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Bernie the Bee in-game.

Bernie the Bee is a bee that floats around the Zen Garden in Plants vs. Zombies 2. He appears whenever there is a plant whose growing time can be sped up, and tapping on him and picking such a plant will shorten the time on the plant's growth timer. After speeding up a plant, he will take a nap and recharge for 30 seconds.



  • Bernie is the Plants vs. Zombies 2 counterpart of Stinky the Snail from the original Plants vs. Zombies .
  • Depending on the animation Bernie uses to speed up a plant, it can speed up a plant faster depending on which animation is used. However the animations that increase the time skipped are rarer to get.
  • A picture on Electronic Arts's blog post for the Far Future update revealed his name to be Bernie.
  • In the 2.1 update, there was a glitch where he either sleeps in a wrong spot, or does not show up at all.
  • Bernie will only appear in the Zen Garden if there are plants that can be sped up.
  • If Bernie does the last pollination possible at that moment, he will go to sleep and won't wake up until you dig up a plant. If the Zen Garden is exited out of or if the player goes to the Almanac or the Shop from the Zen Garden, he'll disappear and doesn't come back again until there are new plants to be watered.
  • When Bernie goes to sleep while facing left, its sleeping text is printed backwards.
  • There is sometimes a glitch where Bernie will sleep much less than its usual sleeping duration. However, this is very rare.
  • If Bernie is tapped while sleeping, he turns over in his sleep, raises his arm up and throws it down (so as to wave off the player), turns back over and continues to sleep normally.
  • If the player taps on Bernie, then doesn't do anything for 5 seconds, Bernie will shrug his shoulders and cancel the action.
  • While Bernie is sleeping, he usually emits his sleeping text 10 times before waking up.
  • When Bernie speeds up a plant, he says "baiser", which is French for "kiss".

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