-5. The zombies in this level are shrunken and have only a quarter of their regular health, but come in higher numbers walk faster, and eat faster. This level is replaced with Heat Wave in the DS and DSiWare versions of Plants vs. Zombies. On iOS versions, this can be played in Quick Play.





Cherry Bombs should be used to blow up large clumps of Zombies as the player sets up Peashooters in every lane. The Wall-nuts on land would be planted where necessary and in the Pool to lure out Snorkel Zombies. In emergencies, Lily Pads can substitute for Wall-nuts to lure out Snorkel zombies. Save up your Cherry Bombs for waves and large clumps of zombies. It is recommended that the player save at least two for emergency situations due to the numbers of zombies.

Plants Vs05:42

Plants Vs. Zombies Minigame 10

walkthrough of Big Trouble Little Zombie.

Health of little zombies:



  • Since the zombies have a quarter of their regular health, a pea against a small zombie does damage equivalent to a melon against normal zombies (excluding the splash damage).
  • Zombies in this level walk and eat plants slightly faster than regular zombies
  • In the DS version, this Mini-Game is replaced by Heat Wave, possibly because it would be extremely hard for players to see zombies in this Mini-game due to the small size of the DS screen.
  • In the Xbox Live Arcade, PlayStation 3, and Windows versions, the ambient zombie voices are high-pitched in this level.
  • The Zombies' small size does not affect their hitboxes. This is easily shown by hacking in a little Zomboni, which crushes plants before it gets to them, as the full-size Zomboni is longer than the smaller version's sprite.
  • Dr. Zomboss's shrinking experiment is shown in the DS trailer. Ironically, it is the one version that does not include this Mini-game.
Big trouble little zombie06:17

Big trouble little zombie

Strategy for the level

  • In the Spanish version this minigame is called "Pequeños pero Matones" ("Small but Tough").
  • If the player hacks to get a Magnet-shroom, any small gear it attracts will become normal sized.
  • On the iOS version. Snorkel Zombies can jump over your Lawn Mowers and even Pool Cleaners. making it would reach your house so fast

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