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Beetboxer was a VIP found in Plants vs. Zombies Adventures. It could deal a lot of damage, enough to kill a regular zombie in one hit. It was a VIP version of the Beet. Its Plant Perk increased its damage. Like their normal counterparts, the combination of Beetboxers and Hard-nuts or Wall-nuts could take out a line of zombies. The player obtained it after completing Park-n-Perish Level 3.


It is based on the beetroot or Beta vulgaris, but its design resembles a radish (Raphanus sativus). It is also based on a boxer, a person who participates in boxing, a combat sport in which two people wearing protective gloves throw punches at each other for a predetermined set of time in a boxing ring.

Its name is a pun on the word "beatboxer," someone who makes beats with their mouth, because it is a beet that boxes, or "beet-boxer." It also wears a boxing helmet.

Facebook description

Plants vs. Zombies Adventures Facebook page

This prizefighter holds the world record for zombie knockouts. Floats like butter lettuce, stings like a beet!



  • Unlike other offensive VIPs, it did not have improved range over the plant it was based on.
  • If the player looks closely, it had black eyes on both eyes, while its regular counterpart only had one black eye on the right eye.
  • It jumped while attacking.
  • "Butter lettuce" was possibly a reference to the projectiles of Cabbage-pult and Kernel-pult.
    • It could also have been a reference to a type of lettuce known as Butter Lettuce.
    • This was odd, however, since Kernel-pult and Cabbage-pult did not appear in the game.
  • Its Facebook description referenced the saying "Floats like a butterfly, stings like a bee."
  • According to its Facebook description, it held the world record for most zombie knockouts.

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