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YOU FOUND MY BACON!!! My sweet oily bacon! I'll give you $1000 for it! Great, now I'm gonna rub the bacon ALL OVER MY FACE!!
Crazy Dave
Type Food
Cost to buy/
How to get
Find in Adventure mode, $50, then $500
Use Getting a diamond, feeding Crazy Dave
IMG 2007

$50 bacon.

Bacon is an item obtained after Adventure Mode Level 3-4 on the Android and iOS versions of Plants vs. Zombies. It is a replacement for Crazy Dave's Car Key, as the shop is already open to buy mini-games before that level. On the Nintendo DSiWare version, it is a replacement for the Watering Can found on Level 5-4, due to the fact that the Zen Garden is not included. In the iOS and Android versions, the Bacon was originally obtainable on Level 5-4, but was moved when the Zen Garden was added in a later update.

It consists of a greasy strip of fried pork, which Crazy Dave will exchange for a diamond. This is similar to the Magic Taco, which is obtained in Level 4-4 on all versions and then also given to Crazy Dave for a diamond. When given the bacon, he will exclaim:

"YOU FOUND MY BACON!!! My sweet oily bacon! I'll give you $1000 for it! Now I'm going to rub the bacon ALL OVER MY FACE!!"

The bacon can also be unlocked in the shop after buying the ninth seed slot and it will cost $50.
IMG 2008

Crazy Dave's reaction

When it is clicked on, a message will appear saying: "It won't help against the zombies, but everyone loves bacon!" After the first purchase, the bacon's cost will be raised to $500. Then a new message will appear when the player taps on the bacon. It will say: "Mmmmmmm... Delicious!" When it is bought, Crazy Dave's eyes get very big and he will also say "Mmmmmmm... Delicious!" After the bacon is purchased many times, the player will realize that it doesn't do anything and that it was just a clever way to lure them out of $500.



  • The bacon is one of the few items in the shop that can be bought more than once.
    • It is also the only item in the shop (other than the house blueprints in the Console versions) that rises in price.
    • It is also the only useless item in the shop that does not do anything to affect game play besides waste money.

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