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Battle at the BBQ

Battle at the BBQ is the first mission for the Zombie Side in Plants vs. Zombies Heroes. The main opposing plant hero in this mission is Green Shadow. This mission also features Spudow and Chompzilla as opposing Plant Heroes.


In this mission, Dr. Zomboss is hosting a party on top of a rooftop where he is cooking some food on a barbecue. Super Brainz turns on a spotlight, which alerts Green Shadow about the party. Super Brainz, The Smash, and Impfinity try fighting Green Shadow, but are losing. However, The Smash then throws Green Shadow into Brain Freeze's jello as he walks onto the rooftop.


Encounter Battle

Battle at the BBQ - Encounter Battle
PvZ Heroes logo
Enemy Nº of height lanes Nº of water lanes
Green Shadow 1 1
Previous Next
<<< >>>

This battle serves as a tutorial of the zombies mechanics and traits. Green Shadow won't use powerful plants, so the player should be fine. Use all the cards that you can, don't save any for later. You can use only Super Brainz at this point.

Teammate Battle (I)

Battle at the BBQ - Teammate Battle (I)
PvZ Heroes logo
Enemy Nº of height lanes Nº of water lanes
Spudow 1 1
Previous Next
<<< >>>

Here the player does not have the help of the tutorial, so they must know the basics to win. Spudow uses mainly Small-Nuts and occasionally a boost trick, a Pismashio or a Potato Mine.

Mini-Boss Battle

Battle at the BBQ - Mini-Boss Battle
PvZ Heroes logo
Enemy Nº of height lanes Nº of water lanes
Green Shadow 1 1
Previous Next
<<< >>>

Battling against Green Shadow, the battle remains similar to the first one, although this time stronger plants and combos like Torchwood or Lightning Reeds may appear. Continue playing like you did so far, and this level should be easy.

Teammate Battle (II)

Battle at the BBQ - Teammate Battle (II)
PvZ Heroes logo
Enemy Nº of height lanes Nº of water lanes
Chompzilla 1 1
Previous Next
<<< >>>

The first time players fight with Chompzilla, the player should not be worried about her. She uses mainly Peashooters to fight the player, and the best strategy is to let them hit the player so the Block Meter can fill.

Boss Battle

Impfinity's Wild Ride - Boss Battle
PvZ Heroes logo
Boss Mode
Green Shadow starts with 1 TorchwoodH in the middle lane
Enemy Nº of height lanes Nº of water lanes
Green Shadow 1 1
Previous Next
<<< >>>

The first boss fight of the Zombies mission, Green Shadow starts with a simple Torchwood, which should be destroyed as soon as possible to don't let it be a problem later. Green Shadow uses mainly the plants used on the previous fight, but uses them more wisely. Don't let a plant get too powerful, guard a Rocket Science for the case.





  • This mission, like some others, uses alliteration.
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