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For the mini-game in Plants vs. Zombies, see Beghouled.

Beghouled is a Brain Buster in Plants vs. Zombies 2 exclusive to Modern Day. It is based on the mini-game from Plants vs. Zombies with the same name. It is playable on Day 8, Day 13, Day 22, and Day 27. There is also an Epic Quest based on this Brain Buster, called Beghouled Blitz, and a 2016 Piñata Party event dedicated to Beghouled called Beghouled Beyond, which ran from July 26 to August 10.


Gameplay remains essentially similar to that of the first game: the lawn will be filled with plants, and the player can swap adjacent plants to form a match of at least three to make them to disappear and gather sun. When matched, the plants will disappear and replacements will drop down from the top of the screen; making longer matches, creating multiple matches with one swap (known as a combo) or creating additional matches from dropped plants (known as a cascade) will award greatly increased amount of sun for each individual match compared to a standard match. When a plant is eaten, a crater will be formed which prevents further plants from filling that tile. The sun gathered from matches can be used to upgrade the types of plants present on the field (as well as any other plant of the same type dropping down) instead of the normal ones. The goal of the mini-game is to reach the specified number of matches while preventing the zombies from making it across the lawn. More and stronger zombies will spawn as time goes on. There are also notable changes in the mini-game:

  • Creating longer matches (four or more) will cause the moved plant performing its Plant Food effect. It can still be moved and will not disappear if used to create another match as long as the Plant Food effect is still active (unless all plants in the match are in their effect; this can be most easily observed with Puff-shroom). Notably, boosted Wall-nut, Tall-nut and Endurian cannot be removed normally as long as their armor is on, and will only disappear if matched together (doing this will also yield an increased amount of sun).
  • The player will receive a unique set of Power Ups, which consists of Power Zap and two special ones: Power Shovel allows the player to remove a plant or fill in a crater, while Power Shuffle will reset the entire board, otherwise only done if there is no longer any possible match on the field. The former is also the only way to remove craters in the mini-game, as the action can no longer be brought with sun.
  • Some plants have received branching upgrade paths which are mutually exclusive, which means that once a path is picked, the other is unavailable for the rest of the level.


Note that not every plant upgrade is available in a level.

Base Upgrade 1 Upgrade 2
Peashooter2 Fire Peashooter2 (2000 sun) Primal Peashooter2 (3000 sun)
Repeater2 (2000 sun) Threepeater2 (4000 sun)
Cabbage-pult2 Melon-pult2 (2500 sun) Winter Melon2 (5000 sun)
Pepper-pult2 (2000 sun)
Wall-nut2 Tall-nut2 (1000 sun)
Endurian2 (1000 sun)
Snapdragon2 Cold Snapdragon2 (2000 sun)
Puff-shroom2 Fume-shroom2 (500 sun)
Lightning Reed2 Laser Bean2 (2000 sun) Electric Blueberry2 (4500 sun)

All plant upgrades from Beghouled Blitz and Piñata Party.

Plant Price (in sun)
Bloomerang 2000
Twin Sunflower 1500
Snow Pea 2500
Kernel-pult 1500
Coconut Cannon 3000
Split Pea 1000
Torchwood 2000
Tall-nut 1000
Laser Bean 2000
Citron 3000
Starfruit 1500
Infi-nut 1000
Hypno-shroom 1000
Fume-shroom 500
Pea-nut 1500
Homing Thistle 2000
Chard Guard 1000
Rotobaga 1500
Dandelion 3000
A.K.E.E. 3000
Endurian 1000
Toadstool 0
Phat Beet 2000
Electric Blueberry 4500
Primal Wall-nut 1000
Cold Snapdragon 2000
Primal Sunflower 1000
Moonflower 0
Shadow-shroom 0
Dusk Lobber 2500
Wasabi Whip 1500

Power Ups

Power Shuffle


Power Shuffle

Description: Use Power Shuffle in Beghouled to shuffle plants for more matches!

Cost: 200 coins

Duration: N/A

Power Shovel


Power Shovel

Description: Use Power Shovel in Beghouled to remove plants and fill in craters!

Cost: 100 coins

Duration: N/A

Power Zap

Description: Hold your finger down on a zombie to electrocute it!

Cost: 800 coins

Duration: four seconds


Plants vs. Zombies 2

Modern Day

Beghouled Blitz

Aloe, Salut!

Time Twister

Beghouled Beyond

Plants vs. Zombies Online (China only)

Ancient Egypt

Pirate Seas


  • If the player has one of the plants boosted in the Zen Garden and makes a match with them, they will not perform the boost (unless it's by normal Beghouled gameplay).
    • When the level ends, the player will still keep the boost until they use it in a level.
    • If the plant with a boost is able to be upgraded, upgrading said plant will not make them lose their boost.
  • The level starts with the text "Ready...Set...SWAP!" instead of "Ready...Set...PLANT!"
  • "Beghouled" is a play on words of "Bejeweled", another game made by PopCap, and "ghoul", referring to the zombies one must fight off.
†: Strategy page
*: Unconfirmed name

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