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This page will help you on how to backup Plants vs. Zombies and Plants vs. Zombies 2. Backing up the game will help ensure that your progress is saved over many devices in case of an error on hacking that crashes the game, a glitch that resets your progress, or in case of uninstall and reinstall.

Plants vs. Zombies

To backup Plants vs. Zombies:

For Windows 2000 and XP

  1. Open My Computer.
  2. Go to the directory where you installed Plants vs. Zombies (usually C:\Program Files\PopCap Games\Plants vs. Zombies). Another possibility:  C:\Games\Pogo\Plants Vs Zombies Game of the Year Edition
  3. Copy the userdata folder into another directory.
  4. To restore saved data, simply copy the backed up userdata folder to the folder where you installed Plants vs. Zombies.

For Windows Vista and above

  1. Open Windows Explorer (or File Explorer on Windows 8 and above).
  2. Go to your Local Disk drive.
  3. Then go to ProgramData folder. (If this folder is hidden, type C:\ProgramData on the address bar)
  4. Look for PopCap Games folder, and open it.
  5. In PopCap Games folder, copy PlantsVsZombies folder and paste it onto another location.
  6. If you want to restore the saved data, copy the saved PlantsVsZombies folder to C:\ProgramData\PopCap Games and replace the one that exists there.

Android Version

Note: You might need to be rooted in order to see the Android folder, which will void any and all support from Google. Perform this at your own risk.

Backup using data file

  1. Open your file explorer.
  2. Go to mnt>sdcard>Android>data> (or if you have the North American version)
  3. Backup the userdata file.
  4. Whenever you want to restore the data, just copy the userdata file to this location.

Plants vs. Zombies 2

To backup Plants vs. Zombies 2:


There is no way to backup without using software, jailbreaking, or iCloud.


Unfortunately, there's no 100% way to know if this will be successful. However, if successful, your data will be saved.

  1. Turn on iCloud backup via your iCloud account.
  2. Click "Backup Now".
  3. Let it backup the data.
  4. As long your data of the backup is not removed, your data of the game is safe.


These can work without rooting your device or using software.

Google Plus

  1. Open Plants vs. Zombies 2 ("PvZ2" in some newer versions).
  2. In the menu screen, tap on the G+ (Google Plus) icon.
  3. Log in with your account. Your progress will be backed up.
  4. To restore your progress, log in to your account that was used to back up again.

Backup using data file

  1. Open your file explorer.
  2. Go to mnt>sdcard>Android>data> (or if you have the North American version)
  3. Go to No_Backup in the files folder.
  4. Backup pp.dat.
  5. Whenever you want to restore the data, just copy the pp.dat file to this location.

Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2

EA Account

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Plants vs. Zombies Heroes

EA Account and Facebook

This works for any device with this game.

  1. On the main menu, click the gear at the top right corner.
  2. You should be at the Help and About tab. Tap the Settings tab.
  3. Click My Account. If you hadn't started Multiplayer yet, you should be prompted to enter a username for Multiplayer. Enter a username, but choose wisely as you cannot change this later.
    • Note that you may not be able to see the "My Account" button if your age is set to 16 or below.
  4. You should be sent to an Account Info prompt, where you can sign in into Facebook or an EA Account. From this point you can also sign out of your account.

If on Android, do not use your Google Account to backup; there has been issues with the backup and may reset your data if not connected to EA or Facebook.

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