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Carrot Rocket Launcher This article refers to Chinese-exclusive content.

For other versions, see Bamboo Shoot (disambiguation).
PVZIAT Bamboo Shoot

Plants vs. Zombies 2- It's About Time (Chinese version)
(Translation: Bamboo Shoot)
Arti new
Sun cost 175
Recharge Fast
Damage Moderate
Range Close
Unlocked Beating Kung-Fu World - Day 3
Bamboo Shoot was born out of the ground and learned earth Kung-Fu, and went into a state of reform, he used his earth martial arts to learn farming.

Bamboo Shoot (竹笋) is a plant in the Chinese version of Plants vs. Zombies 2. When a zombie is within four tiles in front of it, it will hide in the ground and start attacking it by spinning back and forth. It cannot be eaten by zombies. However, any rolling zombie can run it over, destroying it in the process (like Spikeweed). Gargantuars are also able to destroy Bamboo Shoots by crushing its starting point. Since the 1.2 update to the game, the plant behaves differently, only damaging one group of zombies four tiles away from it.

Almanac entry

Sun cost: 175

DAMAGE: Moderate
RANGE: Close

Bamboo Shoot was born out of the ground and learned earth Kung-Fu, and went into a state of reform, he used his earth martial arts to learn farming.


Plant Food

When fed Plant Food, it will hit the last zombies in each line (and any zombies very close to it). If they have low enough health, they will be flung off the screen.

Level upgrade

  • Level 2: Has a 20% chance to push zombies back, attack +50%.
  • Level 3: Has a 40% chance to push zombies back, attack +50% again (total +100%=2x).
  • Level 4: Has a 50% chance that its Plant Food ability will activate.


Its Plant Food ability can fling one extra zombie off-screen.



  • As it is rooted to the ground, it cannot be planted on wooden planks in Pirate Seas and minecarts in Wild West. It shares this trait with the Potato MineWhite Radish, Clap GrassSmall Bamboo Cage, Carrot Missile, etc.
    • However, it can still travel on to the planks when attacking, despite still being underground.
  • This and Citron are the only plants that can fling away zombies with their Plant Food ability.
  • It can destroy a Barrel Roller Zombie's barrel and Pianist Zombie instantly at the cost of destroying the plant.
  • This, Lava Guava and Banana Launcher are the only plants that can't be planted on minecarts.
    • Banana Launchers can be planted on minecarts in the Chinese version.
    • Bamboo Shoot cannot be planted on minecarts because it attacks by drilling through the ground. It would cause many glitches if it could be moved.
    • But it can be placed on Kung-Fu minecarts.
  • Its attack and Plant Food animation have changed as of the 1.2 update.
    • It now does less damage and only attacks once 4 spaces in front of it, as opposed to spinning back and forth like before.
  • It is the first plant in the Chinese version to not also appear in the international version.
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