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Archer Zombie (弓箭僵尸; pinyin: gōngjiàn jiāngshī) is a zombie in Plants vs. Zombies Online. He appears in Qin Shi Huang Mausoleum. Archer Zombie will walk onto the lawn and will target the first plant he encounters. If there are not any plants in his lane, he will move like a normal zombie. His attacks deal two bites of damage. He has the same health as a regular zombie. Additionally, he sometimes shoots fire arrows.

Almanac entry

SPEED: General

Shoots arrows to the first plant he encounters.

Adventure Mode ability

Fires 3 fire arrows that deals heavy damage to the back 3 plants.



  • He and Jester Zombie are currently the only cross-eyed zombies.
  • Carrot Missile will target him immediately when he enters the lawn in the old version.
  • He is similar to Catapult Zombie from the first game, except that he shoots the first plant he meets.
  • In Adventure Mode, he cannot activate his special ability if you have no plants at the back.

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