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A wiki and encyclopedia to the Plants vs. Zombies series, a tower defense video game series developed and published by PopCap Games, first released on May 5, 2009.

Started on May 12, 2009. We now have a total of 1,489 pages, and 461,372 contributions have been made!
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Plants vs. Zombies Games

Peashooter2 Sunflower2 Cherry Bomb2 Wall-nut2 Potato Mine2 Snow Pea2 Chomper2 Repeater2 Puff-shroom2 Sun-shroom2 Fume-shroom2 Grave Buster2 Hypno-shroom2
Scaredy-shroom2 Ice-shroom2 Doom-shroom2 Lily Pad2 Squash2 Threepeater2 Tangle Kelp2 Jalapeno2 Spikeweed2 Torchwood2 Tall-nut2 Sea-shroom2 Plantern2
Blover2 Split Pea2 Starfruit2 Magnet-shroom2 Cabbage-pult2 Flower Pot2 Kernel-pult2 Marigold2 Melon-pult2 Gatling Pea2 Twin Sunflower2 Gloom-shroom2 Cattail2
Winter Melon2 Spikerock2 Cob Cannon2 Imitater2 Bloomerang2 Iceberg Lettuce2 Bonk Choy2 Snapdragon2 Coconut Cannon2 Spring Bean2 Lightning Reed2 Chili Bean2 Pea Pod2
Power Lily2 Laser Bean2 Citron2 E.M.Peach2 Infi-nut2 Fire Gourd2 Heavenly Peach2 White Radish2 Carrot Missile Truck2 Sun Bean2 Pea-nut2 Bowling Bulb2 Ghost Pepper2

For a complete list of plants, click here.

Zombie2 Flag Zombie2 Conehead Zombie2 Pole Vaulting Zombie2 Buckethead Zombie2 Newspaper Zombie2 Screen Door Zombie2 Football Zombie2 New Dancing Zombie2 Backup Dancer1 Ducky Tube Zombie2 Snorkel Zombie2 Zomboni2
Zombie Bobsled Team2 Dolphin Rider Zombie2 Jack-in-the-Box Zombie2 Balloon Zombie2 Digger Zombie2 Pogo Zombie2 Zombie Yeti2 Bungee Zombie2 Ladder Zombie2 Catapult Zombie2 Gargantuar2 Imp2 Dr. Zomboss2
Trash Can Zombie2 Giga-gargantuar2 Vase Gargantuar2 Ra Zombie2 Camel Zombies2 Explorer Zombie2 Tomb Raiser Zombie2 Pharaoh Zombie2 Zombot Sphinx-inator2 Swashbuckler Zombie2 Seagull Zombie2 Barrel Roller Zombie2 Imp Cannon2
Pirate Captain Zombie2 Zombie Parrot2 Zombot Plank Walker2 Prospector Zombie2 Pianist Zombie2 Poncho Zombie2 Chicken Wrangler Zombie2 Zombie Chicken2 Zombie Bull2 Zombot War Wagon2 Treasure Yeti2 Jetpack Zombie2 Shield Zombie2
Bug Bot Imp2 Robo-Cone Zombie2 Disco-tron 30002 Mecha-Football Zombie2 Gargantuar Prime2 Zombot Tomorrow-tron2 Knight Zombie2 Jester Zombie2 Wizard Zombie2 Zombie King2 Zombot Dark Dragon2 Bikini Zombie2 Surfer Zombie2

For a complete list of zombies, click here.

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Featured Article: Roof


The Roof

Roof is the fifth area in Plants vs. Zombies. It consists of a 5x5 sloped side in back and a 4x5 straight side in front with a satellite dish on the zombie side and a chimney on the player's side. This area has many effects on the game. Non-lobbed-shot plants or non-fume-shot plants are not able to attack zombies if planted on the sloping side. The player faces many strong zombies such as Bungee Zombie, Catapult Zombie and Gargantuar on this stage!
Read more at the article Roof!

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