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Ancient Egypt - Level 8-2 is the first spin-off level of Level 8-1 of Ancient Egypt in Plants vs. Zombies Online. To play this level, the player must unlock the star gate with 10 stars. It is a Mummy Memory level. When this level is finished for the first time, the player will get two Repeater Puzzle Pieces. To get all three stars, the player must not let the zombies trample the flowers, and not to flip the camouflages more than 110 times.


  • The third star would be rather hard as it requires good memory. Nevertheless, the level is still rather simplistic. Just remember to keep track of which symbol is with which camel sign and be sure to prioritize destroying the symbols closer to the house.


  • Click on the zombies quickly, preferably the ones closer to the left to kill them.
  • If you wish to get the third star, try to remember the symbols and match them with the correct ones to lower the number of times you flip the camouflages.



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