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Aloe, Salut! is the fifth epic quest in Plants vs. Zombies 2 introduced in the 5.1.1. update. This is the first Epic Quest unlocked by default. This quest revolves about the healing plant Aloe, and the reward is that same plant. All levels take place in Lost City, but some happen at nighttime, making this currently the only way to see Night Lost City. It is named after a lyric from the song (and Internet meme) "Dragostea din tei" by Moldovan pop group O-Zone.

Step 1

Form a formidable defense with Wall-Nuts and healing Aloes!

On this level the player is introduced to Aloe, having one already pre-planted behind a Wall-nut, both on Gold Tiles. The only offensive plant is Lightning Reed, which must be planted in big numbers in order to win. Plant as soon as possible a column of Wall-nuts, and try to evade planting any Aloes, as they took some of your needed sun. Good strategizing with the Gold Tiles will help the player win this level easily.

Strategies and Walkthrough

Step 2

Primal Wall-Nuts love their Aloes!

The first level to take place on a nighttime Lost City. The main threat here is the Relic Hunter Zombies, so you need to put your Primal Wall-nuts at least on the fourth column. Again, don't rely on Aloes and use them only as stalkers for the zombies. Also don't plant Primal Wall-nuts on another ones, as you need the most defense as possible.

Strategies and Walkthrough

Step 3

Now you too can play the part of plant matchmaker!

The second level to take place on a nighttime Lost City, and another Beghouled level. The player at this point should already know some strategies for this Brain Buster. Lightining Reed should be the last one to be upgraded due to its extremely useful Plant Food effect, and the player should choose to have Threepeaters and Explode-O-Nuts, as they are the plants with most benefits here, even though they take much longer to upgrade.

Strategies and Walkthrough

Step 4

Test your Endurian-ce by protecting plants!
This level is hard to pass, not only because of the multiple Excavator Zombies that can shovel the endangered Endurians to be more vulnerable to the zombies, it is also because of the portals in this level. Three portals appear in the level: Pirate Seas, Ancient Egypt, and Far Future. Although they don't appear where the endangered plants are, they can distract the player not looking after them. The player needs early defenses and specific plants to beat this level.

Strategies and Walkthrough

Step 5

You're halfway through, show the zombies what you can do!

Strategies and Walkthrough

Step 6

Find yourself once more in the Lost City.

Strategies and Walkthrough

Step 7

The penultimate planting party!

Strategies and Walkthrough

Step 8

Portals! What's the worst that could happen?

Strategies and Walkthrough

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