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Bedazzled Bolt Blaster is an ability for the Engineer in Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2. It is an alternate ability for the Big Bolt Blaster and is one of the bling abilities Rux offers. It was obtainable in Rux's Bazaar, like the other new abilities. It is essentially a reskin of the standard Bolt Blaster, its only differences are its glamorous visuals, different projectiles, sparkly sound effects, and different crosshairs.

Stickerbook description

Vanquish Plants with style with this new shiny Bolt Blaster! It comes fully stocked with diamonds and dazzle. That's right, REAL dazzle! Never worry about your lack of luster while pelting Plants ever again!


See Big Bolt Blaster.




  • It is one of three "bling" abilities so far. The others are the Pizzazzling Potato Mine and the Bling Pylon Mech.
    • However, along with the Bling Pylon Mech, it is the only bling ability that has an actual difference from its vanilla counterpart other than visuals, in this case using the Big Bolt Blaster's old crosshairs.
  • Its name is an example of alliteration.