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Game Plants vs. Zombies
Location Night
Level type Mini-games
Number of flag(s) None
Graves None
Difficulty Easy
Plants Peashooter
Snow Pea
Repeater, upgrade of Peashooter, costs 1000 sun
Fume-shroom, upgrade of Puff-shroom, costs 500 sun
Tall-nut, upgrade of Wall-nut, costs 250 sun
Zombies Zombie
Flag Zombie
Conehead Zombie
Buckethead Zombie
Newspaper Zombie
Screen Door Zombie
Football Zombie
First time reward(s) A Trophy
Not first time reward(s) A Money Bag
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Beghouled PC

Beghouled is a Plants vs. Zombies-themed mini-game version of Bejeweled, another game in the PopCap lineup. The objective is to swap one plant for an adjacent plant, forming a horizontal or vertical chain of three or more, until 75 chains have been completed.

If a plant is eaten, a crater will appear in its place, similar to the Doom-shroom's explosion. Plants cannot fill craters. Spending 200 sun will fill it back.

Each successful chain will award the player with sun, which can be used to upgrade plants, fill in craters, and move the plants into new positions. It is a night level, presumably to ensure that sun can only be collected by making chains, but also because there are mushrooms too. If the player makes a longer chain, they get extra sun.



Plants Vs05:04

Plants Vs. Zombies - Minigame 5 Beghouled

A Video of gameplay of Beghouled.

The lawn is already covered in plants when the mini-game begins, with a lone empty column at the zombies' point of entry. The plants cannot be dug up. While it is Night, there are no graves. The player starts out with basic plants, but can purchase upgrades, replacing Peashooters, Wall-nuts, and Puff-shrooms with Repeaters, Tall-nuts, and Fume-shrooms, respectively. If they purchase all of the upgrades in a single game, the player will get the Diamond Beghouler achievement in some versions.

Sun is gained by making plant matches. Three plants of the same kind in a straight line (vertically and horizontally, not diagonally) yields 25 sun, four yields 50 sun, and five yields 100 sun. Multiple matches with one flip gives more sun for addition flips, like how in Wall-nut Bowling and Wall-nut Bowling 2 multiple ricochets with one Wall-nut give more coins.

Note that as there are no lawn mowers and there is also no garden rake, if a single zombie gets past all of the player's plants, they will lose. Matching Puff-shrooms/Fume-shrooms, Wall-nuts/Tall-nuts, and Magnet-shrooms towards the back of the lawn will ensure their use and maintain somewhat of a last defense.

It is best to upgrade the Puff-shrooms to Fume-shrooms and the Peashooters to Repeaters before you upgrade the Wall-nuts to Tall-nuts because Wall-nuts and Tall-nuts can drop anywhere and are not usually right in front.



  • The maximum number of plants the player can match is seven.
  • This is one of the four mini-games in Plants vs. Zombies that has an unlimited number of flags.
  • In the iOS version, if the player upgrades all their plants, he/she will get the achievement, Diamond Beghouler.
  • Beghouled, Beghouled Twist and Heat Wave are the only mini-games where the player can move plants around.
  • If there are groups of plants that the player can match but they failed to notice, the game will show them which plants to match after a few seconds.
    • In Bejeweled, a feature also exists as a button labeled "hint".
      • Unlike in Bejeweled, however, the use of the "hint" does not affect the player's total matches.
  • In the Xbox Live Arcade version of Plants vs. Zombies, the icon shows a day level.
  • The game's name, Beghouled, is a portmanteau on the popular PopCap game, Bejeweled and the word "Ghoul".
  • Unlike Bejeweled, the player does not have a manual Hint button, the player can lose a gem (plant) and if there is no possible moves, the player can shuffle the plants (in fact, if the player waits, the shuffle is automatic in this case). In Bejeweled, the player has a hint button, the player cannot lose a gem, the player cannot shuffle the gems, and the game ends if there is no possible moves.
  • The six plants are all different colors. In Bejeweled, the gems are all different colors.
IMG 2134 beghouled cost

Notice the prices of Repeater, Fume-shroom and Tall-nut

  • In the iOS version of Beghouled, the Repeater's sun cost of 1000 sun instead shows 1k (possibly due to space constraints of showing four digits in the sun cost for a plant). Also, when viewing the Almanac for the cost of Repeater, Fume-shroom and Tall-nut (the upgrades) in Beghouled and its sequel, it shows 1k/1000, 500 and 250 sun respectively when it is usually 200, 75 and 125.
  • The iPad and Xbox Live Arcade icon for this mini-game show Peashooters with the back leaves of Repeaters.
  • This, along with Beghouled Twist, Buttered Popcorn, Heat Wave, Column Like You See 'Em, Pogo Party, and Dr. Zomboss's Revenge are the only mini-games that already have plants on the screen at the start.
  • There is a glitch when the player repeatedly moves the non-matching plants it will move from its square making it the only mini game to move a plant further from its square.
  • In the early iPad version, the text shows "Click-and-drag plants to make matches of 3".

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