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Big Bolt Blaster's icon

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Big Bolt Blaster in a promotional advertisement

Big Bolt Blaster is the second ability for the Engineer in Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2. W hen called, the Engineer will summon a large ride-able sentry turret with 100 ammo which can turn at all angles and shoot plants around him with big bolts, similar to the Peashooter's Pea Gatling and the Sunflower's Sunbeam abilities. While this ability is in use, it takes 33.3% less damage from enemies. However, its range is shorter than the two former abilities.



The Big Bolt Blaster can be compared to and can be considered the zombie version of the Pea Gatling. As such, strategies for the Pea Gatling will mostly work for the Big Bolt Blaster. However, a big thing to remember is that the range is shorter than the Pea Gatling. If the player is in a bad position, they can press the ability button to exit out of the ability and move to another position but is only applies if the player has not fired a single bolt.

Balancing changes

Post Beta

  • Engineer turret: Projectile speed increased from 200m/s to 400m/s, and set rate of fire to 750 rounds/min.


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