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Barrel Pirate is a Spawnable Zombie in Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare. Its appearance is that of a Pirate Zombie stuck in a barrel with a section of the barrel broken out for the eyes. It is classified as an armored zombie, and thus, cannot be vanquished in one hit by the Chomper. The only way to damage it directly is through the hole in the barrel or the legs. However, they are extremely vulnerable against the Spikeweed, Spiky Spikeweed, and Chesterweed, since they can break the armor in one shot. Its attacks are Headbutt Slam, Zombie Hurt, Hard Rock Toss, and Shoddy Laser Blast. Each Zombie Hurt attack deals 15 damage, and each Headbutt Slam attack deals 25 damage.


Barrle Pirate

A Zombie stuck in a barrel is still just a zombie... in a barrel.


The Barrel has less than or equal to 600 health.

The zombie has 200 health while inside the barrel.

Upon losing the barrel, its health is reduced to around 50 health.



  • Its barrel has some greenish substance on it, like it has been hit by peas before.
  • If one looks closely, the barrel is very thin, despite how many hits it can take.
  • It is the only Pirate Zombie which can be degraded to normal Pirate Zombie that appears as spawnable zombie in Gardens & Graveyards rather than in Garden Ops.
  • Sometimes if an enemy plant is out of range, it will use a weapon which seems to resemble a ray gun. If the player gets vanquished from this, it will reveal that the weapon is called "Shoddy Laser Blast". This trait is shared with the Outhouse Zombie and the Coffin Zombie.
  • If the player shoots at its face, hands or legs, they can damage the zombie inside. This trait is shared with the Outhouse Zombie and the Coffin Zombie.
  • When summoned, it will say "Arr, matey" in a low-pitched, slightly muffled tone.
  • It will only use the Zombie Hurt attack once its barrel got destroyed. This trait is shared with the Outhouse Zombie and the Coffin Zombie.
  • The barrel obscures its mouth, resulting it having a low-pitched, slightly muffled voice.
  • Even though in Garden Ops those zombies appear later than Coffin Zombies, both they, and their barrels have less health than them, which is weird, considering that it is a pirate counterpart of the Outhouse Zombies in Port Scallywag and Sharkbite Shores.

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