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American Suburbs - Day 8

Game Plants vs. Zombies: All Stars
World American Suburbs
Type Normal
Waves Two
Difficulty Easy
Fighting Force 2322
Energy Maximum Replays
5 tacos 99
Conehead Zombie2x6 Pole Vaulting ZombieASx2 (Mini-boss: x1)
Experience Pvz2goldcoin Coins Drops
5 100 50 sun
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American Suburbs - Day 8 is the eighth level of American Suburbs in Plants vs. Zombies: All Stars. Only Conehead Zombies and Pole Vaulting Zombies are present in this level.


The boss variant of the Pole Vaulting Zombie will throw three poles at a random plant, lowering a plant's health by half the total amount, if the player's Fighting Force is not high enough. Though the Conehead Zombies are still weak in health, they should be killed quickly before the plant that attacks them dies first.


The two small numbers next to the zombie icon means that zombie will appear there, with the small number on the left displays the lane that the zombie will appear, and the one on the right displays the column that the zombie will appear. If there's only one small number next to the zombie icon, then it means that that zombie appears at the beginning of the lawn, and at the lane that the number displays. Example: Basic Zombie23-5 means that a Basic Zombie will appear in the third lane, at the fifth column. Note that this only displays the position of the zombies that have the most chance to happen.
Waves Zombies Note(s)
1 Conehead Zombie2 1-7 Conehead Zombie2 2-6 Conehead Zombie2 3-7 Pole Vaulting ZombieAS 2-8 None
2 Conehead Zombie2 1-7 Conehead Zombie2 2-6 Conehead Zombie2 3-7 Pole Vaulting ZombieAS 2 None


Right after the Peashooter's anger is full, use its skill to kill the mini-boss.