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Ancient Egypt - Level 5-4 is the third and the last spin-off level of Level 5-1 of Ancient Egypt in Plants vs. Zombies Online. In order to get all 3 stars, the player must never have more than 20 plants on the lawn and not to lose any lawn mowers. When this level is finished for the first time, the player will get 2 Wall-nut Puzzle Pieces.


  • This level is hard because of the huge waves of zombies that appear in this level, especially the very long final wave, where they escalate for a long period of time. The player should plant powerful plants, multi-attacking plants and area-of-effect plants.
  • Because of the quicksand and Desert Death Zombies, the player must prepare for that lane, as zombies will come much more quicker with it.


  • Start normally. Have at least 5 Twin Sunflowers. Delay the zombies with Iceberg Lettuces and Venus Flytrap.
  • Use the Bonk Choy behind Wall-nut combo and Bloomerang (or any multi-attacking plant) to deal more damage to the zombies.
  • Use Dandelion to deal great damage in a 3x3 area and to destroy the tombstones.
  • Immediately delay and kill Desert Death Zombie if you can before it summons more quicksand.
  • Hold back zombies come from quicksand with Venus Flytrap is a great idea, as it can hold back Explorer Zombie before it burns the plant.
  • The final wave will take extremely long. Many Pharaoh Zombies, Camel Zombies and Explorer Zombies will appear, plus a few more Desert Death Zombies. Use Plant Food to help you.



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