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Plants vs. Zombies Online

Astro-Goop Zombie

Astro-Goop ZombieO
Shoots goop that damages plants.
Almanac statistics
Toughness Dense/Hardened
Speed Basic
In-game statistics
Weakness GanodermaO
First seen Far Future - Level 9-1

Astro-Goop Zombie is a zombie in Plants vs. Zombies Online that is encountered in Far Future. Every time he passes two tiles, he attacks plants by shooting goop at them three tiles in front of him, which slowly damages them. This goop can be countered by Ganoderma.



  • He is the second astronaut-based zombie, the first being Astronaut from the Garden Warfare series and the third being Blastronaut Zombie.
  • He is unusual that he has a space helmet, as zombies do not need to breathe.
    • This point is similar to Snorkel Zombie. However, Snorkel Zombie has a snorkel because of peer pressure according to his Almanac entry.
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