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According to my research,
a plague has swept this era.
This article is about something that is no longer available. Therefore, it is archived.
Barrel ZombieA
For other uses, see Barrel Zombie (disambiguation).
Plants vs. Zombies Adventures

Barrel Zombie

Barrel ZombieA
What's he wearing under the barrel?
Toughness Medium
Health 12 (barrel) and 12 (zombie)
First seen Dire Spires Level 1
Weakness Flaming PeaA
Cost of neighbor attack 600 coins
Training cost 175 coins
Training time 3 minutes
Barrel Zombie gets all his barrels from Barrel Zombie Discount Barrel Supply Chain, which was really struggling before the zombie apocalypse.

Barrel Zombie is a zombie from Plants vs. Zombies Adventures. He acts like normal zombies usually do, walking and eating plants. However, when his barrel is destroyed, he runs very fast and does not eat any plants, except for Wall-nuts, Hard-nuts, and unarmed Popcorns directly in his path.


He is named after a barrel, a hollow cylindrical container traditionally made from wooden staves bound by wooden or metal hoops.

Facebook description

Barrel Zombie gets all his barrels from Barrel Zombie Discount Barrel Supply Chain, which was really struggling before the zombie apocalypse.

-Plants vs. Zombies Adventures Facebook Page



The barrel can be destroyed in one shot from a Flaming Pea, rendering him much easier to destroy. His speed doubles when the barrel is destroyed and ignores all plants other than a non-adjacent Wall-nut, Hard-nut, or an unarmed Popcorn.

When using Barrel Zombie in other towns, making Barrel Zombie faster after the barrel is broken, which can cause him to go extremely fast and avoid other plants makes a good way of entering the house quickly. However, Wall-nuts and other barriers can stop this.



  • His barrel has three X's on it.
    • This is because barrels with X's on them carry alcoholic beverages, it is implied that the Barrel Zombie's barrel used to contain some type of alcoholic beverage before being worn by the Barrel Zombie.
  • If his barrel is broken while it he frozen by ZombiFreeze or a Zombie Zapper, he will run in a place.
  • He appears to be similar to the Newspaper Zombie, as both are in their underwear and have an armor that covers them.
    • Additionally, when their armor is destroyed, they both become faster.
    • They share this trait with Pharaoh Zombie.
      • However, he runs from embarrassment, while Newspaper Zombie runs of anger and Pharaoh Zombie runs because of his heavy sarcophagus being destroyed.
  • He acts like a reversed Rocket Zombie, as he gains speed when his armor is destroyed.
  • He and Ice Block Zombie share the same weakness, which is the Flaming Pea.
  • He is the first new zombie that appears in Plants vs. Zombies Adventures.
  • He is featured at the end of the Plants vs. Zombies Adventures game trailer.
    • In the trailer, a pea is seen destroying the barrel. When this occurs, the actual zombie appears naked, as parts of him are blurred out.
    • He is one of the three zombies to have a visible butt crack in the whole series, the other ones are Engineer and Gargantuar Zombie.
  • He is the first zombie to wear a barrel. The second is Barrel Pirate.
Plants vs. Zombies Adventures

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