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Beet It2
Beet It2 Beet It
Complete a level using only Phat Beets to defeat zombies

Difficulty: Somewhat easy

Beet It is an achievement in Plants vs. Zombies 2. It requires the player to pass a level by planting Phat Beet only, not planting any sun-producing plants. It is worth 5 points on Game Center and 500 XP on Google Play Games for Android devices.


Its name is a portmanteau of Michael Jackson's "Beat It", a song released in the 1980s and "beet," referring to the Phat Beet and the fact that this achievement involves the Phat Beet. Coincidentally, "Beat It" was also the name of a scrapped achievement in the first game.



An example of getting the achievement using Gold Tiles

  • The easiest way to earn it is to play Pirate Seas - Day 22 and fill the two leftmost columns with Phat Beets.
  • Alternatively, play Lost City - Day 1 and start by planting Phat Beets on Gold Tiles, since you cannot earn the achievement if you plant a Sunflower. Then, continuously plant Phat Beets throughout the level, but try to protect the ones on the Gold Tiles, as they are your main source of sun production.
  • If necassary, a lawn mower can be released to kill zombies and will not interfere with the achievement goal, despite the description says "Complete a level using only Phat Beets to defeat zombies."


  • The player will not get the achievement if they plant Imitated Phat Beets, as it will count as planting another plant.
  • Planting sun-producing plants will cause the player not get the achievement, even though they do not damage the zombies.
  • This achievement is similar to Banana Storm.
  • The eyes of the Phat Beet in the achievement's icon are brighter than the eyes of the Phat Beet in-game.
    • This also happens with the Phat Beet's seed packet.
    • If the player looks closely, there is a pink line around the headphone in the achievement's icon.

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