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This article is about content available solely in the People's Republic of China.
For other uses, see Air Raid.
Fly fly fly!!

Crazy Dave

Air Raid (壮植凌云; pinyin: Zhuàng zhí língyún; translation: Top Plant) is an exclusive Brain Buster available in Sky City in the Chinese version of Plants vs. Zombies 2. It is based on the Plants vs. Zombies (Nintendo DS) mini-game, Air Raid. The player directly controls an upgradeable flying plant to defeat zombies in the air to achieve the target score and to not let the flying plant destroyed.

Player can choose between three plant teams. If player collects certain amount of points during level, the plant upgrades by itself. If player does not have at least one plant in team, then this team is not available (though Team Pea is always available).

Team Plants
Pea Team Peashooter2 →(2000|2000|2000|2000 pts)→ Split Pea2 →(4000|8000|8000|8000 pts)→ Repeater2 →(6000|15,000|13,000|15,000 pts)→ Threepeater2C
Fire and Ice Team Snow Pea2C →(2100|2000|2000|2000 pts)→ Fire Peashooter2C →(4200|8000|8000|8000 pts)→ Freeze Mushroom2 →(6300|15,000|13,000|15,000 pts)→ Flame Mushroom2
Multi-directional Team Rotobaga2C →(2200|2000|2000|2000 pts)→ Starfruit2C →(4400|8000|8000|8000 pts)→ Oak Archer2 →(6600|15,000|13,000|15,000 pts)→ Coconut Cannon2

Black - Tutorial (need 8000 pts to complete)
Blue - First Level (need 19,500 pts to complete)
Purple - Second Level (need 20,000 pts to complete)
Orange - Third Level (need 30,000 pts to complete)


Level Zombies
Tutorial Pilot Zombie2 Conehead Pilot Zombie2 Buckethead Pilot Zombie2 Lightning Gun Zombie2 Zombie Fighter2 (Boss)
I Pilot Zombie2 Conehead Pilot Zombie2 Lightning Gun Zombie2 Zombie Fighter2 (Boss)
II Pilot Zombie2 Conehead Pilot Zombie2 Buckethead Pilot Zombie2 Lightning Gun Zombie2 Flying Gargantuar2 Double-Cabin Aircraft Zombie2 (Boss)
III Pilot Zombie2 Conehead Pilot Zombie2 Buckethead Pilot Zombie2 Lightning Gun Zombie2 Zombie Fighter2 (Mini-Boss) Double-Cabin Aircraft Zombie2 (Mini-Boss) Arbiter-X2 (Boss)


Pilot Zombie2 Conehead Pilot Zombie2 Buckethead Pilot Zombie2 100
Lightning Gun Zombie2 200
Flying Gargantuar2 300
Zombie Fighter2 1000
Double-Cabin Aircraft Zombie2 2000
Arbiter-X2 3000 (?)


Despite this being based on the DS version of Air Raid, it is much more difficult and is just as difficult as some shoot'em up games on a low to medium difficulty setting. Thankfully, the player has a health bar that can withstand a good amount of hits. The enemies seem weak and few at first, but this number will quickly increase and massive amounts of bullets will soon clog the screen. As a result, the player needs very good reflexes with their fingers to complete most of this. The bosses have a lot of health, are very fast and shoot lots of bullets, and can kill the player in seconds if they are unprepared. Note that the player must get the target score and defeat the bosses to complete the level. If the target score is not reached after defeating the bosses, the player loses.

Watch out for Lightning Gun Zombies, these enemies can shoot off screen and do lots of damage when you are unaware. Later on, Flying Gargantuars that can kill the player instantly upon contact will appear. Fortunately, the player can simply avoid them if they cannot kill them quick enough as they simply fly off the screen and have no projectiles. Killing them yields 300 points and 2 Gargantuars can block the player's path if he does not defeat one of them quickly, however, so the player should still try to kill them, but they have to be quick.

At the boss wave, try to kill as much normal zombies as you can in that wave first, then try to avoid the yellow and blue bullets. They're slow, but can deal lots of damage. If there are more than 1 boss in that wave, try to focus on killing 1 of them first, then kill the other one. Don't be afraid to spend some gems, but calculate the points you will have when you defeat the boss first.

The player should pay attention to the plane instead of the plant above. The hitbox affects only the plane and the plant on top of it does not have a hitbox.




See also

†: Strategy page
*: Unconfirmed name

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