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Ancient Egypt - Day 31 is the thirty-first level of Ancient Egypt in Plants vs. Zombies 2. After completing this level, the player receives a money bag.


(Crazy Dave and Penny appear)
Crazy Dave: Hey! Our lawnmowers are a-missing!
Penny: The timeline is exhibiting instabilities, User Dave.
Penny: Fixed-loop paradoxes are forbidding the presence of lawnmowers.
Crazy Dave: But I named the middle one "Mowie"!
(Crazy Dave and Penny leave)


Like Modern Day - Day 40 onwards and shown on the dialogue, there are no lawn mowers to save lanes, so the player should make sure to not let a single zombie pass through their defenses.


The small number next to the zombie icon means that zombie will always appear in that lane, with 1 being the topmost lane and 5 being the bottommost one.
Waves Non-dynamic zombies Ambush zombies Note(s)
1 Conehead Mummy21 Ra Zombie25 None 1x Plant Food available
2 Buckethead Mummy2 Egypt Rally Zombie2 Ra Zombie2 Tomb Raiser Zombie2 Tomb Raiser Zombie2 None First flag
3 None Conehead Mummy2 Ra Zombie2 Ra Zombie2 Tomb Raiser Zombie2 Sandstorm!
4 Egypt Rally Zombie2 Tomb Raiser Zombie24 Mummified Gargantuar22 None Second flag
5 Ra Zombie2 Conehead Mummy2 Buckethead Mummy2 Ra Zombie2 Tomb Raiser Zombie2 Sandstorm!; 1x Plant Food available
6 Egypt Rally Zombie2 Mummified Gargantuar22 Mummified Gargantuar24 None Third flag
7 Tomb Raiser Zombie21 Tomb Raiser Zombie22 Tomb Raiser Zombie23 Tomb Raiser Zombie24 Tomb Raiser Zombie25 None 1x Plant Food available
8 Conehead Mummy2 Egypt Rally Zombie2 Mummified Gargantuar21 Mummified Gargantuar23 Mummified Gargantuar25 Conehead Mummy2 Conehead Mummy2 Final wave; Sandstorm!


  • Crazy Dave saying that he named the middle lawn mower "Mowie" may be a reference to how kids often name things something ending in the letter(s) "-y" or "-ie".


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