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Armored Heal Station is an alternate ability for the Scientist's Zombie Heal Station. What makes it different is the fact it has around 13.3 times more health, double the range and it recharges faster, but will self-destruct after 20 seconds being deployed and it heals roughly 40% slower. It takes 30 seconds to recharge.

Stickerbook description

Armored Heal StaTION

The Armored Heal Station is so heavily armored, it would take the Plants an eternity to destroy. It has only one slight weakness: it is prone to self-destruction after a short while.


An Armored Heal Station has less than or equal to 2,000 health.


  • There is a mistake in the description in which the Armored Heal Station will self-destruct in the same amount of time as the Zombie Heal Station does.

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