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Across the Lawn (围追堵截; pinyin: Wéizhuīdǔjié) is the third Brain Buster of Sky City in the Chinese version of Plants vs. Zombies 2. It is unlocked after beating Day 20 and opening its corresponding gate with 5 keys.

Its concept is extremely similar to Fright Theater. The main change is that now there is a trail of arrows representing the path where zombies go, and it can be changed by placing wooden boxes. However, they can only be placed on predetermined tiles, and they cost 100 sun each. The rest is almost the same. The player has to place certain plants already chosen on metal and wooden crates and upgrade them with sun that every zombie drops to get ready for menaces with enormous quantities of health without letting them reach the end of the pathway. As the level progresses, zombies will drop more sun. There is also a limit of how many zombies can get to the goal, and the level is lost when that limit is exceeded.


Day Plants Zombies Flags Difficulty
I Puff-shroom2(25 sun) » Fume-shroom2(150 sun) » Laser Bean2(300 sun)
Threepeater2C(100 sun) » Rotobaga2C(175 sun) » Starfruit2C(250 sun)
Snow Pea2C(50 sun) » Melon-pult2(150 sun) » Winter Melon2(400 sun)
Pilot Zombie2 Conehead Pilot Zombie2 Buckethead Pilot Zombie2 Zombie Fighter2 Lightning Gun Zombie2 Two Hard
II Puff-shroom2(25 sun) » Fume-shroom2(150 sun) » Laser Bean2(225 sun)
Fire Peashooter2C(75 sun) » Pepper-pult2(125 sun) » Snapdragon2(250 sun)
Bloomerang2(50 sun) » Oak Archer2(125 sun) » Asparagus2(200 sun)
Pilot Zombie2 Conehead Pilot Zombie2 Buckethead Pilot Zombie2 Zombie Fighter2 Lightning Gun Zombie2 Three Hard-very hard
III Threepeater2C(125 sun) » Rotobaga2C(175 sun) » Starfruit2C(250 sun)
Snow Pea2C(75 sun) » Melon-pult2(150 sun) » Winter Melon2(225 sun)
Fire Peashooter2C(125 sun) » Pepper-pult2(325 sun) » Snapdragon2(325 sun)
Horse Bean2(125 sun) » Citron2(700 sun)
Pilot Zombie2 Conehead Pilot Zombie2 Buckethead Pilot Zombie2 Zombie Fighter2 Lightning Gun Zombie2 Three Very hard


This is an extremely difficult series of Brain Busters. Not only do high-health and high-speed zombies come in quicker than you can set up defenses, but all of the zombies give small amounts of sun which is not enough for the player to upgrade his/her plants and plan a defense consistently. However, the zombies spawn a bit more separate than in Fright Theater, where they would spawn all close together, meaning plants like Fume-shroom are less effective. This series of Brain Busters are also extremely long, as much as up to a half an hour, so the player must be prepared to withstand an elongated period of ferocious onslaughts. Even if the player manages to construct a coherent defense, zombies will still inevitably get past the plants. Using the Cuke Power-Up multiple times is virtually unavoidable.


  • This is the only Sky City Brain Buster to have three levels.
  • Oak Archer only shoots in 1 lane instead of 3.
  • This is the only set of levels that makes possible to see the full lawn of Sky City.
    • However, the lawn is unplantable without the boxes.


See also

†: Strategy page
*: Unconfirmed name

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